Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

Once again, linking up with the fabulous Niki and Jenn for WIAW.

I loved hearing that some of you tried my egg/ almond butter get up from last week!  Yes, the thought and looks of this are  NOT pretty but don't knock it till you try it.  

So here we go, yo.

First things first.

Bottoms up.   If you missed why I drink this, you can read about it here.   

Today,  I shook things up and started with the SweetTart along with 3 Catalyst. 

Breakfast was one of my faves.  This only happens when everything aligns perfectly and I have a peanut butter jar with the perfect amount left, just begging for oatmeal.  

Here we have remnants of TJ's natural PB, 1/2 c of steel cut oatmeal, cinnamon, and stevia.   With a side of 3 Omegaplex.  

I cook the oatmeal separately with the cinnamon and splenda.  I then add it to the PB jar.  It basically ends up in a delish, melty mound of PB/ Oatmeal goodness.   And it keeps me full forevs.

Around 11 a.m. was a Spark/ Catalyst on the go.

And then around 11:45, of course another Simple Truth protein bar.  I seriously love these.  Especially for the price.  Kroger- 5 for $4.

Lunch, out of tupperware.  Partially because I'm classy like that but partially because on work days,  I never know if I'm going to be eating on the go, at a restaurant, or at home.   Spinach, strawberries, pepper jack cheese, a boiled egg, hummus, almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette.  Super random, yes.  But I'm a sucker for the sweet/ salty thing.   And sometimes the best salads are the ones with a bunch of randomness thrown in.

Back at the ranch, I had a few slices of watermelon.  #addicted.

Before the gym I had another Spark and 2 Thermoplus.

45 min of HIIT on the arc trainer (kinda like the elliptical, but I hate it less.)     Fyi- a HIIT workout on the arc will have you dripping in sweat.     My knees were barking today and running was outta the question.   HIIT on the arc it was.

Post workout.  Another favorite combo that I've mentioned a million times.

Muscle Gain and unsweetened almond milk.  With a ton of ice, this is an amazing combo.

As I was figuring out dinner,  all hell broke loose.   The 3 year old had the meltdown of  2013 (source of meltdown is still unknown) at the exact same time that #Runnerdog chose to leave a giant stream of pee across the living room carpet.   Now he hasn't had an accident of this caliber since his early days.  And really, the 3 year old hasn't had a meltdown like this possibly ever.  So the combo together was a sight to be seen. 

So I did what any rational mom would do and I poured a glass of Pinot Grigio.  Or Two.

Dinner was baked tilapia with hot sauce (obvi), green beans, and a baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon (again..obvi).  

So there you have it.   Riveting, no?

Stay tuned for Thursday Thoughts as well as a long overdue running playlist.

See ya on the flip.

So What Wednesday!?

As always, linking up with the fab Shannon.

And as always, here we go, yo!

  • So What if my friends' 11 day old baby was sacked out on my chest for almost an hour the other day and I pretended like she was mine when strangers walked by?   I may have accidentally said "thanks!" at least 3 times when random people said "how cute!"

  • So What if as much as I can't get enough of that baby,  it's official...this uterus is shut down for bid-nass and I'm not looking back?!

  • So What if I'm still listening to Blurred Lines practically 24/7?   This same thing happened when Gold Digger came out.  Don't worry, it'll be over soon. 

  • So What if the 3 year old told me that #Runnerdog "told her" that he wanted Chex cereal for breakfast this morning and I went with it?   Everybody's happy.

  • So What if I did the brand new release of Body Pump less than 24 hours ago and am already super sore?!  What the what?!  Guess Les Mills knows whasup.

  • So What if my kids saw the jail in my hometown this past weekend and are now terrified, yet obsessed with jails?   And being bad and getting "put in jail" and all things that may lead to going to jail?   Me likey.   

  • So What if I'm  secretly a tiny bit obsessed with fall and football coming our way?    Maybe it's the low 70's temps we've had.  The truth is, as much as I love to complain about winter (it's what we do), I'm a midwest girl to the bone.   I LOVE the season changes and could not imagine living anywhere else.   But don't worry, I'll be complaining about snow in a hot second.   But in the meantime,  I love the seasons, the people, the cost of living, the football pride, the comfortable lifestyle.   I love me some midwest living.  I just do.

The End.

Stay tuned for What I Ate Wednesday!  I know you're counting down the minutes.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two Things

If you follow me on the Insta, you already know this.   However, two things happened today.  

