Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Sentiments, Shenans, and Clean Chicken Enchilada Soup

Quite the low key weekend up in here.

Weekend Workouts...

First of all, I posted this on my Advocare Runner FB page and clearly lots of you related.  Poor us.

Anyway, back to weekend workouts...

Friday-  5 miles on the tread at 5 a.m.   5 at 5.  Perfect. 

Saturday-  Body Pump and 25 minutes on the guillotine, followed by a whole lot of sitting on my bum in the lounge while socializing for approx 90 minutes.

Sunday-  8 miles on the tread.  Shoot me now.  Not really.  It was super therapeutic, actually.

 But yes, a super low key weekend up in here.  Allow me to show you thy ways....

Exhibit A...

I mean???

Who wants to do anything fun in this?   The answer is no one.

So I did what any sane person would do.

I drank a whole lotta hot tea and wore my favorite slippers.   Errrrday, baby.

We watched that quasi bootleg version of Frozen that I talked about a couple weeks ago.  OMG, it was so easy!   Clearly we're all going to jail but it was a fab five freddy of a night.   Loaded that baby right up on the Ipad and then watched it on the big screen via Apple TV.

There was some venturing out in the blizzard of 2014 last night for a birthday dinner.   However, I was home by 9:10, granny style.

Oh and we made snow ice cream.  Do you guys know about this?   If you've got kids and live in the polar vortex like me, you need to do this immediately.  Was a huge hit in these parts and super easy.

So today, because it was still basically "blizzard-ing," I knew I needed to bust out the crock pot.    The thought occurred  the second I woke up.

Chicken Enchilada Soup (oh yeah...)


1 bag chicken tenderloins (I used TJ's all natural)
1 chopped yellow onion
2 cans green chili's
1 can regular diced tomatoes
1 can fire roasted tomatoes
1/2 bag frozen corn
1 can black beans
2 tbsp coconut oil
4 cloves minced garlic
2 tbsp cumin
2 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp oregano
sea salt (to taste)
ground pepper (to taste)

Oh Em Gee.  Throw that stuff in the crock on high for about 4 hours and it's #onlikeDK.    You could definitely make it stove top but for some reason, that seems like more work to me.  Don't judge.

Okay, so here's the deal, I was craving something crunchy and carby.  It couldn't be remedied. 

Enter these gluten free, delicious sweet potato tortilla chips.

These were amazing on top of said enchilada soup.  They were.

Oh and a giant scoop of the hottest salsa this side of the Mason-Dixon.

Oh Ma Word.

You guys need both of these items pretty much immediately.  

But yes, this soup is legit.  And it's clean.  And you need it on the menu this week.  #obvi.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and I'll see you back here tomorrow for some shenans in one capacity or another.

Oh and ps-  Don't forget to enter the Cap City free entry giveaway!   We are on the countdown!   You do NOT wanna miss this race!  #facty.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So What Wednesday!

Linking up with Shan!  

As always, here we go, yo!

*SO WHAT if the 7 year old had pajama day at school today and deep down I was totally jelly of her warmth and comfort level?   Not even fair.

*SO WHAT if I went to a new Crossfit gym yesterday and it's legit like I've never worked out a day in my life?  I mean...I'm sore in places that I didn't even know had muscles.  Me likey.

*SO WHAT if my unread magazine pile is getting higher and this, my friends, is stressing me out.  #FWP's

*SO WHAT if I have already been to the car wash twice this week?   My car is black, ya see, but it's white in 10 seconds in this weather.    Yes, we are getting more snow.  Yes, I'm basically throwing money down the drain.

*SO WHAT if I kinda wanna punch Gwen Stefani in the nose for looking this hot while 9 months pregnant?  I mean....???

*SO WHAT if I've made this delicious fake "pizza" recipe twice now in 72 hours?    It's the right thing to do.

***  Still plenty 'o time to enter the Cap City Half Marathon free entry contest.

***  See y'all back here tomorrow for WIAW, which will obvi be on Thursday.  Don't hate.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Who Wants to Run the Capital City Half Marathon for FREE?

Have I told you guys how much I LOVE this race?!   Cuz I do.

