Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let's Talk About Important Things

1.   Holy Crap, who watched Big Brother on Wednesday?

This is my favorite summer show EVER.  I look forward to it all year and I'm pretty sure it's partially responsible for getting me through those deep, dark winter months.  You know, knowing that Big Brother is coming and all.   It just makes things better.     If you are my real life friend and love me at all, you'll watch this.  And you'll get addicted.  Mainly so we can talk about this nonsense in person. And with serious passion.     

So this season gonna be straight up craycray.    We've got Rachel Reilly's sister, Elissa, as a cast member.  This is sure to create ALL kindsa problems.   Quite frankly, it's gonna be great.

And then we've got GinaMarie from Staten Island.   Where do I even begin?   Hmmm...  let's start with her swan diving into a very uncomfortable Howard's arms 3 minutes into the season premiere.  I was dying.  Dying.  And if she gets evicted too early I'm gonna be all kinds of fired up.  Primarily because she is good TV.  CBS and Julie Chen both know it so they'll finagle a way to get her back, even if this does happen.  Trust.  I'm practically a BB expert here.

2.  Is anyone else obsessed with the bizarre culture that is Scientology?   This is obviously all  TomKat's fault.  (circa what?  2006?..I don't even know anymore #whoami?)

Anyway, you guys need this book asap.  In a nutshell, it's all about this poor girls upbringing in and escape from Scientology.   A page turner is an understatement.

3.   I'm sad for Paul Deen and think this whole thing has kind of spiraled outta control.   Again, don't hate me, I love you.   But I have a soft spot for her.   Plus, she looks remarkably like my mother in law and I actually adore my mother in law, so there's that.

4.  So I've kind of been obsessed with Britney Spears' love life the majority of my adult life.   I know.  
I will openly admit I was super sad to hear about the breakup between she and Jason Trawick.   I thought for sure this was it.   They seemed so happy! (!?!?!)  
But then she has this new cat... David Lucato is his name?

And now look.  She's looking all skinny and happy and giddy.  So now maybe this is it?  I just can't read her anymore.   But I really want her to find happiness and quite honestly...deep down, I keep somehow hoping it's gonna be with Justin.  

5.  Real Housewives of OC just celebrated their 100th episode.  Someone make me normal.  I can honestly say I've been watching this nonsense from episode one.   

The cast has changed a ton over the years but somehow I love this one the most.     What's not to love?     It's a hot mess and I've talked about it before so won't go into detail.  But yeah, 100 episodes and 8 seasons and I don't think I've missed a one.  And if I'm being honest, I don't think the husband has either.  He loves this nonsense as much as I do but pretends he's doing something of importance on the Ipad.  Somehow, he knows what's going on and always makes appropriate comments, almost on que.  So yeah, I love him for that.

So there you have it.  My important thoughts for the week.  Stay tuned because I just might make this a weekly feature.  As you can see...I've got a lot on my mind.  

Lean in 13.. Refuel Day

As you all know, I started the Lean in 13 program on Monday.  So how's it going???

I don't hate it.  So that's good.  

However, there are things about it that aren't easy.   For example, unless it's a "Refuel" day, you can't have fruit.   At all.  I think that's the one thing that's really chapping my arse.

Yesterday was a refuel day and it went something like this:

Upon Waking

-Spark and Catalyst (per usual)

-I then went running.   It was a "light cardio" day and I figure I'm so used to running that it kind of "is" light cardio.  I took it easy and all was good.

- Thermoplus and the "before breakfast" MNS pack,  following the run.


Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake with 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter.   (come to mama)  I blended this with a ton of ice and water.   Seriously good.   I also took the remainder of my "with food" MNS packs.

Morning Snack

Here's where I screwed up...

We had a meeting at work and they had a ton of fruit and yogurt and muffins (don't worry).

The plan calls for raw nuts and a piece of fruit for morning snack during Refuel.  