I did something I said I'd never do in a zillion years.   I got an Advocare sticker.  I KNOW.   This actually probably pains me more than it does you as I now have to eat crow ands stop making fun of other people with Advocare stickers.  

But mine is little.  And cute.

But it's still an Advo sticker and quite frankly, it's still pretty ridiculous.  

Secondly, I just  discovered a jim dandy of a concoction.    I grew up eating a full roll of SweetTarts at the pool on the reg, with an almost bleeding tongue as a result.  
I love me some Sweet Tarts.  But really, let's face it, now that I'm an adult and mature and everything, I realize they aren't worth the diabetic coma.   

So today I discovered The SweetTart. 

TDF.  Grape Spark and Mango Pineapple Rehydrate combined.  This doesn't even make sense but I swear together it is a match made in heaven.

So there you have it.  My two things that I felt like needed some 'splainin.

Stay tuned for another double post Wednesday.  We start off with So What Wednesday and end with What I Ate Wednesday.   See ya in the A.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Sentiments!

My Weekly Mileage- 41.   

Runnerdog- 12.   The truth of the matter is, I've been running with my running crew more  now that we are in full training mode and it's becoming increasingly harder to take #runnerdog.   I still try and take him out for an early morning 3 or 4 miler a few times a week but his mileage is suffering.  Good thing he doesn't have any races or running speaking engagements on the agenda.   

Mama, please let me run with your posse...  #PoorBooBoo

We are gearing up for a huge 24 Day Challenge Group to start the Sunday after Labor Day.  Oink Oink.   Who WON'T be ready???   

Which brings me to my next point...

I've been buying kinda unhealthy things and pretending they are healthy.

Exhibit A 

If you call these sweet potato steak "frites", they will be healthier.... and fancier.  However, these are OreIda, straight outta the bag and dang, they be good.  Especially with sugary ketchup and hot sauce.  But yeah, sweet potato is healthier than white potato but if they are already fried, it's pretty questionable.   So call these "frites" and it's pretty much all good.

Exhibit B

I love me some Bethenney.  And yes, these are "healthier" and less calorie-filled than going to your local Mexican joint for a fat margarita(s) (which we all know is the true way to my heart.)    But #lesbereal.
A regular bottle of Skinnygirl contains 650 calories (if my math is correct) and one of these mini bottles contains around 120.   Not bad,  but not calorie free either, as I had almost convinced myself, when Bethenney first announced that these would make everyone skinny.     Don't get me wrong, I'm not kicking these to the curb.   I guess I'm just aware....  But still drinking them....

Exhibit C

So I was sitting in the lounge of my gym (as usual), talking about how I have a little, dirty, secret,   love affair with Doritos, (if the opportunity presents).    I leave the gym, drive to Kroger, and accidentally(!) stumble upon this version of healthy, fake "Doritos" on sale for 10 for $10.  I had no choice but to take the bait.    Healthy?   Yeah, no, not really.  Lots of crappy (simple) carbs, no real fiber, no real protein.  Healthier than real Doritos?   Yes, probably. But because the fat content is a lot lower than real Doritos, it's so easy to mow these down in about 3 giant handfuls...not that this isn't easy with Doritos either...   I  guess I would almost rather just have the real thing and call it a day.   But if you want a quick fix and don't want the mental guilt and orange fingers of admitting that you ate Doritos, these may be for you.

Oh and we are suddenly severely addicted to

Oh mylanta!  This is a fab edge of your seat/ kid friendly show.    The 6 year old is obsessed and I am too.   It kind of makes me want to enroll in mother/daughter "stunt-ery" and gymnastics classes immeed.

There are summer sales everywhere!    If you aren't shopping, you are basically losing money.   Places that are practically GIVING away merchandise!.......

GAP (40% off sale...I purchased many 'o pairs of shorts, t's, and tanks for the fam for less than a Benny).
LOFT (40% off entire store)
Macy's (various fabulous sales all over creation)
Banana (extra 30- 40% off sale)
Bath and Body Works (2 for $22 candles, duh)
JCrew (I never buy full price but their sales are fab!)
And let's not forget about the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.  Done on August 5th, I believe.

That's all I've got for now.   Later Gaters..


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

As mentioned, I'm linking up with Niki and Jen!     

I obvi have no plans to be a food blogger (as evidenced by my high quality food pics).  However, when I saw these two girls doing their WIAW feature, I couldn't resist.  

