Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Sentiments and my Menu for the Week

Hi Boo's!

Sooo…I've been traveling yet again this week which means the bloggeroni has taken a backseat.  No WIAW, no SWW….it's all basically gone to hell in a handbag.  I know.

However, things have finally settled down up in here.   This week, it's #onlikeDK.

If you follow me on the Insta, you know I've been on the North Pole.  I mean…. in Chicago.

You guys, I love that city. But dang!   It was legit 3 degrees when the wheels touched down on Thursday.

You know I love me some Advo and I love helping people feel amazing while using Advo products. But what do I love even more than my Advo?  Helping my peeps with their own little Advo businesses.      So a couple members of my team and I had the opportunity to help with the grand opening of Fit With Fronzie, which is an amazing, adorable fitness studio in Highwood, which is a northern suburb of Chi-town.

Fronzie, is hard core and she's the real deal.   So if you're in the area and want a serious workout, look her up.  She also conducts MONTHLY Advocare 24 Day Challenges, complete with daily coaching so if you're in Chi-town and are interested in the challenge with someone local, she's your girl!!   She also has several 24 Day Challenges in stock if it's an emergency, which we all know…it usually is!

So after said grand opening, which was pretty much awesome sauce, my bestie (who you've seen around these parts) and I headed for the train.    As a Columbus, OH girl, I'm pretty much obsessed with public transportation.     1.  Because we really don't have any.  and 2.  Because I'm in awe and pretty much completely entertained by it.

So we did the rational thing and headed for the train station.    Oh and on the way, we went to a closed Starbucks, begged for something hot, were told they were closed, pretty much couldn't accept the answer and ended up with a round of free decafs!!!  We were on the North Pole after all, it was the least they could do.  Our faith in humanity was restored!  And don't worry, we tipped them well to make up for basically being complete #pitas.

Train station selflies.  

After a great nights sleep at our amazing hostess with the mostess's house, we headed to Power Sculpt Fitness, which is located closer to the city on Lincoln Avenue (near Belmont).   Ummm….sweet baby Jesus.   I like to think I'm somewhat in shape.  However, we took a class called Circuit Sculpt.  Sounds easy enough, no?   This was top 5 one of the hardest, most amazing classes of my life.  Pretty sure I burned a zillion calories in that hour and the burn was like no other.   

The girl second to left, Heather, is the owner and instructor.  Oh and did I mention that she is 6 months pregnant and pretty much in better shape than 110% of the worlds population?   This class was cray cray and if I lived even remotely near Chicago, I would be LIVING at this studio.  In fact, I looked at my bestie after class and pretty much proclaimed that I felt the need to immediately up and move the whole family to Chicago as a result of this studio.  Mainly because I'm impulsive and irrational like that. But also because it was just that good.

Chicago friends, check this place out immeed.   First class is free.  

Okay, enough health and fitness talk, let's get down and dirty….

Another legendary thing that happened, that certainly needs mentioning.   I consumed the most amazing combination in the history of the world.

This would be a blue cheese, bacon wrapped dates.    Be still, my heart.  Don't you worry, I'll be attempting to recreate this at some point over the next 7 days.   I can't get the combo outta my head.  It was that legit. 

Oh and this may or may not have happened last night.   This would be queso with a size of fried jalepenos.  I mean?????

Which brings me back to reality….let's talk about my menu for the week.   I'm currently not on the challenge, but as always, I try to eat clean about 85-90% of the time.     So while some of this does contain a little dairy, you could easily modify if you are on the cleanse or challenge.  Trying some new recipes this week!



It's time….


I think I'm most excited about this one!  I'll probably go light on the blue cheese but there WILL be blue cheese involved.  There will.


Thursdays are almost always crockpot days.   I'll be bringing back the clean turkey chili.  This is SO easy for a work day.  Plus, my kids LOVE it.

I usually don't plan a meal for Fridays, unless I'm on the challenge.   We'll be eating out, ordering in, or all eating something different.  

Let me know if you try any of these recipes!  The Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash  recipe will obvi be happening on WIAW (if I can wait that long!) so expect a full review on Wed. night!

Happy Sunday, loves!


  1. I am highly interested in public transportation as well! We just don't do that here in Detroit. Well, we have the People Mover, but it doesn't really get you anywhere….. L rode it a few weeks ago and said he thought was going to fall off it's tracks ;).

  2. Love that you had a blast in my city!! I'm totally going to check out Power Sculpt. I belong to a gym that is basically a hop and a skip away from my apartment but I love checking out new places :)