Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So What Wednesday!

Aww Snap!  It's back!  SWW!

Here we go, yo.

* SO WHAT if I'm downright shocked at my own behavior for avoiding the 2 for $22 candle sale last week.  I had coupons and everything….  I know!!   #whoami?

*SO WHAT if I wore Hunter Wellie's to work today and basically clomped around like a horse in a professional setting?   It was kind of ridiculous, really.  But I'm sorry, if the weather man wasn't such an A-hole in these parts and could give us some sunshine like we're deserving of, we wouldn't have this problem.

*SO WHAT if my neighbors put a giant, obnoxious statue of a Yeti in my yard and I'm kind of obsessed with the relatiation that's about to go down.    #onlikeDK

*SO WHAT if I may have gone a little overboard with the leprechaun and his shenans with the kids?  He even acctidentlly brought little presents.  Yes, I'm one of "them."  But they are only little once and sometimes I can't help it.   All fun and games, peeps.

*SO WHAT if I just got wind that they are remaking The Little Mermaid, live action style, and I'm legit more excited than the 7 year old?     Zero doubt I'm all in on opening night.   And I might even get diayabeetus-inducing sour patch kids.

*SO WHAT if I'm pretty sure I've developed yet another nut butter addiction?  Sunflower butter.  It's where it's at, friends.    #facty

S'all for now.   See you  back here tomorrow for sumthin sumthin.

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  1. So what if I'm legit obsessed with trying to decipher the blurred out names on Lindsey Lohan's 'List'. #imnotright