Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Fiber Drink…Why I Love It and Some Helpful Tips

Ahhhh.....the fiber drink!

The biggest complaint we get from you newbie 10 Day Cleanser / 24 Day Challengers is the fiber drink.   

You're all…

"Omg, I almost barfed."  
"Omg I DID barf."
"It's so thick!"
"Why is it so thick!?"

And then the 10 days are over and you're all…

"So…I kinda miss the fiber drink….."

You are.   And you knowsss it!

So here's the deal with the fiber drink.    It's a crucial part of the plan.

Here's why….

* It contains 10 g of legit easy to digest fiber in one shot.  You're gonna need to eat almost 4 bananas and a whole lot more calories and carbs to get that.      

* It giving you a good scrubbing from the inside out.   But no worries, it will give you zero bathroom emergencies.  #facty.  I promise you that.

*  It gives you a feeling of fullness and satiation.  Not gonne lie….this it THE main reason I love it.   When I'm on the FD…. I am FULL!  And not wanting to haus down.  And I kind love that.   I do.  And so will you.

* It enhances nutrient absorption.  So here's the deal, when we are full of crap, we are practically incapable of taking in the good stuff.   It's true.   The FD (along with the rest of the 10 day cleanse) gives our intestines a chance to rid the bad choices we've made.  Rid the sluggishness.   The tiredness.   Do the 10 Day Cleanse to a T and tell me you don't feel lighter and more energetic.    It all starts with the intestines and gut flora.   For realz...Double dog dare.

Off the soapbox.

Let's talk about how exactly to get this baby down.   

Some of my tried and true tips not only from myself but my team members.   

Here we go, yo.

This is straight from my FB support page so if you're seeing this twice today, I aplogize.  For the rest of you…..

TIPS for the fiber drink! I actually crave this thing. Don't judge.   And don't be surprised if eventually you do too.    At any rate,  here are some tried and true tips from experienced challengers.
1. Best to mix in very cold water modify the amount of water…some people like less water and chug it, others prefer lots of water to dilute it. Find what works best for you. I typically only use about 4-5 ounces and chug.    Like college shot style.  I basically shoot it. 

2. You can add a little Spark if you want. Mandarin orange spark seems to give it a little more of a pulpy OJ consistency. Try this if you are really struggling with it.   Be careful with adding various juices as you are going to add sugar, which is NOT what we want in the 10 DC.

3. Stir and drink quickly - Do NOT leave it sitting. It will get thick quickly.   I repeat, do not let it sit.  It will thicken and I will thicken big time.     Then you'll have a real reason to be complaining.  

4. Try drinking with a straw.   Breathe through your nose ad go!

5. IMPORTANT: Drink 1-2 full glasses of clear water immediately following.

Remember, the Fiber Drink will get easier over time. So just get it done - it's super important and the results will make it oh so worth it!   Again,  you will also likely find that it keeps you feeling very full which is an awesome added bonus.

There you have it friends.     I will see you back he tonight for a new recipe, which is basically what is on my dinner menu for tonight.   Don't miss it! 


  1. Just drank one today. I don't love the flavor but I don't mind it much anymore. It just makes me feel so good and I love how regular it keeps me which is amazing.

  2. Is it like a laxative? I just don't want to get the runs?

  3. I was search Advocare breakfast when I came across this post. The Fiber is my least favorite part, it's horrible. I was going to skip it today but after reading this I said "Fine!" out loud to myself and stomped over to the pantry and took my fiber. Thanks for the push this morning! haha

  4. I was wondering how I could join your challenge group?

  5. I chug it. I like it too. Call me crazy.

  6. I actually like it, citrus is my favorite flavor

  7. I actually like it, citrus is my favorite flavor