The bottom line is, I love a good hometown race and this one does NOT disappoint.    I run it every single year.  #facty.

Some of the running posse and I from last year's race.

This race is amazingly well organized.  Oh, and it's a fast, fairly flat course.   Oh, and the weather is typically glorious.  Oh, and they give you copious amounts of champagne at the finish.   Oh, and there is a fabulous, fun band at the finish.   This guarantees that you'll be breaking it down appropriately within about 30 minutes of crossing said finish line.

I mean????    We don't hate it, that's for sure.

So yeah, this is a fun race and me love you long time.

Here's the good stuff.  The awesome race director over at Capital City Half Marathon  has generously offered one bloggy reader a free entry.  This is a $90 value.   This race WILL sell out.   If you're on the fence, either enter the contest and hope for the best, or register asap.   Either way, you're gonna need to join in the fun.  This I know for sure.

The good news is, it's only January.  If you don't feel race ready, we have PLENTY 'o time, friends!  Plenty of time to get pumped and plenty of time to train. 

Contest starts tonight at midnight!    Winner will be posted next week.   Be there! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Sentiments and a Stolen Recipe

Is the weekend really over?!?

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  5 miles on the tread while rocking out to my new fave teen song- Keep Me Crazy by Chris Wallace.  The 7 year old loves it...I think.
Saturday- Home "gym" workout of 50 min. of intervals/sprints on the tread in between weight intervals.  At ungodly hour, I might add.
Sunday-  3 miles on the tread and Body Pump. 

I guess technically, my weekend started off on Thursday with my boyfriend, Luke Bryan. 
Honestly, his performance was off the hook, per usual. 

Just a flaming pickup truck.  #nbd.

Friday was super low key in preparation for the big Advo event on Saturday.  It basically consisted of hanging out with the 3 1/2 year old and going to bed at a decent hour.     Meanwhile, the 7 year old was lucky enough to spend the weekend at the nabe's lake house engaging in many shenans.

amongst other things....

As a lot of you know,  Advo changed a portion of it's success school get up and we are doing regional winter success schools for the first time.   Pretty cool and I must say, way better than the rigamaroo involved in multiple trips per year to the DFW.      Was a really great day with a ton of great info, all in the comfort of my own snow-capped city.  

Some of our Cincinnati/ Columbus team.


Have you guys heard about the 3 new LIMITED edition Rehydrate flaves?

Key Lime Cherry
Red Raspberry

We were lucky enough to sample Peach yesterday and delish.

I also scored Key Lime Cherry last week and again, a hit up in here for sure.   My kids guzzle this down like it ain't no thang.

And Awwwww Snap.... did you hear about our new endorser??   Rich Froning.  Again, #nbd.   He spoke about his favorite products and basically spoke about why and how he's #awesomesauce.   Pretty cool, for sure.

Tonight I made a new recipe which is for sure going to be a keeper in these parts.  I stole the majority of the recipe from .    3 1/2 year old mowed this down like I've never seen. 

You guys, this is uh-mazing.   Paleomg calls it Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie.    I call it straight up happiness on a plate.

Her picture

My picture

I mean...?????   Is anyone else laughing?   Okay, so while my pic looks like hell, I guarantee it tasted every bit as delish.

You can see's recipe above.  I did adapt it slightly.  

Here's the deal...


1 large spaghetti squash
1 lb. Italian sausage
1.5 jars TJ's  marinara sauce (it's the lowest in sugar that I've found)
1 yellow onion (chopped)
1 can sliced black olives
dried basil (to taste)
oregano (to taste)
3 whole eggs


-Preheat oven to 400
-Microwave squash for 3-4 min.  This helps with the cutting process.
-Cut squash in half, lengthwise.
-Place about 1/2 c water in a baking dish.   Place squash face down in dish.  Microwave on high for 15 min.
-Lightly oil pan in which you are planning to bake this concoction.
-Scoop all threads from squash and press into baking pan.  Set aside.
-Stovetop- In large saucepan, lightly brown sausage and onion until sausage is no longer pink.  Add all remaining ingredients.   Simmer for approx. 10 minutes.
-Spread mixture overtop of squash.
-Bake approx. 1 hour.

