Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Sentiments and the Week of Crockpot Love Ahead

Awwwww...Snap!!!  Is it really Sunday again?

Weekend Workouts:
Friday-   Crossfit (I really almost died this time.  This time I mean it).    I also did a  one mile run in the  early evening just to make sure I was still alive and that I was still capable of putting one foot in front of the other.    Plus I was already so sore that I needed to move my blood. (or something medical like that).
Saturday-   6 miles outside (!!!!)   #Runnerdog came for 2 miles of this.   I've gotta get this 'fro on 4 legs back in running shape.     #Runnerdogs need endorphins too.   Everybody knows that.
Sunday-  6.5 miles.  #Runnerdog came for 2.5 miles. #progress. 
If you follow me on the Insta (Advorunner), you already know the highlights of my weekend shenans.  But let's review....
1.  The monkey girls went swimming.  #wearemout
2.  National Margarita Day was celebrated...twice. (my hands were totally tied.  It's practically my birthday). 
3.  A super fun girls night with my Dayton, Ohio girls happened. LOVE these girlfriends so much.   You know how you have people in your life who just "get" you?  That's these foo's for me.
4. The monkey girls  and the hubby got gussied up and went to a schwanky little Daddy/Daughter dance.   So cute and they are WORN. OUT. from a night of dancing.  #winning
5.  My friend Krista and I pimped some Advo at one of my favorite gyms in town.   Spark was flying. 'Errrrbody happy.
6.  I had a major weekly planning sesh with me, myself, and I and the upcoming week is legit crazytown.....Which is why I'm in the midst of a full on love affair with my crockpot.
Even though I won't be here some nights, I do love knowing that there is real food in the crockpot.
Here we go, yo.
OMG!!!!  I have zero doubt this one is gonna be awesomesauce.   Thanks to for this recipe.  I'm pumped.
I've been making the oven version non-stop.    So here's what I'm doing to adapt to the CP version.   Who knows if this is gonna work, but me thinks it will.   Tuesday is the most flexible day of the week so if it's a bust, it won't be a #fwp.    I've already cooked the spaghetti squash and stored it in a sealed container in the fridge.   I plan to layer the crockpot just like I'm baking it.   I plan to turn it on low in the morning  and leave it on till dinner time.        I still think it's gonna be legit so we shall see.   Stand by for deets.
OMG this looks so easy, legit, and delish.   I'm pumped.  Not gonna lie.    Thanks to The Gracious Pantry for this one.
Bottom line is, leftovers and/ or  'errrbody on their own.   End of story.  #Facty.
This is a huge staple in our house and I love going into the weekend, times of busy-ness, etc., with a vat of turkey chili up in here.  It's just convenient, healthy,  and easy.   I may or may not use it as a topping for a sweet potato.  Try it.  Immeed.
There you have it friends. 
 I'll see you guys back here this week for:
1.  The winner of the Spark/ Rehydrate contest!   Still time to enter, btw so don't be scared!  
2.  SWW (it's coming back, yo's!)
3.  WIAW
4.  Whatever else I end up drumming up between now and next Sunday Sentiments.
Have a great night, loves!

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