Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Sentiments

Hello Friends!  Sunday Sentiments is back!!

First things first, GOOD LUCK to my 24 Day Challenge peeps who are starting tomorrow!  

  All kinds of exciting things about to happen.   You are about to feel a zillion times better by oh, I don't know...Wednesday.  Promise you that.     Do not hesitate to post questions on the FB board as you start your journey.  To my experienced challengers, who are doing this again (like me!), please check in on the board as it's awesome to be able to support our newbies.

Speaking of Advo, did you guys hear about the new Limited Edition flava-flave of Rehydrate???   Cherry Lime!....Rehydrate me, won't you?     Super excited about this.   As you know, I love my Rehydrate but let's face it...we are due for a new flavor!  We are.

If you follow me on the Insta, you already know it was my birthday weekend.   It seems the older I get, the longer this celebration needs to last.   It does.  

The Highlights:

Fun night out with these beautiful ladies.   One being my birthday twin and very dear friend, Molly!  Happy Birthday, love!

Never too old for selfies.  Never.   #truth.

The #monkeygirls made me a pretty dang clean birthday breakfast in bed.   Me thinks the hubs kinda helped.  At any rate, they were super proud of their creation. 

And rollerskating went down, which was a huge success.

Saturday night, I basically played craps for hours on end.   Primarily because there is nothing else I'd rather do on my real birthday than play craps.  Fellow gamblers, you get it.  I pretty much stood in this spot. And threw dice. And heckled and cheered for fellow craps players.  All night.      #suburbangangsta    The family was there and then some.    It was a fun, hilarious night.    However, I am super sad that there was no group pic.   Perhaps we need a repeat pretty much asap?

The #monkeygirls made me this beauty.    What's not to love?   Supervised by the most fabulous baby sitter ever.   

My mom got me a Fitbit.  Oh and I'm probably gonna be obsessed and am pretty sure I'm going to become even more annoying than I already am.   Stand by.  

If you aren't familiar, you can read about their tricks here  But yeah, I'm convinced this is gonna take my health and wellness to a whole new level.  #lifechanging for sure.  Primarily because I can't wait to stalk my own sleep patterns.

Fun birthday hibachi with the family went down.

And for those of you on the FB, who are dying over the fact that a germ phobe like myself actually put the hibachi birthday mask on, I'm just as perplexed as you are.  However, 7 year old thought the idea was awesome so I put my big girl pants on and took one for the team.   I simply couldn't look like the true nut that I am in this type of sitch.  I couldn't.    So I bravely put that meningitis, pink eye, SARS infected mask on and threw my hands in the air and partied down to Happy Birthday.

That pretty much sums up a really great birthday weekend. Truly thankful for another year of health, family, and friends.  

So now, it's Sunday night and this is currently happening.

Right?!   7 year olds' school already got cancelled and the whole deal.    Warm weather friends, be jelly.  Be very jelly.  

I'll be back tomorrow with a couple more recipes that are on deck my own challenge, which starts next week!  

-AR Out

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