I forgot my raw nuts at home (#fail number one).  I ended up with a fairly big serving of strawberries and pineapple.  Along with about a 1/2-3/4  cup of greek yogurt for protein.  (#fail number two)

I ate it, read my cheat sheet and realized that pineapples are a huge no no (I think deep down I knew this but blocked it out until I finished eating the sweet, delicious  pineapple). Oh and guess what?...dairy is also illegal and greek yogurt is most certainly dairy.  But I needed protein and forgot those dumb almonds at home.   And I guess feeling rebellious.  

Whatevs.  I put it all behind me and moved on.


I took my last MNS pack on the way to lunch.   I ended up at one of my favorite lunch spots, Cafe Davinci, if you're curious.    I got my favorite lunch salad ever.   We call her Tina.  

Here is the description.

Mixture of romaine, iceberg and field greens tossed in Tina’s favorite blend of spices, olive oil and vinegar, topped with bits of fresh bacon, walnuts, cranraisins, dry blue cheese and salmon.    

So yeah, the cranraisins were highly illegal as well as the blue cheese.     In my defense, I had no starch, which is recommended for refuel lunch and dinner.      Are cranraisins a starch?  No.. the answer is no. But are they hella good on this salad?  I think we all know the answer to this.    

Afternoon Snack

Muscle Gain and an apple.    No problems to see here.  

I also took my 3 Catalyst and another Spark around 3 p.m.


Tilapia, mixed veggies, and a piece of Ezekial topped with natty PB.  Not perfect, but not terrible.

My thoughts

While I'm feeling okay, I kind of feel a little more restricted than I do on the 24 Day Challenge or Cleanse.    Again, the no fruit except for refuel days is throwing me for a loop.    I understand the premise and science behind it, but fruit is just such an easy solution on the go.  I find myself having to think and prepare much more on this plan.    I also feel like I'm eating less food which #menolikey.  

I'm going to stick with it because I'm not a quitter.  However, I'm for sure looking forward to Day 14.  Oh and we are going to a concert with friends on Saturday, which happens to be a Refuel day.    My plan is to take my beloved Carb Ease and go with the flow.    80-90% compliance is the goal and until my little mishaps yesterday, I've been compliant. 

So there.  I don't love this plan so far but I don't hate it either.   My plan all along is to give an honest review and post real before and after pics.    And that's what you're getting folks.    Stay tuned for another Lean in 13 update  in a couple of days.

And for those of you  on my FB board who are doing the 24 Day Challenge, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jelly.   (Said no one ever).   But it's true.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

Linking up with Shannon again for a little SWW!

As always, here we go, yo!

  • So What if I am convinced that everyone in Columbus has found out about the fabulousness that is Suave Dry Shampoo?   I went to my regular Target.  Nothing but the keratin version, which is no good in my book.   Then moseyed down to CVS.   Same deal.  What in the french toast is going on?  I fear there is a real shortage in the works or even worse...that it could be (gasp!) discontinued.

  • So What if I'm thinking this heat needs to simmer down just a bit?   Remember when I posted this?

  • Speaking of someecards, so what if I'm addicted?    This hits a little too close to home.

  • So What if I'm pretty sure my hydrangeas are gonna be the death of me?   I can't stop plucking, feeding, watering...    Please come back and be beautiful, my hydrangeas.  I love you.

  • So What if I now have three different weather apps on my phone?    This can't be normal but I love checking that dang radar.  To the point where I sometimes question the weatherman's source of information.   Sometimes what he says just doesn't match my doppler radar and I don't like that.   So um, sorry.  I'm going with my own sources.  

  • So What if I'm cut off from LOFT?     I was there 3 times last week (if I'm being 75% do that math) and I'm "this close" to spamming their emails.  They keep seducing me with these special sales and they are practically giving away merchandise.  You know, the kind of merchandise that makes everyone skinny?

  • So What if I'm panicking about professional kid pictures?   Somehow we haven't done professional pics in a little over a year and I feel like time is slipping away and well, I'm just kinda stressing.  

  • So What if I went to hot yoga the other day and the instructor put a cold lavender infused towel on our foreheads during shavasana and it may have been better than winning the lottery?    Like it abnormally made my day.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HIIT Training

Do you guys know about HIIT workouts?   HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. 