If not on the cleanse, add a sprinkle of parmesan cheese to this, once it cools and it's all said and done.  Guaranteed to be legit.   Do it.

See you all back here within the next 48!   2014 race agenda is coming!  And I'm PUMPED!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday!

This was a scheduled post for last night and did NOT post!  Not sure what happened.   However, at any rate, #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.  

As always,  here we go, yo's!

The day started with my new obsession, HOT mandarin orange and cinnamon. Oh Em Gee, my lover. So good.   With an unpictured side of Catalyst, per usual.  

I hit the gym for 6 miles on the tready (daylight, please come back) and headed home for the good old fiber drink.

Bottoms up.   So I know a lot of you hate the fiber drink.  I really don't mind it and peaches and cream, although supposedly not quite as effective as the cirtrus flavor, is dare I say...kinda good????   #donthate

I chugged more water while I made breaky. 

Here we have 1/3 cup of organic steel cut oats, more cinnamon (shocker, yes), mixed with water and topped with 2 tbsp of natural crunchy PB.

As I was prepping for day, another dip in my 5 lb. drum of PB.  (nothing to see here.)  I mean, seriously.  Get a grip, Advorunner.

I prepped another  HOT mandarin orange Spark for the car.  It's 20 degrees here, friends.   Also, keep in mind that my first Spark happened at 5 a.m.   This was about 9:45.

So lunch....yeah, don't do this.   Yes, I had snacks packed but nothing was super substantial and I really didn't have time to stop and get something substantial.  So yeah, don't do this.

We have....

More sugar snap peas and a 100 calorie guacamole pack.  LOVE this snack.

In shell pistachios, which I eat while driving down the road. Totally safe, I know.   If you see me doing this, don't be alarmed.  It's a sight to be seen, for sure.   And if you're behind me and a shell hits your windshield, I'm real sorry about that too.

An orange.  I'm totally obsessed with oranges and grapefruits at the moment.  I am.

So yeah, snacks but not lunch.   Again, don't do this.

When I got back home I had an apple with a couple blobs of natty PB.

And another HOT Spark and Catalyst.

Dinner was awesome and I basically tried to pretend I was at Chipotle.

My Body Pump instructor told me about her easy peasy pork tenderloin recipe.

Okay, so pork tenderloin.....coat with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.  Bake on a baking rack at 350 for 90 minutes.   Let the drippings fall into the pan underneath.   SO GOOD.

I also topped it with my VERY favorite seasoning from Trader Joe's.   Do you guys know about this????   It's good on everything!   No joke.

I ended up putting it all into a big salad bowl. 

Here we have pork, spinach, a 100 cal guac pack, jalepenos, tomatoes, red beans, and salsa.  Um....hello!?

I sipped on an unpictured old lady hot tea later in the evening and of course took the herbal cleanse tabs before hitting the hay.

There you have it, friends! 

Will I see any of you at regional success school this weekend!?    

T'will be an amazing event for shiz!  

Laters, loves!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So What Wednesday!!!

Linking up with Shan!

As always, #hwgy!

*SO WHAT if I may or may not have downloaded a countdown timer to the Winter Olympics???  22 days and 18 hours to be exact.   If you know me #IRL, you know the Olympics are my jams.   If you're new to my shenans, well then giddy up.  I love nothing more than sitting on my couch with a large blanket and glass of wine while critiquing and scrutinizing athletes who have dedicated their entire lives to this moment.    Because somehow suddenly I think I know the precise technique involved in landing a triple jump.  I do.

*SO WHAT if I'm still obsessed with my granny gadget, the Fitbit?   Yes, I've seen the scary picture on the FB and no, I'm not skurd.     I've gotten a lot of Q's about the Fitbit and what I love about it.  Be on the lookout for an upcoming post dedicated just to my granny Fitbit.

*SO WHAT if I kinda wanna illegally download the Frozen movie like everyone else?   Is this really illegal?   Can someone educate me on the ramifications of downloading bootleg movies?   I mean, in the grand scheme of things, don't the 'po 'po have bigger fish to fry?

