Monday, September 30, 2013

Things You Need... Healthy Edition

How about this?  An edition of TYN that doesn't involve candles or lipgloss?    Right?  #whoami?

So here are my current jams.   

1.   Medjool Dates.  Yes,
I realize these look absolutely hit.  However, trust me when I say they are ridiculously amazing and decadent when you want a sweet treat but don't want the calories of something terrible.     Do yourself a favor and split one of these open, take out the pit, and stuff with a smear of almond butter or nati peanut butter.   You. will. die.  I promise.    One date has about 65 calories, 2 g of fiber, but about 16g of sugar.  Now granted, it's truly natural sugar but be careful.  These are not cleanse friendly in my opinion.     I typically buy these at Trader Joe's but bought these at Kroger, right in the produce section.

2.  OPA Greek Yogurt Ranch dressing.    Friends, this stuff is legit.  60 calories per serving, 5 g of fat, 2 carbs, and 0 of them being sugars.   It honestly tastes way more fattening than it is.  In fact, I put it on my salad, took a few bites, and then went back to the fridge to look at the stats again because I was certain that I was eating Fatty McButterpants salad dressing.    LOVE this and can't wait to try the other flaves.   Note-  This is not located in the regular salad dressing area of the grocery store.  It is located with the fancy dressings in the produce section.  I found this at my local Kroger but have also seen it at Giant Eagle and I'm sure it's safe to say that Whole Paycheck carries it.

3.  Oat Fit Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal.     100 calories per pack and ZERO sugars.  Yet, it has a touch of sweetness somehow.   It's awesome, you guys.    The thing I love is that there are 5 perfectly proportioned packs in each little box.  Oh and the pouch that said oatmeal comes in, has a perfect little line where you add the perfect amount of water.    I love the nutritional status but I also really love the packaging.  I add a packet of stevia, a touch more cinnamon (cuz I'm obsessed) and a blob of nati PB and this little breaky is basically the bee's knees.    I had a hard time finding this initially but Target has had it in stock for several weeks.

4.  Salt and Pepper Natural Pistachios (in shell).   OMG.    Discovered these this weekend and have basically been facedown since.     The perfect alternative when you want the savory flavor of a chip but not a chip, ya know?   These are CVS brand and may or may not have been purchased after tailgaiting.  However, I saw the same salt and pepper flavor at Kroger yesterday when I bought those 3 apples for a million dollah.     And can we all agree that there is something therapeutic about cracking and eating pistachios?   The shelled version just isn't the same.  It's just not.   Loving these.

5.  Chick. Pz Roasted Chickpeas.   Just discovered these  fabulous little gems at Whole Paycheck and definitely should have bought more.   This bag contains 200 calories,  10 grams of fiber, and 12 grams of protein.  Yes please.      Oh and they almost have a roasted peanut butter flavor (if you will), which we all know is the true pathway to my heart.   Love these and will be buying more pretty much immediately.

6.  PB2.   I know I've talked about it before but I'm crushing on this stuff more than normal lately.  Love it for so many reasons.  So versatile.  I mix it in protein shakes,  oatmeal, greek yogurt, in asian inspired peanut dishes, with almond milk and then spread on my apples...the options are honestly endless.  I just love this stuff and love that it gives me some peanut butter satisfaction without the zillion calories that my beautiful, beloved peanut butter brings.  Don't get me wrong, we all know that  I eat PB numerous times a day but this is a fabulous alternative.

So there you have it, boo's.   My current healthy faves.   See y'all back here tomorrow for Tuesday Troubles.   Don't be scared.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Sentiments and Weekend Wrap Up

You guys, I'm  ashamed of myself.  I totally bailed on WIAW last week, haven't blogged since Wednesday morning and have basically been neglecting all things blog and Advo related on this here world wide web for days.

Ahhh... yikes.   I'm slowly digging out of my hole today and I'm back in black.  Getting caught up on emails, the Advo FB board, and miscellaneous blog-related shenans.

This weekend was a busy one, per usual, but packed with fun.

Thursday night, we headed to the 'Nati to see my boyfriend, Luke Bryan.