Well, as you know, I was planning a session for yesterday and I loved it so much that I had to have more today.

What IS HIIT Training???

HIIT is basically an exercise strategy alternating short, very intense periods of anaerobic exercise with longer periods of less intense recovery.

It's designed to increase fat burning and increase aerobic capacity.  

Sweet Francis, I hadn't done one of these workouts in quite awhile and it was almost like childbirth.   You forget the pain until it's too late.   I was deeerenched in sweat after 30 minutes, which we all know I love.

The good news is, if you hate running, you can still get in on this.    These workouts can be done on the elliptical, the spin bike, or even with various equipment in your home or gym.

Check it out, yo...

The workout below is a basic outline of what I have been doing the past couple of days.

I typically run for 1 to 2 minutes and then all out sprint for either 30 or 45 seconds.   I had a couple 1 minute sprints in there for good measure.

The bottom line is, these workouts pack a MAJOR calorie burn.  Your body is constantly in a state of shock as its either full throttle/ guns blazing, OR it's attempting to recover.   Just when you think you've recovered, it's go time again.   And yes, the intervals are torturous but really, they are so short and you see the light at the end of the tunnel after just a few seconds.   

Another perk, these are amazing for marathon training.  It's basically speedwork in disguise.

 There are a MILLION workouts on Pinterest that you can pull up on your phone while you are on the tread or elliptical.  Crank your music and GO.   They are short and majorly effective.  

For you 24 Day Challengers and Lean in 13'ers, this is an awesome addition to your program!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for SWW!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lean in 13...Here we go, yo!

If you missed my original Lean in 13 post, you can read about it here.   This plan is all based on fat burning and carb cycling. 

Day 1.

Let's get down to bid-nass.

Today is considered a BURN, which means we go easy on the carbs.     It will go a little something like this.

Before breakfast, we have our Spark and Catalyst, per usual.   We also have our first MNS pack as well  as 1-3 Thermoplus, which I love.

Breakfast is the Meal Replacement Shake, mixed only with water.   As you know, I often mix Muscle Gain with unsweetened almond milk.  I have also been known to do this with the Meal Replacement Shake as well.   This is a no-non on L13 as it messes up the ratios of the Meal Replacement Shake for ultimate fat burning and stable blood sugars.   We also take our "with food" MNS pack here.

Mid Morning Snack consists of 1/4 cup of raw or dry roasted nuts.  I'm planning to do almonds.

30 minutes before lunch, we take our last MNS pack.  You can also have more Catalyst and Thermoplus here.  

Lunch for me today will be a grilled chicken breast (grilled last night) on top of a giant veggie salad (no dairy), topped with balsamic vinegar, sea salt, and pepper. 

Afternoon snack  will be a serving Muscle Gain, which I love and already do on the reg.

45 minutes before dinner, we have Leptilean for ultimate appetite and craving control that is designed to carry us through the evening.

Dinner will be Salmon and broccoli.


Eat ALL 5 meals and snacks.
Space meals and snack at least 2.5 hours apart.
Avoid waiting longer than 4 hours without eating.  DO NOT do this.  You'll be starving and you'll make a bad choice.  Trust.
One gallon of water.   I know.   However, it's not as hard as it sounds.    You should never be without water.
Every part of the plan is crucial.   The food, the supplements, AND the workouts.  This is definitely more supplements than I take on a normal day.  However, it's only for 13 days and it is a crucial component in obtaining the fat burning and muscle building that this plan is designed to do.  


The plan calls for resistance training and interval cardio.   I'm planning on doing 30 minutes of HIIT running on the treadmill as well as about 20 minutes of arms and core, which I'm due for anyway.

So there is day 1 in a nutshell.   I'll do another L 13 post on Thursday when we have our first Refuel day.   

As always, don't hesitate to ask questions on the FB page!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up

Holy Cow, have I really not blogged since Wednesday?  Totally unacceptable.   

Lot's of shenans happening in these parts.   

