Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So What Wednesday!!!

Here we go, yo!

*SO WHAT if I'm pretty much consumed by the fact that I lost a full pouch of my favorite lipgoss on Saturday!?    You guys, we're talking my favorite Bobbie's and the whole deal.  I nearly called 911.    And still might.

*SO WHAT if pretty much every time we are in public, I tell almost 4 year old that she better be good because "the boss" is watching her?  It works.  Like a charm.   And she always manages to find a somewhat angry looking man, basically point right at him,  and ask "is he the boss???"   In which I always respond with   "Yes. Yes, he is."   #moty #parenting101

*SO WHAT if I'm more than mildly obsessed with Pitbull's new song, Wild Wild Love?   You guys know the drill.   Download this stat.

*SO WHAT if I'm convinced that Average Joe's is now personally taunting me with their Facebook posts.     Seriously Joe,  why you gotta do me like 'dis?   Is Joe reading the blog?  

*SO WHAT if I'm legit about to bust a cap on a weather man if something doesn't change around here?   Not even kidding.  I'm not.     I can't live like this.

*SO WHAT if I may or may not have ordered more household items on because I don't wanna go to the store?   Unless it's to buy something fun.  Then I'm all in.    And I'm in big.

*SO WHAT if I'm already slightly confused by the 7 year old's math homework?   Whatever happened to the old school way?   When did that stop working?    This honestly scares me for the future.  And now that we're all grownups, didn't we all agree that no one really needs more than basic math skills anyway?  (7 year old, this doesn't apply to you.)    Math teachers/ math lovers, #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.

See y'all back within the next 24 for WIAW!  

Laters Babes.


  1. Ok the boss thing seriously has me cracking up. Love it. And I agree about math, pointless.

  2. Hahahah!!! I love all of these. And when I have kids, I'm totally stealing the boss line ;)

  3. O.k., the math teacher has to weigh in on this. There are many careers that use math, and women are especially in demand in math and science.

    Hi to our Ohio family! Love your blog!