'Scuse me?  Oh...Hello lover.

Wowsers.  Legit one of my top 5 favorite shows to date.   The energy was amazing and he is bursting with talent and fabulousness.

Best friends forev right here.

Friday was majorly low key and spent chugging water,  chugging Rehydrate, and having a yum pasta meal in preparation for Saturday a.m.'s 22 mile training run.

Annual 22 mile run to the horseshoe.

So yeah, 22 miles in the books.  Now we taper and we all know that it super hard for us #craycray running people.  Overall, 22 was a really good run and my recovery has been great.  Zero soreness and minimal fatigue.  I'll take it.

A nice long leg drain went down immediately following the run, which helped indeed.  Nothing like a close up of sweaty, dirt and dust covered legs.   #keepinitreal

An ice bath and some errands during the day.   Follow by some serious fun tailgate shenanigans.    #Lylas.  #Gobucks

And today was filled with grocery, shenans, family and household stuff.   Speaking of the grocery, get a load of my receipt from Kroger.  I bought three  delicious Honeycrisp apples.  That's it.  Three.

Check out the price tag.

Does anyone else think that $6.03 is ridic for 3 apples?   $2.01 per apple?  What the what?   Someone please explain.  Why do Honeycrips cost a million dollars?  But furthermore, why are they so delicious and addicting?  Me thinks it's all tied together.

And the three year old went to a super cute tea party themed birthday party.


Oh and apparently, I've signed up for a half marathon for this coming Saturday.   Does anyone recall me doing this?  I vaguely remember.  Anyway, it's gonna be pretty fly.  It's an all girls race and I'm assuming I'm gonna love it.  12 miles is on the training schedule for Saturday and a halfy is obvi 13.1 so I'm clearly killing two birds with one stone.     So there's that.

Alright, friends.  I'm back.    See y'alls tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

Linking up with Shannon for another week of SWW!

As always, here we go, yo!

So What if I'm still not certain that I understand the true definition of "twerking?"   So it's basically what we used to call "dirty dancing" or "grinding?"   However, you're technically by yourself doing the same sexually explicit dance moves?   Just out there all alone in your twerking glory?    Possibly, with other "twerkers" nearby?     So if my calculations are correct,  old school "dirty dancing" seems way worse than twerking, no?    Can someone enlighten me on this?

So What if I really wish iOS 7 didn't happen?   All was right in the world before that fateful day last week.

So What if I'm still kind of half expecting hate mail from the man that hated us?  

So What if I'm beyond obsessed with Trader Joe's Harvest Blend tea?   And the fact that it's seasonal and selling for 8 beans a pop on Ebay makes me think I'll be driving at dangerously high speeds at some point today to stock up.   I know how TJ's rolls.   If you want it, get it now.  And yes, I realize this all makes me a #grandmaintraining.

And speaking of TJ's, So What if I'm seriously not happy that my beloved almond butter has yet again disappeared from the shelves?   Something about  almond supply issues...   However, I see plenty 'o  whole almonds sitting on the shelves.  So if Trader Joe himself could do me a solid and just blend me up a batch right quick,  we'd all be happy.

So What if aside from some running shenans, I haven't posted a healthy thing on the bloggy in over a week?   And for that, I'm sorry.    I'll be returning back to some of my regular scheduled programming tonight with What I Ate Wednesday.  I guess what I'm trying to say is "please still love me."

So What if I'm still getting Shellac?  There is no way out, you guys.   There just isn't.   And I've accepted it.

 So What if I accidentally rekindled my love affair with Thai food yesterday and I fear it's #onlikeDK.

That's all for now, friends.   See y'all's back here tonight for WIAW!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Story

Just a warning, this is 3 minutes you'll never get back....

My day started off splendid with the 12 miler.   I got almost 11 miles in and kinda accidentally got stuck in the midst of a monsoon.  Getting pelted by sand and all.   No big.  I sprinted back to the house, was a teeny bit bummed that I didn't get all 12, but went about my business with packing.