Thursday night, we had the honor of not only meeting,  but having dinner with Dr. Mark Miller.  If you are familiar with Advo, you know he is the VP of Research and Development with Advocare.  So he's a pretty big freaking deal.    Oh and he's hilarious and brilliant.    And has the best Australian accent you've ever heard.  

I had the opportunity to share some information about my favorite running products on the big stage.  Obvi I talked about my Runner's Cocktail of Arginine Extreme, 02 Gold, and Spark.    I also loved that a handful of ladies,  who I had never met and somehow knew about this here bloggy, approached me after the event.  They reported that they've tried the cocktail and are in love.    Love hearing stuff like this and love helping people improve their health and sports performance capabilities.   Be still, my heart.

I also somehow scored a partial KFW (kid free weekend, for the newbies).   While the peace and quiet is nothing short of fantabulous, it's amazing how much you miss those monkeys after a few hours.     Don't get me wrong, I took full advantage of my situation in a hot second.   And it started a little something like this....

I slurped down a handful of $3 Venti Green Tea's from Starbucks.   It just felt right.  

 I also hung with the girls at the pool and read US Weekly, without the fear of 3 year old swan diving into the deep end without her lifejacket.   Again, #dontbejelly.

And then, these fabulous ladies came over for the night.  And they are a hilarious, soul warming, fabulous posse of mama friends. 

And today, said besties came to my boxing class.    They killed these bags.    And burned a zillion calories.  
And worked off all of the deep dish pizza and wine that we had the night before.

The fam got home from the in laws shortly thereafter.  Look at this sweetness from the 6 year old.  She made me an entire book of this caliber.  "My mom is Speshol."   I die.

Totally off topic, but now that I'm a swim mom, I obviously need the proper supportive attire.  My good friend Betsy,  of 2 Horse Apparel (who has made me some fabulous Advocare shirts, amonst other things), made me this little tank on a dime. 

And another for a friend.  So cute!   My point is, she works fast, she's super reasonable ($15 for these tanks!), and her stuff is adorable.        She is able to personal things with websites, etc,  and I kinda love her so check her out on the FB.  

What else????

I have also spent a lot  of time this weekend emailing, on the phone, and on my FB support group helping those of you who have recently started or are preparing for 24 Day Challenges.    The bottom line is this doesn't feel like work in the least and while it's time consuming, it's majorly rewarding.   So don't cry for me, Argentina.  

About my Lean in 13....I was supposed to start today but the honest to goodness truth is, I didn't feel prepared and decided to put day 1 off until tomorrow.    One of my favorite motto's is "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" and I felt about 50% prepared going into today. I knew that wasn't a good recipe for success.  Major fail but I made the right decision and  I took today to get my goods organized, get my groceries organized, get some meals planned and now it's go time.

Obviously I'll be posting some updates along the way so stay tuned!  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

Linking up with Shannon for a little SWW.  

Here we go, yo!

  • So What if I secretly want to take up competitive adult swimming now that 6 year old is on swim team?  Ridiculous and impulsive, yes.  But also par for the course.

  • So What if I had to stop and calculate how long the baby daddy and I had been married prior to our anniversary last weekend?   2013... minus 2001.   12.  The answer is 12.

  • So What if I started getting Shellac on my nails and now there is no way out?   What is underneath said Shellac is now nothing but a pitiful, brittle nail.  Seriously, how do I escape this vicious cycle?  SOS

  • So What if I'm slightly obsessed with my new to me, second hand (I might add) Zero Gravity chairs?  This type of exquisite comfort is really how seating should be.   I was honestly this close to temporarily bringing one into the living room to watch RHOC.   How's that for ghettofabulous?

  • So What if I've relapsed again and am back on the Pirate's Booty?   As soon as this bag is gone, it's over.   I simply can not be trusted with it.  Sorry kids.

  • So What if I crack up when people post pictures of their feet on the Insta and FB?   I'm still sorry to my dear friend  for baiting her to post a picture of her new pedicure on Insta so I could laugh.  LYLAS, A Dubs.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's Get Lean in 13!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I'm gearing up for my first ever Advocare Lean in 13 challenge.      We start this coming Sunday!


