Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So What Wednedsay and a Winner!

SWW is back in action!

But first!  We have a Spark/ Rehydrate Winner!

Michelle D!  Stand by for an email!!!

As for SWW…Here we go, yo!

*SO WHAT if I'm saying "yes" to my kiddos way too often than I should be when they ask for Girl Scout cookies?  And yes, it's clearly because I want the cookies outta the house asap.    #motheroftheyear

*SO WHAT if as much as a love fitness, my main reason for going to the Arnold  is to see if I can find this life-changing super duper plumping lipgloss that I discovered at this event a couple years ago???   I think it's a special high-powered  potent gloss for competitors or something but that stuff was crazy legit and I've never been able to move past it.  #Priorities.    Don't worry, you'll all immediately be notified of the brand  if I find it.

*SO WHAT if I can't find my spring/summer clothes?  Where are they?  I was doing some closet organization and do recall a large purge at the end of last summer.  But seriously????  I've got nothing.     Clearly I can't live like this.  And furthermore, what did I wear last spring/summer?  It's like it never even happened.     

*SO WHAT if I feel like I've suddenly started a local Quest bar revolution in my little circle??   But more importantly,  I kinda love that you guys are finally getting a piece of this fabulous pie.

*SO WHAT if I just scored amazingly awesome seats for Motley Crue and and am more pumped than what's normal?  #glorydays #hairbands  #whatwhat
 Speaking of Motley Crue, if you've never seen them in concert, this is your last chance as this is the last time they'll be touring.  Forever.  Seriously.     They put on such a true "rock" concert, it's not even funny.   It's not.

*SO WHAT if I'm suddenly addicted to the Voice?   I have no idea how I'm gonna keep up with this new TV schedule.  I really don't.

S'all for now!  See you guys either later tonight (if I can get my act together) or at some point tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday!

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