Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So What Wednesday!!!

As always, here we go, yo's!

*SO WHAT if I'm planning "the last supper" on Sunday prior to the 24 DC?   I'm eating my beloved Cadbury eggs and everything. So there.

*SO WHAT if I'm basically non-ambulatory as a result of yesterdays Crossfit WOD?   I mean….I'm starting to think this is my new baseline???   

*SO WHAT if the weather man completely screwed us all yesterday with 2 inches of snow?  The thing is, I'm not even mad at him since he gave us 2 days of glorious weather last weekend.   Plus, being mad at him would be way too predictable on my part.  It would.

*SO WHAT if I caused a big ruckus trying to grind my own almond butter yesterday?  This particular machine was insane!  And loud!  And fast!  And scary!   I hit start and it was like the whole grocery store fired up for lift off.    Not even kidding.   

*SO WHAT if I have a new "things you need" post coming soon and y'all are gonna Love/ Hate me, per usual?   

*SO WHAT if I just got wind that my new favorite teen singer, Austin Mahone, is coming and I kinda wanna see his 16 year old bad self?    He's basically a one man 1D and y'all know I can't pass that up.

S'all for now.  Laters Babers.   See you guys back here within the next 48!

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