So my day started like every other day with

Spark and 3 Catalyst at 5 a.m.   

I ran 6 miles with my running mama's and came home for breaky.    (Side note, I typically never eat before I run, unless I am doing a long run and then I wake up extra early to prepare.   I basically run better and more comfortably without food in 'ma belly.  However, you definitely have to do what works for you.  I've done it all and this is what works for me.) 

Okay, onto breakfast.   Now I realize this looks and sounds disgusting but I swear it's delish and keeps me full forever and a day.  Tons of protein, super filling,  and savory, yet sweet.    Nothing not to love.

Around 12 p.m., I had one of my favorite salads evah.   Here we have Chicken Shawarma.  From the best Lebanese restaurant this side of Lebanon.   Lavash, for those of you in the 614.  I could eat this every day for the rest of my days. 

Around 2 p.m., I had a dose of this...
Fruit Punch Spark and 2 Thermoplus.

I also had a protein bar from Kroger's Simple Truth line.    I have been loving these bars lately.  They are very reasonably priced and the nutritional stats on the protein bars (not a fan of the nutrition bars) are pretty decent.

I also had a couple bites from my PB jar when I got home.   Nothing unusual here.

I had a meeting after work and had 1.5 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc (unpictured, but it happened).

And then I came home and had this.  Again, ugly but delish.

Sautéed chicken, TJ's organic marinara, sautéed spinach, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper,  and topped with lots 'o grated parmesan.  Easy and delish.

Stay tuned for Thursday Thoughts!

So What Wednesday!?

Per Usual, linking up with Shannon.  

  But stay tuned, because there will be yet another post tonight.   I'll be linking up with my favorite-est homegirls Niki and Jen for a new little ditty called What I Ate Wednesday.   So basically, you get to read all about what I eat in a day.  I love stalking other people's eats (and to do lists) and hopefully you do too.     This is likely gonna be a weekly feature so get ready.

But first and foremost, here we go yo!

  • So What if I lost my cool at the 3 year old and yelled "someone is gonna steal you!!!" like one of those people that make me cringe for yelling at their kids in public??    In my defense, she escaped me and proceeded to do a 100 meter dash through Macy's and into the wide open mall.  Pretty sure I got some #motheroftheyear looks.

  • So What if I've kinda got the blues that next week is August?    I feel like I still have a million things I wanna do this summer.    Time to get serious up in here.

  • So What if I still can't understand how some of you still aren't on the Insta?   There is no vaguebooking or oversharing of problems.    It's the new Facebook but 100 x better.  And it's happier.   For you people that aren't on there, how do you live like this?

  • So What if I'm already kind of tired of hearing about the Royal Baby?  Is that bad?

  • So What if Target is doing their 90% off summer clearance and I can't force myself there to fight for sunscreen and swim goggles?  #whoami?

  • So What if I constantly give medical advice to my friends?  They all seem to think I'm legit.

  • So What if I'm becoming more obnoxious with hashtags by the day?  #inevitable #ridic

S'all for now.   Laters Baby.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Advorunner's personal tips for a SUCCESSFUL 10 Day Cleanse

I've done a cleanse or 10 and coached 100's of people through them.  We have a lot of people in our Facebook group either cleansing or getting ready to start one so I figured that now is a splendid time to share my own tips and what works for me.

For the newbies, here is a brief synopsis from a blog post that I did a few months ago.  This kind of outlines the cleanse in general. 

The 10 Day Cleanse

If you are doing the whole 24 Day Challenge, this is obviously the first 10 days.      This phase is all about cleansing your body of toxins, restoring the good bacteria in your gut, and preparing your body for optimal nutrition.   You will be eating clean, minimally processed foods.    You'll be given detailed instructions, a grocery list of approved foods, and lots of support and guidance.   You will avoid coffee, dairy, and alcohol during the 10 days.    As mentioned in the past, the Spark drink does contain a bit of caffeine so there are no headaches if you are concerned about giving up coffee.    This cleanse is very gentle, yet effective so you should experience NO bathroom emergencies.   

Average weight loss during this phase is 5-12 pounds.  Your belly will be flatter, your eyes will have more sparkle, and I guarantee more energy. 

So here we go.  My tips and what works. 

