Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Sentiments and the Upcoming Race Schedule

Hi Lovers!  Is it really Sunday?!?  #BS

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  3.5 miles at race pace, arms, back, abs.
Saturday-  7.2 miles in the glorious sun.  #bestillmyheart
Sunday-  4 miles of speed work, abs, socializing, lunges, socializing, squats, know the drill.

Sooo…. my boy Jym Ganahl hooked a sista up this weekend.   We're talking balls of sun and 70 degree temps.   'Twas amazing.   

The weekened involved a super fun benefit with some of my favorite ladies.

Lots of shenans with the monkeys.

What's cuter than a monkey striking it in Matilda Jane?  Not much.  

And lots of outside time.  

Oh and I scored big time at Chipotle.  So you know how you normally feel like this???

We've all been there.   #devastational #ridic 

Well, I flat out requested "more chicken" but not "double chicken" when I got my first baby scoop today and ended up pleased as punch with my result.  

Now the key here…if you're a female, you want a male chicken scooper.  And vice versa.   But I got this:

Loaded up, yo's.   

Black Beans
Tomato Salsa
Corn Salsa
Hot Salsa
More Lettuce

What else?

Oh the race schedule.  I've finally figured it out.  No out of state races/ marathons this year  but I'm feeling good about it, either way. 

Cap City Half-  May 3rd- Columbus, Ohio

Y'all know I love this race.  I do.   I haven't missed it in years, expect for the year I was an elephant and 100 years pregnant and bascially jelly and hating on everyone running it.

New Moon Half Marathon-  May 31- Delaware, OH

I'm super pumped for this one.   Can you believe I've never run a "night race?"  I know!   Plus, it's basically in my back yard.  Plus, it's an inaugural race and we all know I'm nosy and need to see what's happening with these new races.  In a nutshell, this race may be a match made in heaven.

Sam's Fans 5K for FA-  June 15th- Columbus, Ohio

This race is special.  One of my BFF running mama's, Nikki,  lost her sweet, beautiful daughter, Sam, to this horrible blood disease not all that long ago.  I really can't wait to run this race to support Nikki, honor Sam, and support the need for a cure.

Emerald City Half Marathon-  August 24- Dublin, OH

I either love this race or hate this race, depending on the weather.  It's flat, somewhat boring and you basically better have your music loaded with fabulousness cuz you're gonna get lonely.  You are.  At any rate, I'll do it, love it, and use it as a training run for Columbus.

Queen Bee Half Marathon-  October 11-  Cincinnati, OH

Kinda pumped about this women's only half.   I'll use this as part of taper for Columbus, and if my calculations are right, we'll have 12 on the schedule for that Saturday anyway, so s'all good.

Columbus Marathon-  October 19th-  Columbus, OH

My favorite full.  And no, I'm not biased.  Anyway, I really need to figure out my plan soon.  I start training in June and need to figure out of I'm gonna go full throttle and try and get that BQ this year or wait till I'm 40 next year and the qualification time decreases.   I just can't decide.   Wahhh!  At any rate, I'm running Columbus, per usual and it's #onlikedk, per usual.  And at any rate, #dontcryformeargentina, cause I'll figure it out.

There you have it, friends.   Clearly I need to know what you're running so fill me in, stat!  I'll likely pick up another couple short races after Columbus but those are always TBD.

Laters, Babers.

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