Saturday, February 1, 2014


This clearly means spring is coming, no?

If you follow me on the Insta (Advorunner) or my Facebook Page, you already know that this went down earlier today.

Ahhh…a long run in capri's!  Outside!  In February.  For those of you not currently living in the polar vortex, you probably don't understand the significance.  We've had windchill's far below 0 and well, snow for 40 days and 40 nights.   So yes, there is still snow on the ground but wow! The streets are clear!  And it's above freezing.   Huge, I tell you.  Huge.

First things first, check back tomorrow night for the winner of the  Capital City 1/2 Marathon entry!

Woot Woot!

Let's look at January, mmmkay?

1.  *January Mileage-  112.6 miles  (yes, I'm OCD like that.  Gotta count the .6)

2.  I accidentally drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid.   Local friends, this place is the shizzle.    Come with.

3.  So many of you did AWESOME on the 24 Day Challenge!!  Holy Gauc!   

Just ONE example…

And check her out.   11.1 pounds and 8.5 inches GONE.  24 Days.  #NBD!

After on the left and Before on the right.  Not able to button her shirt in her before.   Not so much now.

After on the left…  The cool thing is, she is continuing this lifestyle and still losing and feeling #amazeballs.   Aside from the weight, she just looks "brighter"  in her afters, no?  That is the thing I love about the Challenge.  Toxins and crap, be gone!

I'll be sharing a few more success stories over the next few weeks.    

4.  Lots of exciting stuff in the world of Advo.    No Limits training went down at Advocare corporate.  It was an amazing event and some lifelong connections were made.  No doubt.

Oh and look, someone finally got a Ruby pin!  

I also drank approximately 20 Sparks a day (just kidding…kinda…) from the genius, amazing idea that IS the Spark/ Rehydrate bar.

I mean….???

Spark # 2,454 of the day….

5.  Some seriously delish recipes were posted for those of you who are on the challenge or just choose to eat clean.     They are  posted under the Recipes/ How I Fuel tab.  They're all there, PLUS some!

See you guys back here tomorrow night for another recipe and the winner, winner chicken dinner of the contest!

Laters, Gators.


  1. As soon as I get my 24 day challenge I am starting it which will probably be a week form this coming Monday. I am wondering where the lady got the start sheet where it has before and after weight with the measurements! Congrats on the Ruby pin!

  2. Congrats on Ruby!

    I need that Spark machine!