Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So What Wednesday!

Back in action, yo's!

*So What if I lied to little one again?    She thinks that the large  "real" looking rabbit (purely Easter decor)  at our gym is the real Easter bunny.  Oh and he only moves on Easter but for now, he's watching your errrrrrr move. So ya better behave.   I overheard her telling 7 year old that only grown ups were allowed to touch him or he'd lose his magical Easter powers.  And then I felt a huge sense of accomplishemnt.  I did.  #dontjudge

*So What if my nabe just got the most glamorous, dramatic, fab red lipstain from the MAC counter and I may need to flat out copy her??    Red Handledly.  No one likes a blatant copier.  But I kinda can't help it in this case.  My only concern is that I  may for realz look like the Joker because of the way my obnoxious, giant smile it made.  So there's that.   Stay tuned for a test drive. 

*So What if it's gonna be 71 and a ball of sun tomorrow and I'm tempted to plan an emergency block party and rent a blow up water slide?   It's been a long, hard winter up in here.  It has.

*So What if I may or may not have faked that I was talking on my cell phone to avoid a conversation with a passer-byer yeserday?  Thank God my phone didn't ring.    Totally busted.

*So What if I'm more than pumped for margarita/ patio season?  Yes, friends, this is a "season."  And  it's awesome.   This, I know for sure.

*So What if I need to get serious about planning my little race calendar?     It's looking way too empty and sad and I can't be having that.    

*So What if I'm still MORE than obsessed with Quest bars?  I know. You guys probably thought this was just another one of my short lived obsesssions.  But it's legit.  And real.  And I'm still hiding them all over the place.    And ps-  I've gotten a lot of questions on where to get Quest bars.,  GNC and Whole Paycheck are the only places I've found them.     I know.  It's a real bummer not to be able to pull into the local Kroger and grab one.   However, I'm almost thinking the extra leg work makes them that much more delectable.   #facty

S'all for now!   Laters Babers.


  1. Quest bars are a great deal at GNC since they are usually buy 3 get one free. Its usually cheaper to buy them this way with a gold member disount then buy the case. I have just become addicted to breaking up the cookie dough quest bar in my warm oatmeal. I love it melts throughout the oatmeal. Perfect breakfast!

  2. I've seen them at Dick's sporting goods as well. they are so good warmed up in the microwave for like 15 seconds!