Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Baby Blog!

Today marks one year of these Advobloggy shenanigans!!!

It all started with my first post on February 18, 2013, titled Here We Go, Yo!

Obvi, not much has changed!

Let's take a look back!

1.  The most read post is Sunday Sentiments…on Monday with a total of  14,309 hits.  I have NO idea why this is the most read post as there are zero recipes, zero race reviews, zero Advo tidbits.  Basically nothing but shenans.

2.  Coming in at #2 is the good 'ole Crockpot Thai Chicken post at almost 5,000.
3.  And # 3 would be a 24 Day Challenge kickoff post from September at 2,400.

My most read page is the How I Fuel, Food, and Recipes at 8,100.

Most traffic comes from good ole google.com with searches ranging from  from "Advorunner" to "Advocare running blogger" to my personal favorite "Advocare running shenans"   Yes, more than one person googled that, which tickles my fancy, obvi. 

Coming in second would be Pinterest, followed by Facebook in third place. 

My personal favorite posts:

1.   Columbus Marathon recap.   Mainly because this was a PR for me but also because it was such a fun post to write and I love reliving every second of that day.  I kinda can't wait to write the one for next year, when I hopefully get to tell you guys that I finally got my BQ.

2.  I also absolutely LOVED writing the 2013 recap.   It was awesome and therapeutic to take a good  look back at 2013 in all of it's glory.  The good, bad, amazing, and ugly.    

3.  Not an actual post but I love looking back at my Rules I Live By tab that I wrote when I first started this bloggy last February.   They're me.    Maybe not all of them  100% of the time. However, they encompass me, what I'm about, and how I try to live.  And for that, they give me comfort and a little burst of happiness every time I read them.   

Thanks a ton to you guys for reading and really,  for "getting" me.   You guys get my silly humor, you message and email me telling me that I make you laugh, that I somehow helped you lose 10 pounds, that I unknowingly encouraged you to start running, the list goes on.   You guys are legit awesomesauce and I love every single one of you for reading these shenans 'o mine.

If you haven't already, don't forget to enter the Spark/ Rehydrate giveaway!

See y'allzz back here tomorrow for WIAW!!!