Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014!!! The Goals!

Happy New Year, friends!!!  2014!    It's on like DK!

Did you guys know that my birthday is the week of New Years?  Cuz it is.  And normally I hate anything to do with the purchase of flowers, unless they are the TJ's cheapies.    Basically I think it's a giant waste of money.   It is.   Don't send 'em.  Buy me $50 worth of Bobbi's instead.    Because those won't die.  And they'll provide me with at least 6 months of happiness.     But somehow the week of NY and my birthday, I love flowers.   The husband knows this and so do the people near and dear to me.   So #lookame already!   

So 2014...yeah....  If you missed my thoughts on New Years Rezzy's, you can read about them here.   Me + NY Rezzy's = No bueno.

However,  I love me some goals.   They are less threatening.   And nicer.   And seem to have less potential for failure.    Goals are loose.  Rezzys are not.   They are black and white.  So join me on one or some of my goals!   We can't fail. This I know.

Goals for 2014!    Here we go, yo!

1.   Get back to YOGA

   Here's the deal.   If you know me in real life, you know I'm somewhat certifiable.   Meaning I'm kinda tightly wound and well.... not as laid back as I pretend to be.   Deep down, I'm always rushing, planning, fretting, busy, basically NOT breathing....which is what they force us to do in yoga.  The truth is, I started out 2013 going to "warm" yoga two mornings a week.    And I felt amazing.  And dare I say... more relaxed?   However, my running schedule picked up and I also teach boxing in the morning and well...we know the rest.   Honestly though, it was excellent for my running but it did wonders for my mental health. So yoga, I'm back.   And I'm committing to this goal.     So there.

2. Sleep

6 hours.  It's a done deal.   I'm up every day at 5 a.m.  This part is non-negotiable.   However, effective imeed,  I am forcing myself to shut down at 10:15 p.m., with the hopes of being asleep by 11.   11p-5a = 6 hours.    I know you people who need your sleep think this is crazy but this is a huge improvement for me.    So what I'm trying to say is if you "see" me on the FB, #insta, or posting on this little bloggy later than say.. 10 p.m., please feel free to call me out.   I'm serious.

3.  Paleo

The thing is, these Paleo kool-aid drinkers don't eat all that much differently than us Advo kool-aid drinkers.   This is a #facty.   So I've done a little test.  I read It Starts With Food and it was a real eye opener in a lot of ways.   I've adapted some new principles when it comes to food.   Will I stop drinking Muscle Gain, taking Catalyst, drinking Spark?  Hellllzzzzz No.   However, do I feel damn good not eating grain and dairy?   For shiz.

And if you follow me on the #insta (Advorunner) know this happened over the last 24 hours.   It's a holiday.  So don't be scared.  I still live too.  Big time.

  So for now, I'd say I'm about 80% paleo, which isn't all that different than my normal life.  Really,  the goal at hand here is just to keep it that way.  #nbd.

4.  Let It Go

This will be a zillion times easier said than done for me.  It will.   But let it go.  All of it.    Focus on the future.  Not the past.   Don't worry about the laundry that needs folded on the dryer.     Don't worry about coulda, shoulda, what you need to do NOW.     Play with your monkeys,  spend time with people who fill you up, who make you laugh, who "get" you.   Do it.   Look around.  Guaranteed they are everywhere.

5.  Current Events

  I LOVE "the news."  But  the thing is, I used to spend way too much time watching it.   However,  for 13 months, I've been in a phase where I've been "mad" at the news.   Basically mad that it was so utterly crappy and sad.   It all began after the Sandy Hook shootings.   I shut it off completely.   I pretty much stopped watching the news, period.  Now we're not talking weather channel, because you all know I love me some weather.  I'm talking the real deal news.     I also stopped getting the paper, which never happens. The End.

 I realize this isn't good.   I'm outta touch.    So I'm giving myself 20-30 minutes a day.   While this isn't necessarily a goal, it somehow makes me happy.   Happy to have some real "news" back in my life.

So there you have 'em.  My goals of 2014!   Have I mentioned that I LOVE even numbered years?   Cuz I do.  And I'm pretty sure this one's gonna be #fabfivefreddy.   It is.


  1. I was just looking to follow some others on the AdvoCare journey and living a healthy, positive lifestyle and came across your blog. I also just made a list of my goals and fears for 2014 and just began my first blog. I will be back to visit. Happy 2014!