*SO WHAT if I've been ordering giant bottles of laundry detergent from because I don't wanna carry it out of the store?   In my defense, I have free two day shipping, but still.  It's too easy.   Funny how I'll kill myself to lift weights all the live long  day but make me carry laundry detergent or a 24 pack of water and I'm as weak as a delicate flower.

*SO WHAT if I'm pretty sure this winter is gonna be the death of me?   I mean, can we have ONE week with no snow?  Just one?  Anyone?   

*SO WHAT if I'm going to see my boyfriend, Luke Bryan, again tomorrow night and I am PUMPED!?   #dontbejelly

S'all for now!

Laters Babes.

Monday, January 13, 2014

More Random Tips for a Successful 24 Day Challenge!

The Facebook board is jumping with challengers!   I started my own challenge today and figured there is no better time to post more of my own personal tips than NOW.    You can read some of my tips for the 10 Day Cleanse here.    These all apply to the 24 DC, no doubt.

First things first,  for those of you on the fence,  there is still time to join in!  We have another group starting next Monday and another handful starting later in the month.  Do it. Get there.  

Oh and did I mention that it's currently discounted to $175? (retail price...obvi cheaper if you're a distributor or advisor).  This is good through January 21.   The time is now, peeps.

A fun weekend is always in order the weekend before a 24 DC.  It is.
Which included my very favorite diyabeetus-inducing, obesity epidemic- causing drink on the planet...  The jumbo frozen marg.

Here we have at least 100 g of shoog and about 500 calories worth of emptiness. #facty  #worthit

Back to the subject at hand...     

More random TIPS for a Successful Challenge!

***** PREPARE!

   I've said it a million times.   If you don't prepare, you will NOT have a successful challenge.  You won't.   You can read all about my 24 Day Challenge Prep here.

******Some of my favorite challenge friendly snacks:

- Individual packs of almonds, cashews, or Planters Wholesome Nut mix.   DO NOT buy the jar.  We can't be trusted.  We need the individual packs.

- Any vegetable dipped in a 100 calorie pack of guacamole.  I buy Holy Guacamole brand but was just informed today  that Cosco is now selling individual organic packs.   Apparently,  20 packs for will only set you back $8! Say Wahh???   Clearly Cosco bound tomorrow.

- A hot apple and cinnamon topped with a tbsp of almond butter.  Delish.   If you follow me on the #insta (Advorunner), you already know this.

-Celery and hummus, carrots and hummus, and now my newfound love sliced beets and hummus!   As always, measure your hummus.  Don't just scoop a giant blob because you are going to end up with 400 calories of hummus. Don't do it.  Measure.

-  Organic brown rice cakes with a serving of natural peanut butter and cinnamon.  Now, I use these sparingly during the first 10 days.  Yes, they are a complex carb but if you want to be strict and depending on how much you have to lose, I would do a max of one per day.

*****Some of my simple tricks of the trade:

- In the evenings, when you are feeling snacky, bored, and think you're hungry, drink decaf hot tea.   It'll keep you busy and you aren't blowing the plan.   If you absolutely must, you can add a small amount of stevia.   Trader Joe's has an awesome selection of decaf flavored tea's.  

- Guzzle water like it's your job.  As you know, it will keep you full but will also really help flush toxins.    Add a little lemon, fresh mint, or cucumber if you aren't keen on plain water.

-If you screw up, do not throw in the towel.   Trust me, friends.  There have been times that for a split second I have literally forgotten that I'm on the challenge.  Not even kidding.   I've done stupid things.  However, it's not over.   Get back on track immediately and finish it out.   Do not let yourself get into the "I've already screwed up, I'll restart it again later" mindset.  You can gain 5 pounds waiting for "later."


-  There is NO doubt that you'll have quicker, better results if implement exercise into your 24 DC.  Not to mention that you'll be in a better mood because of the endorphins and well...this here little challenge might not seem so bad.   

-I say aim for a minimum of 30 minutes a day of sweat.   Preferably 45.  Yes, cardio,  but work up a sweat.  This means you should physically be sweating.  You should feel gross when you're done.  You shouldn't be able to refresh your makeup and go about your day.   You should need a shower.    