PSA- Two things were happening tonight.  1.  Our dear friends were celebrating lots of milestones and having a fab party in which I was supposed to attend 2.  The husband had a band commitment.  Did I tell you guys he plays in a band?    That's neither here or there but they've been together for a zillion years and they're pretty darn good.   

So back to my story...We get to the airport after driving through the monsoon that was still happening and are delayed.  #nbd.   We've got a little bit 'o leeway with our connection in the ATL. 

We get on this flight to the ATL and 3 1/2 year old and I are sitting a few rows behind the husband and almost 7 year old.  
Oh and we are sitting next to this guy, who legit wants to slit his wrists that he's sitting in the same row as a 3 year old.

Pretty sure he is praying in the pic.  Praying that we will disappear into thin air.   Praying that 3 year old will stop talking.  Praying for anything but the situation in which he is living.   Yes, I realize the fact that I took a pic is a violation of privacy, or a hippa violation, or defamation of character, or something bad, but he hated us.   So there. #justified

Oh and then I'm scrolling through my pics and 3 year old says "mommy, why do you have a picture of that boy right there?" as the man who hates us is sitting right next to us.   Not kidding.  #idie #busted #redhanded  But he hated us, so again....  #justified. 

Okay so we go in for landing in the ATL, still sitting next to the praying guy who hates us, when we see the runway and the plane goes straight airborne.   I'm thinking A) we're dying B) we almost hit an innocent plane sitting on the runway and the pilot had to pull up or C) Praying man prayed for something bad to escape us.   

The whole plane full of people erupts into controlled chaos.  At this point, the  pilot comes on and is all "yeah folks, we've got zero visibility up in here due to these here storms so we had to retract the attempted landing and we're gonna need to look for another runway."   I'm all "well I'm glad we didn't die but that blows because our connection to the C-Bus is leaving in 20 minutes and there's no way we're gonna make it and I've got my outfit all planned for this party and everything" 

So he circles for awhile, we land, and original C-Bus bird that we're supposed to be on is long gone.   I go to the ticket counter and I immediately tell the hubs "let me do the talkin'"    I find that the soonest we can get out is 7:30.  That's clearly not gonna work.  After the girl that I'm sweet talking starts typing a bunch of (what I suspect to be) emails to her friends and then makes severals (what I suspect to be) phone calls to plan her night out in the ATL, she comes back and says she can get us all on stand by for 5:30.  Of course, I need to know exact statistics. She says there are 2 in front of us but it's looking good.  I'm thinking #hollah. 

At this point, it's basically 3:00 p.m., the little one is becoming a total #pita, and it's clearly it's time to go for lunch, preferably somewhere that serves peen greej.  

5 p.m. rolls around and we're at the stand by gate.  We wait, everything's cool.   I'm convinced that no one is getting on this god forsaken flight and we're just going through the motions and we'll move on to the confirmed 7:30 and everyone's plans are screwed.   The End. 

Suddenly, at 5:26, our beautiful last name comes over the PA system.   Ticket agent girl says "all 4 of you are on."   We are legit publicly rejoicing  in glee.   At this exact moment,  a family of three, all huffing and puffing, is sprinting down the terminal heading towards our gate.   It all happened in slow mo....  

 No lie.  And I'm pretty sure I heard Chariots of Fire  playing for them in the background.       So the ticket agent says "okay, this family of 3 is actually confirmed on this flight so only one of you can go."   The husband turns to me and tells me to go to my party.  I tell him to go to his show, which is actually a contracted commitment.  We go round and round for 2 minutes and the ticket agent girl says someone has to make a decision because we have to shut the gate.    And in the meantime,  both of us are thinking, the person who doesn't get to go has to fly with the most tired 3 year old on the planet.   And the person who does get to go gets to take a nap on the plane.  

So the husband goes.   I'm thinking, I've got this.  #nbd.  Then 3 year old starts acting a fool.  Telling me she's gotta pee, poop, her head hurts, her belly hurts, she's hungry (as she shoves crackers in her mouth)...basically just the old classic tired 3 year old stuff but she was basically acting like a drunk monkey.  

