Thursday, February 20, 2014

What I Ate Wedesday!

Yep, it's Thursday.  However,  here are yesterday's eats, supps, and bevs.
Wednesday Workout:
5 miles and Crossfit.  
 Don't do this.   This was too much even for a crazy person like myself.  
 I'm still gauging  what I feel okay to do on top of Crossfit. The bottom line is, I am depleted from this new little workout o'mine and I'm still figuring out how I'm gonna balance running and Crossfit without killing myself in the meantime. Oh and I teach boxing too.    And we all know that I love Body Pump.   But really, giving something up would be straight up #cray.   So don't recommend that because my mom has already tried.   For years.   I guess what I'm saying is bear with me while I figure it out.
The day started at 5 a.m. like every other.
  Before working out....Hit me with a shot of Spark/ Catty.
I know my mornings look all smooth and like it ain't no thang.  Truth be told, once I return from whatever workout I'm doing, I'm in the midst of the super morning #crazytown hustle just like the rest of y'all.   I try and have backpacks ready, lunches figured out, clothes laid out the night before, etc.    But still.  
You know what I mean.
Anyway,  before breaky MNS pack. 
Breakfast was a Quest bar and 2 hard boiled eggs.    And of course the MNS 3 "with breakfast" pack. 
Okay, let's talk about Quest bars.  You guys, I'm obsessed with these things.   I really wish that Advocare was responsible for developing this product so that I could love Advocare even more.   We all know I love me an Advo bar but they didn't develop the Quest.    The bottom line is, when I find a product that I love, I don't discriminate.   This we know for sure.    So these are high protein, gluten free, low carb, no sugar, and amazing.  In fact, I actually question if they are a candy bar in disguise and we are all gonna gain 10 lbs. like in that Seinfeld episode with the frozen yogurt.  Not even kidding.   But yes, I'm obsessed. 
Mid morning snack was my beloved 100 calorie almond pack.  Kinda loving the vanilla roast flavor for a change.  Not my pic. (obvi) but I had a pack of these on the road.  
Lunch was random due to my schedule.
Lunch pack of MNS 3, 2 scoops of Muscle Gain, 2 cups of unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a ton of ice.  This all got delicious and melty by the time I drank it.  

I also had a pack of the regular Justin's almond butter (anyone else in love with these?) as well as an apple.    Ps- anyone else think old Lulu bags make the perfect bag for toting around food and random snacks?   Me thinks yes.

When I got home, I had Spark and Catalyst #2. 

And then a  giant dip in the PB jar...nothing to see here, as usual.
I had dinner plans with friends so a dose of good old Carb Ease about 30 min. prior.  We were going for Mexican and we all know I can't pass up diyabeetus- inducing margaritas.  Impossible. 

For dinner, I had this beauty as well as my calorie/ sugar filled margaritas.  My hands were tied.
 Before bed, I had a fat Rehydrate.   Old pic, same scene. 
Tell me your weekend fitness plans!  I know you've got 'em!!


  1. I love your blog you make me want to eat better and squeeze in more workouts in my hectic life! But question for you on catalyst - first why are you so religious about the 2x per day? And do you take 6 a day as instructed? I hate taking pills and cannot bare to take that many unless you are going to tell me some amazing reason :) thanks!!

    1. I typically do take 6 pills (2 doses) a day. Catalyst has been huge for me and so many people that I've helped through the challenge. Twice a day for me is what really helps in keeping me looking and feeling more defined and lean. I've played around with my supplements quite a bit and twice a day is definitely what works best for me.

  2. I love reading your posts! Do you tend to snack more during the day instead of a lunch? I'm always starving every few hours and wonder how a shake and apple hold you over?!

    1. Julie, I typically have a normal lunch. This day was particularly crazy at work and so I ended up with a "snacky" lunch.

  3. OK seriously, how did I not think of using chocolate almond milk to my muscle gain?!? You're a genius. I've also never had a Quest bar! Love these posts!!

    1. Jenn, let me know what you think! Make sure you use lots of ice. It gets all thick and milk-shakey and well, just delish!