- Strength training 3-4 times a week.   We ALL need it no matter our age or current fitness level.  Muscle burns more calories.  This is a #facty.  Plus, it makes you look skinnier.  And hotter.    If you have no weight training plan in place and are intimidated by starting one, get yourself some DVD's.    I really love Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt, and I honestly LOVE the Advo Can You 24? series.   These are all short, very effective workouts.

There you have it, friends!    So happy to have you here in the same boat right along with me!   I love the company!

Stay tuned for more recipes and shenans this week!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday!!!

As always, here we go, yo's!

Per usual...

Spark and 3 Catalyst.   As a result of these sub zero's, I've been having my Spark warm these days.  However, this morning it was cold for the sake of time.

I didn't get up in a timely manner for the morning workout.  I know!  But wait, did I tell you guys that the Fitbit will totes wake you up?   Basically all you need to do is tell it to.     I set the Fitbit for 5 a.m., despite the fact that I haven't set an actual alarm since the beginning of time due to my #cray sleeping situation.  Lo and behold,  for once in my life I was in a deep slumber and that bish practically gave me a black eye from the vibration.  Honestly, this thing WILL wake you up.  It will.  However, for the first time in forever, I rolled right back over and went back to sleep.  But for at least 90 seconds, I was awake, and aware, and wondering why I had a black eye.    Oh and guess what?   I apparently slept for 6.25 hours last night?!   Records breaking everywhere.  I'm telling you, you need one.  Mainly so we can be total tools and talk about our granny gadgets together.  And compare our sleep. And do all the things that granny's do. 

Okay so breaky...
A Think Thin bar as I was getting ready for work.   Still LOVE these bars.  Not cleanse friendly but I love that they are low shoog and gluten free.

Once I got to work, I almost died of hypothermia.   You guys that aren't in the midwest or on the east coast right now don't understand our pain.  And for that, #Iaintmadatcha.   But seriously, it's cold.   I had two giant cups of black tea.... Out of poisonous styrofoam.   My hands were tied.

Around 11, I had my beloved in-shell pistachios.  This was about 1.5 servings so roughly 280 calories and worth every bit of it.
With these beaut's, I had a Biocharge and 3 Omegaplex.  (old pic, same scene)

Before lunch, I had the "before lunch" MNS pack.  Lemme tell ya why....

The bottom line is that I have a graveyard of "before lunch" packs in my purse.  It's the one we all forget.  It is.  Everyone knows this.    So instead of tossing them aside like I used to do, I'm being rational and taking them before lunch.  The thing is,  they still contain an appetite suppressant, a small thermogenic, and some other goodness.  My theory is, even if not taken with the whole strip, there is still good things in there.   #fact

I hate to do this to you guys again but I had Schwarma for lunch.   #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.

I know.  It seems to happen a lot on Wednesdays.  (Should I change WIAW to another day???  Unfortunately, I'm serious.)

After lunch, I couldn't help it and needed coffee.   This is what the tundra does to me.  I've been off coffee forever and look at me.   Just keeping it real, friends.  #donthate  Once again, risking my life for your entertainment and mine.

Before the gym I had a dose of Spark/ Thermo.

  Just a cardio day today and this is what I wanted.

Gym was 10 minutes on the ArcTrainer and 40 minutes (4.5 miles) on the tready.   

Let's talk about dinner.   Dinner was fab.... New recipe, yo's

Low Carb Baked Chicken Fajita's


1 lb sliced chicken breasts
3 bell peppers (red, yellow and green!)
1 red onion
1 can green chilis
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp sea salt
black pepper (to taste)
1 tsp cumin
1 tbsp chili powder
1tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp cayenne pepper
3 sliced  jalepenos (if you're cray like me)
100 calorie guacamole packs  (I used one pack for my plate)
hot sauce, salsa, etc.


Preheat oven to 400

Mix all spices and olive oil
Toss all ingredients (minus japs and guacamole) in above 
Place in baking pan
Bake approx 35 minutes

Serve in lettuce wrap or Ezekial wraps (if not on the cleanse).   #beesknees 
Top with jalepenos, guac, salsa, etc.

You're welcome.

See y'all back here tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts, perhaps.

Laters Babes.