So we get settled at our 7:30 gate.  Obvi it's no secret that  I'm obsessed with Breaking Bad.    Out of nowhere comes "Heisenberg." 

So he sits next to us, we start chatting it up and my kids are enthralled.  

We talk Breaking Bad, he is entertaining my kids left and right, we are chatting it up and I'm pretty sure he was a gift from above.  He is a children's entertainer and musician and earns his living that way.   But more importantly, he was an enormous side traction for me and the monkeys.  He  kept my kids entertained with magic tricks and songs during what should have been a train wreck.  Oh and he obvi loves Breaking Bad so I was all over that.  

7 p.m. rolls around and it's time to board the 7:30 plane.   We're all "wheeee! we're finally going home!"

  The plane is fully loaded, if all goes well, we are back in the C-Bus by 9 p.m.   #nbd.   But then things get cray again. The pilot comes on with "yeah folks.... our plane is broken and you're all gonna need to get off immediately.   But don't worry, we're trying to find you another one.  It may be 30 minutes, it may be tomorrow."   

At this point, I can't decide if I want to cry, kill my husband, or curse the man who I think prayed bad things.   In the meantime, almost 7 year old starts crying crocodile tears because she misses #Runnerdog.  

So we pack up our crap again, get off the plane, and wander.   At this point, I'm pulling out the big guns.  You want a King Size bag of gummy Lifesavers?  You got it, kids.  

We finally get a gate, and an alleged plane, and it's finally time to board again.  So we go through the whole rigamaro again, all while I'm trying to figure out who exactly I should be mad at.   And in the meantime, the 3 year old legit does. not. stop. talking.     Almost 7 year old and I can not even form a sentence between the two of us.  

We finally land in the C-Bus and we're all pretty much certifiably delirious.  

And the night ended like this.    After 40 days and nights of travel.  At 11 p.m.   We are all grease monkeys and covered in travelers germs.  And probably bed bugs.     

The End.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Look at me!

Blogging three times from vacay, that is.    PSA-  I'm still blogging from the phone so remember... #donthate.     

We've had lots of fun in these parts, that's for sure.  But the time has come and I'm totes ready to get back to my regular scheduled programming.  Oh and that sweet #runnderdoggy of mine.  

Let's see... Highlights from the end of the week.... 

Lots of super early morning running, which has been super awesome, beautiful and majorly peaceful.  Oh and it definitely helps to reduce the gluttony before it starts all over again.  

And petting and feeding of alligators.  

And of course gluttony.  Cuz it's vacay and my hands were tied.    McGuires, I really love you.  

A crab and cream cheese omelet. #idie
A Broken Egg, I love you too.  

OMG #legit #lifechanging bonless wings.  

And finished tonight off with froyo from my new favorite yogurt joint, Yogurt Mountain.  Menchies, I love you but you are no YM.   Please change your ways.  

Lots of hanging with these monkey girls. 

Oh and the almost 7 year old lost a tooth at dinner the other night  and I'm really trying to talk her into being a hockey player for Hallween. 

Right???  It's obvi the logical thing to do.  

A day of shopping at some fabulous places, oh and pretending like "ladies who lunch" with this one.  

And a fun night on the town with sister in law and her hubs.  

And we fly out tomorrow.  And again, I'm missing a training run with my posse.  The alarm is set for the crack of dawn and I'm busting out the 12 before we head to the aeropuerto.   

So yes, it's been super fabulous here but I miss my stuff, and my #runnderdog, and my people.  That's the beauty of vacay.  It's amazing but really, there's  no place like home.   Especially when you have a new delivery of fall candles waiting for you.  Boom.  

And one last thing.  A special shout out to one of my very best friends, Michelle, (aka Runnermommy, if you've been following the blog for awhile.  Well this crazy girl is running her first ULTRA marathon tomorrow.   I know.  So basically that means she's running some crazy distance that is farther than a marathon.  Again, I know.   But I love her and she's awesome and she's gonna rock this thing like no other.  I just know it.   It's gonna be a long day for her so please send her some good running vibes, friends!  