1.  PREPARE.  Seriously, take the weekend before you start and make your grocery list.   Go to the grocery and stock up.  You want lean proteins, tons of veggies, fruits, eggs, almonds, hummus, beans, nut butters, and the like.    Wash and chop the veggies,  bake a giant batch of chicken breast (ready for lunches and salads), boil at least a dozen eggs.   The point is to have everything ready and prepped in order to avoid a situation in which you are withering away from hunger and you want to dive face first into your kids goldfish crackers.    I can't stress the importance of preparation enough. 

2.   COMMIT.   You've made the decision to do this for one reason or another.   Either you want to lose weight, you're tired, you feel toxic, sluggish, or just came off of a gluttony filled vacation.   You've made the financial investment to cleanse, so buck up and commit to it.    Tell people you are cleansing.  That tends to hold me accountable.   If your whole workplace knows your cleansing, and you are eating a big burrito for lunch, you're probably gonna look like a flake.   Even if you have a good excuse prepared on why you are going off the plan.   Just saying.  Commit and hold yourself accountable.

3. MEASURE YOURSELF.   Do this before you start and of course after you finish.   This is important.  It's so easy to get caught up in the number on the scale.  However, if you are taking Catalyst with your cleanse and really staying on track, you'll be amazed at the inches lost.  I would take inches lost over pounds lost any day of the week.    Seriously.  Don't forget this step.   

4.  WATER.    Have water with you 24/7.   The goal here is to help your body flush out  toxins as well as keep you feeling full.  I've said it before, but it's a fact that we often mistake thirst for hunger.   Chances are, if you have eaten within a reasonable window and are feeling snacky or hungry, guzzle a bottle of water and I guarantee you weren't as hungry as you thought.    I aim for 100 ounces during the cleanse.

5. STAY BUSY.     The busier I am during a cleanse, the better I seem to do.    Tackle projects, stay plugged in to your Advo support person or group, exercise!    You will have no choice but to plan your meals and snacks more thoughtfully when you are on the go.   

6 . REMOVE TEMPATION.   I really try to get rid of the good cheese, the wine, the easily accessible empty carb snacks, etc. when we are cleansing.   Make it really hard for yourself to go off the plan.    Nothing is forever, and 10 days will fly by.  Once you are done with the cleanse, you can have that food you were craving.  In moderation, of course.     It works.

7.  DON'T GO CRAZY.  Post cleanse, that is.   Yes, you can loosen up a bit and the bottom line is, we all have to live.   Plan your splurges, but don't plan one for every day.    The bottom line is, if you totally go back to your old habits, you're going to end up right back where you started.   This is an amazing kick start to weight loss and a healthier life.   However, it's not a miracle cure for a lifetime of skinniness without putting in some work.    Don't waste the work that you already put in.  Continue to eat clean 80-90 % of the time.   It's really all about balance.  Talk to your Advo person if you want to continue to lose or want to stay on product but are not sure which way to go.   We get questions about this all the time and are happy to help.

I love the 10 day cleanse and do it religiously 4 times a year.   Primarily for overall wellness.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to message me or post in my private FB group.   

Happy Cleansing!  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Things You Need. July Edition

I love these posts and love sharing my favorite recent obsessions with all of you.  

1.   First and foremost,  you need to run to the Gap as fast as possible.

You need these running shorts.   And you need them in every color.   These are the GapFit gStride Sprint shorts.

It's no secret that I discriminate against running shorts and usually only run in Lulu.   However, one of my running mama's mentioned these the other day and I had to see for myself.   Oh. Em. Gee.  They are so lightweight that you pretty much forget you're wearing clothes.  In this heat, that's what we are going for.    They are also super flattering and create no muffin top (something I hate about Nike Tempo's and other various non-Lulu shorts out there).     Oh and they are $29.95 full price and on sale constantly.  I have 3 pair and have never paid more than $20 per pair.     I should mention that they run big so definitely size down.   But yeah,  get there.  Stat.

2.  Another thing I'm obsessed with is this Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer.   

I picked this up on a total whim at Target the other day as a result of being out of my beloved Urban Decay.  I had no time to run to Sephora so figured I would give this a try.   What a steal.   Rimmel = $5.99.  Urban Decay = $22.00    Looks like I'm winning.      I turn into a real grease monkey by afternoon and absolutely have to have a waterproof liner or  I take on a Britney (the Cheeto's era) look.
This stuff definitely did the trick and saved me a few beans in the meantime.    Can't believe it but Rimmel> Urban Decay.

