Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Here. With a Plea....

Hi friends,
Just wanted to check in and say #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.
This bloggy is falling apart.  But I promise I'll be back with a vengeance.   Life has thrown me a lemon or two and I'm sorting it all out.   
I love this bloggy, I love running, I love helping you guys with running,  I love my Advo, I love my health and fitness life, and I love all of you WAY too much to let my little spot on the inner webs disappear.  
So what I'm saying is, stay with me, love me through it.... don't hate me if my posts are sporadic and not as regular as they were.   Give me just a couple more weeks and it's #onlikeDK.   I promise you that.   Like, promise with blood.  Or whatever people say when they're making a legit promise.  
Thanks for the emails and virtual love.   You guys are basically the equivalent of melted peanut butter on top of a carb.  Pick a carb.  Any carb.   I love you that much.    

In a love you long time.   And I'll be back.  And we'll all be happy again.     So just do me a large, and stick around.    It'll be worth it, bloggy friends. 


  1. I hope everything's okay! Thinking of you.

  2. Hope everything's ok and cant wait for you to come back! Totally redeem yourself with a what I'm loving post :) Those are my favorite lol

  3. Just wanted to check in.. miss your posts. Thinking of you and hoping everything is ok!