Sunday, March 2, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday! On Sunday (!!!)

Oh Mylanta.  I'm off the chain behind with this here bloggy.   So here's the deal.   Here are Wednesday's eats.  Yes, I took pics. and everything but have not had one free second to post until now.

Okay, tomorrow will bring the normal Sunday Sentiments and upcoming weekly menu, which I'm going to be working on the second I hit "publish."

Without further adieu...   Here we go, yo.

Of course, the day started like every other 365 days of the year.

Spark/ Catalyst...

Workout-  3 miles and Crossfit

Back at the ranch, I drank a crap-ton of water and made a protein/veggie/fruit/smoothie.  I had the before breakfast/ with food MNS packs during the process. 

We have:

2 cups unsweetened chocolate almond milk
2 scoops chocolate Muscle Gain
2 c spinach
1 c kale
2 beets
1 c frozen strawberries.


About 2 hours later, I had my beloved cookies and cream Quest bar.  Primarily because I can't function when I know cook & cream  is in da hiz.

I also threw this in the crockpot.

Before lunch, I had the rest of the (unpictured) MSN pack.   I had a late lunch at Jimmy V's.  614 people, do you know about Jimmy's?? 
 So here's the deal.  I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be Greek but really I'm German, which is all wrong.   Anyway, hummus plate to start, per usual. 

Followed by salads.  My lunch date got the Gyro salad.    Here's the bad part.   I knew I had made a horrific, irreversible mistake the second the waiter brought the salads.     Ya see, I wanted this salad the second I laid my eyes on it.   

However, I got the Greek chicken salad.  Still delish, but no Gyro salad. 
Needless to say, negotiations occurred and I ended up with approx. 1/5 of said gyro meat in exchange for 2 slices of chicken.    Not a bad deal.
Once I got home, I had (unpictured) Spark/ Catalyst #2, with about 1/2 scoop of Rehydrate.
A few hours later, a few dips in the AB jar happened.  Nothing to see here.

Accompanied by a pink lady apple the size of my head.

Oh and a dip in my new bff...Sunflower butter.

I was still pretty full from lunch and snacks so had a several  bites of the crockpot dinner that you see above from the kiddos plates.  However, I really didn't make a plate myself.      That's how I roll sometimes.        I am a big "eat if you're hungry, don't if you're not" proponent.  I see no reason to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, just because "it's time."   Ya know?

Before bed, I had another Rehydrate

And a dose of Nighttime Recovery.     

Cuz my body be barking. And beat up.

Okay, I'll see you guys back here for realz for Sunday Sentiments and the menu.

Laters Babers.


  1. This reminded me that I need to make you that new button! This week I swear!