3.   Now this is nothing new but I feel like every time I mention PB2, people are curious.  So here's the deal.   

This is basically a powder made of peanuts.   The oil and fat are pressed out of regular old peanuts to get this delicious powdery goodness.   It is absolutely amazing in smoothies.  Period.   The bottom line is,  I crave the delicious taste and texture of peanut butter in my smoothies on the reg.  However, to get the desired flavor, I seriously need to load that baby up with 1,000 calories of real peanut butter.   With approx. 3 tablespoons of this (which is roughly 100 calories), I get a very similar effect.   I put it in my Muscle Gain shake constantly.  It's seriously delish.  You can get it at Whole Paycheck or Amazon, if you don't want to drive 5 miles to WP like me.

Holy crap, I love this stuff.  I'm all about  spf but hate the pasty look from lotion/cream and am not a huge fan of the aerosol sprays.   Mainly because I feel like they are basically shooting carcinogens out there for everyone to breath.      I still use the lotions/ creams on my kids but LOVE this stuff for myself.   It also gives a super fabulous glow and just makes you look healthy and almost a little tan, if you will.  All the while you are spf protected.   Again, everybody wins.

We all know I'm obsessed with baths.  I take one every single night and these are an awesome special treat.    We were lucky enough to have a LUSH store finally open at our local mall and I couldn't be more thrilled.   Everything in the store is beautiful eye candy but the bombs and melts have always been a true favorite.  

And lastly, this is not something that I possess but fear that I may in the near future.  Someone stop me.

Here I am, minding my own beeswax, when on comes this infomercial for the air curler!  Obviously I was sucked in less than 8 seconds. 

How ridiculous is this??  Yes, I somehow feel the need to try it.   They claim beautiful, perfect curls with no damage.  Oh and in just minutes!  Go fig.   I wish it would hurry up and make it to the CVS $9.99 "as seen on TV" area because that's the only was I can justify making it mine.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Everything you've ever wanted to know and more...

I've been a huge slacker blogger, this I know. I even missed SWW, which never happens.  However, I got tagged by the 
 fabulous duo at 2chixrun26  in this old school style alphabet game and really couldn't resist.    But before we get started, can we please talk about the tag line of their blog???

If you hate doing cardio, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but I still run for fun.  

Seriously.  Love this.

A. Attached or Single?    Married.   12 years.  

B. Best Friend  I really can't pick one.  That would be like picking a favorite child.   I honestly think I have the best girlfriends who "get" me like no other.  They think I'm funny, when I'm  really probably not. They give me advice that I ask for when they know I'm gonna do what I wanna do anyway.   They help with my kids in a pinch.  They are always ready for an impromptu dance party.   They run millions of miles with me.   They're pretty fabulous.  

C. Cake or Pie?   Cake.  White on white.  Pie- Pecan.  Love. 

D. Day of the Week?  Love long run Saturday.   Love the run, the feeling of being depleted and accomplished, and still having the whole weekend ahead of you.  

E. Essential Item?   Just one?   Lip gloss, iPhone, and my beloved Hobo clutch.  It holds everything.  

F. Favorite Color?   Blue

G. Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?   Bears.  

H. Hometown?  Lancaster, Ohio.  

I. Favorite Indulgence?  Queso dip, margaritas, red wine, and if I'm being really honest..Cheetos.    Be still, my heart.

J. January or July?  July.  Even though my birthday is in the month of January, I hate it with a pash. 
K. Kids?  2 girls.    Also known as the 6 year old and the 3 year old. 

L. Life Isn’t Complete Without?  Running, peanut butter, and my sweet little fam. 
M. Marriage Date?   June 16th.  Also my grandparents anniversary.  

N. Number of Brothers/Sisters?  One younger brother.  

O. Oranges or Apples? Apples. Honey crisp.  I die.  Wish they didn't cost $9 for two.

P. Phobias?  None really.  However, I despise sticky hands, germy hands, being physically uncomfortable, and tight waisted pants.   Obviously not phobias but clearly worth mentioning. 

Q. Favorite Quote?  Love the life you live, live the life you love.     It's true folks.  We are responsible for our own happiness. 

R. Reasons to Smile?   Geez.     Aside from the obvious (family, the kiddos, and friends), I'd say candles, peanut butter, the perfect weather, new running shoes, an organized bathroom, my goofy #runnerdog, helping people get healthy and fit, a good book, trash TV, fresh flowers, a stocked fridge, sparkling countertops,  the list goes on.