See ya back in the C-bus!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hi friends!   Popping in to say hello!   Obvi I'm still blogging from the phone so once again, do me a solid and bear with me.   Oh and I'm  forfeiting So What Wednesday as well as What I Ate Wednesday until next week.   How many pics of oysters can y'all really handle?

So lets talk about my 20 miler.   Shall we?  Yep, it happened.  And yep, it was HOT.  
I headed out just as soon as the sun came up but still pretty much felt like I had walked into a sauna from the first step.   

Deeeerenched in sweat immed.  

Desperate times call for desperate measures.   When I saw that our group 20 mile training run fell right at the start of vacay, I started mentally preparing because I knew I'd be doing this one alone.   

However, my running girls are amazing and I love them.  They knew I was out there alone, fighting for my 20.     They sent me so much encouragement and  lots of good vibes.  I loved having them "with me."

And a huge thanks to my other special friends who were also cheering me on via text and FB. I totes appreciate you.  

Oh and I also had Jay Z and Brit to keep me company.  Currently obsessed  with both of these. 

I went back to the house twice for Rehydrate, to wrap quite possibly the biggest blister of 2013, to dry off, and also to complain.  Then I was back at it.     

I really did have lots of good sights and  some amazing views.   Definitely not the normal long run views of the Olentangy trail.  

My legs actually felt great but I really did start to struggle around mile 14.  I was scorching and losing lots of fluids.   However, 20 is in the books and that's all that matters, yo's!   

This weekend is a fallback week,  we have our big 22 miler the following week, and then slowly start the dreaded tapering process.    You guys haven't lived through a taper with me yet, have you??  Buckle up.   It's not pretty.  

What else is happening?
I'm having lots of fun with these little monkeys.  

And I'm eating some amazing food.  


I'm also having some much needed downtime.   I took a nap for the first time in well, seriously forever.   Oh and I've been reading, which has also been beyond glorious. 

So there have it.   I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday Sentiments / Weekend Wrap Up!

Hello from the beach!   First things first, I'm blogging from my IPhone so I have NO idea how the posts over the next week are gonna look.   Ya see, I brought my little Netbook and it was the first time I've tried blogging on a non - Mac product.  Holy crap.  I practically became homicidal waiting for pics to upload, etc. Not easy, friends.  So I promptly downloaded the Blogger for iPhone app and here we go, yo!

So it's been a busy weekend indeed.  Friday night was spent around the fire that never was while hanging out with the nabe's.  This poor fire could just never pick up the pace.

Certainly didn't stop us though.  So basically I used this as a tool to procrastinate packing and prepping for this here trip.   I legit packed for myself and both kids at the last minute before our flight on Saturday morning.    The hubby fends for himself with packing but packing for three is still not an easy feat. And also super uncharacteristic of me and my #ocd tendencies.   

A quick lunch at the Buckeye Hall of Fame at the aeropuerto and we're off.  

And flight #2, it was me and monkey girl while the husband and almost 7 year old had seats in another row.  

And I swear she was #amazeballs on both planes.  I was super pumped about that.

And yesterday was spent, getting settled in and unpacking my obscene amount of Advo loot.  

Chilling by the pool with my favorite Apothic Red while the kids spit pool water through noodles at innocent bystanders.  

Eating awesome salads at Mexican joints.  

And calling it a night early.  

Today started off with an amazing run on the beach.  I kinda wanna make this a part of my daily routine forever and ev amen.    Already excited for tomorrow.  

The monkeys played at the beach all morning which resulted in huge naps and a super chill afternoon.  #awesomesauce. 

Ps-  what's cuter than a sundress and chucks?   She's a mess, this one.  

Shirley temples all around.

The in laws.   Love these two.  

Oh and then this happened.   Baked oysters with japs and Monterey.   I die.

Oh my word and then I met a pirate.  

You guys I can't make this stuff up.     

So bear with me this week as I blog my shenans from my phone.  Obvi the blog will be all over the place but I promise I'll return to my regular scheduled programming as soon as the wheels touch down.  

Laters Babes.