S. Season of Choice?   Summer.   It's a sip of wine it's a summertime.  Kenny said it best.   There is nothing better than summer.  Yes, I love fall but summer is where it's at.  The world is a happier place. The End. 

T. Tag 3 People JenNikki, and Shannon 

U. Unknown Fact About Me  I will make a great elderly person.  I love going to bed early and getting up when it's dark.     We all know I already get up when it's dark but my current life doesn't afford me to go to bed  early.  Really I don't sleep much but I will someday and it's gonna be grand.

V. Favorite Vegetable   Sweet potatoes.   Oh and avocado.  And spinach.  Truth be told, I love every veggie.   Except Beets.  Barf.

W. Worst Habit?  Overcommitting.   It's true.  I take on way more than I should.   Oh and snapping at the husband when I get stressed as a result of overcommitting.  Oh and avoiding things that I don't want to deal with, such as annoying tasks that will take all of 5 minutes.  Terrible habit.  Someone fix me. 

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound.

Y. Your Favorite Food?   See above.  Obviously peanut butter.  However, I love shawarma, Mexican,   a good ribeye and blue cheese, BW3's wings, and a good cheesecake. 

There it is... 3 minutes you'll never get back.   The End. :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

We have a winner and and excellent BEGINNER training program if you are on the fence!

Yippee!  Lori G!   A free entry to the Columbus full or half marathon!!     I will message you for deets! But giddy up and congrats!

As promised, I'm posting one of my favorite marathon training program's for you beginners.   This was developed by none other than the legend that is Hal Higdon.  

This is an 18 week program.    However, if you have a decent running base already, you could easily jump in and be prepared for a finish at the Columbus Marathon, or any other late October or November marathon.

I always say that you need to be able to go out and at least run/walk 6 miles on a regular basis before attempting to train for a marathon.    You definitely need a base.  

If you can't do that, start smaller.  Aim for a half marathon.   The training is much less rigorous and you can be ready for a half with much less time commitment and less of a running base.

The point is, ANYONE can do this with proper training, gear, and fuel.     Us runners aren't necessarily gifted, freaks of nature.  We just put in the time to train and work towards the goal at hand.  My point is, don't think that you could never do a half or full marathon because YOU CAN.  

So let's do this!

Marathon Training Schedule: Novice 1
1Rest3 m run3 m run3 m runRest6Cross
2Rest3 m run3 m run3 m runRest7Cross
3Rest3 m run4 m run3 m runRest5Cross
4Rest3 m run4 m run3 m runRest9Cross
5Rest3 m run5 m run3 m runRest10Cross
6Rest3 m run5 m run3 m runRest7Cross
7Rest3 m run6 m run3 m runRest12Cross
8Rest3 m run6 m run3 m runRestRestHalf Marathon
9Rest3 m run7 m run4 m runRest10Cross
10Rest3 m run7 m run4 m runRest15Cross
11Rest4 m run8 m run4 m runRest16Cross
12Rest4 m run8 m run5 m runRest12Cross
13Rest4 m run9 m run5 m runRest18Cross
14Rest5 m run9 m run5 m runRest14Cross
15Rest5 m run10 m run5 m runRest20Cross
16Rest5 m run8 m run4 m runRest12Cross
17Rest4 m run6 m run3 m runRest8Cross
18Rest3 m run4 m run2 m runRestRestMarathon

As you can see, you are running anywhere from 4-5 days per week.   The weekend always contains a long run.

An awesome point from Hal, that we practice religiously in my running group.  This is important!...

Run your long runs SLOW.   It's so tempting to go out and give it all you've got during your long run.  Do not do this.

Hal, and many other experts say to do your long run about 60 seconds slower than your goal marathon pace.   If you are a newbie, I realize that you don't really even know what your goal pace is.  No worries.   You should feel comfortable and able to converse with running partners, etc.  If you can not talk, you are going to fast.   For a beginner, the goal is simply finishing these distances.   It doesn't matter how fast you go, the key is to cover the prescribed distance.

You also see cross training on this schedule.   This can be anything from swimming laps, using the elliptical, or weight lifting.   I usually reserve yoga for rest days.  When it says rest or cross, do not run. For us addicts, I realize this is hard.  However, you are risking injury or burn out.  Don't do it.

Again, anyone can do this.   Set your goal, commit, and go for it!!!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on fueling for beginner runners!