It is a 13 day program specifically designed for those who may not have a lot of weight to lose but are looking to really lean out, build muscle, and lose those last couple of stubborn pounds.    The supplements are the foundation of the program and will help with fat burning, craving control, and increased energy.    


For those of you who are already on product, you may already have some of this in your loot.     I'll be doing the FULL Lean in 13 plan with MNS 3, Thermoplus, Meal Replacement Shakes, Leptliean, Catalyst, and my beloved Muscle Gain.

A basic guideline


You will definitely eat on this plan.   The eating plan was developed by an elite personal trainer and registered dietician.  It's all based on the "zig zag" method of carb cycling.   It is based on the concept of "burn" days and "refuel"days.   Basically, your body needs MORE calories on certain days to avoid plateau and for ultimate fat burning.    I've read a bit about this in the past and have always been super curious but really didn't know where or how to start.   

A general guideline of how burn/refuel days as well as an approved food list.  


You WILL exercise.  Everyday.   This is a crucial part of the plan.

A loose guideline.   I'll be doing the advanced plan but there is an awesome guideline for beginners and intermediates as well!


    If you haven't done a challenge or cleanse with us in the past,  I have a private Facebook group for questions, shared ideas, recipes, challenges, etc.   It's a very supportive environment and the best part is, we are all in the same boat.   

You still have time!  We are starting on Sunday!   If you have specific questions, feel free to message me at

Who doesn't want to be lean by July 4th!?!?   Join in!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up

Somehow this has become my favorite post of the week.   Probably because I kind of view it as a little diary and a written recap of some of my normal shenans.    I love to look back at these posts.  

First things first..  Marathon training is back in swing.   

Weekly mileage- 28

So the hubs and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this weekend.   I do kinda like that little hubs of mine. We went to dinner and drinks on Friday night and somehow didn't take one single pic.   Ridic.  But I swear it happened.  

Saturday was filled with a training run, the pool, some new hydrangeas, oh and I finally shot that Vlog.  Hollah!   #Wildsaturdaynight

   We have many 'o bloopers.  Expect the full, real video within a couple days.  

  Crap.  It ain't easy!

I also bought every Summer Boardwalk Wallflower I could find.    #organizedhoarding

If you are planning on one more online haul (who, me?!) use code BBWSALE20 for 20 percent off  anything over $25.  Ends tomorrow! 

Oh and did you guys know that LOFT had their Perfect Summer Tank sale this weekend? 

  Six Dollah, ya'll!   So basically each (pretty darn good quality) tank cost less than a Chipotle burrito.   I kinda forgot about this sale and then I caught wind of it while at the gym on Saturday (hi Tiff!).   Obviously, I drove at dangerously high speeds straight to LOFT to make sure I got in.  I  got 7 fabulously colored tanks for less than two twenty spots.   Can't beat that. 

Oh and I made these, which were pretty dang fab, for creating on the fly.

Today was Father's Day and it was a great day indeed.     We made the the baby daddy a special breakfast,  shopped, ate some fro yo, and somehow ended up spending a ton of time outside.  PS-  If you have young monkeys and want an easy bedtime- go to the pool from 5:30-8 p.m.     Feed them dinner, wear them out, they literally will.not.  have a chance at bedtime.  Promise.  The key is to wash them down and pajama them up at the pool before you even leave to go home.   Their little heads will be asleep before they hit the pillow.  And you and the hubs will rejoice in dance.


Happy FD and Anniversary to the best baby daddy their ever was.

Another Muscle Gain Recipe... Gluten Free Oatmeal Muffins

Again, a super easy recipe.


2.5 cups of Trader Joe's Gluten Free Oats
3 Tbsp Chia Seeds (I always buy TJ's)
6-7 heaping scoops of chocolate Muscle Gain
2 whole eggs
3/4 c unsweetened chocolate almond milk
5 tbsp of creamy, natural peanut butter
3 packets of stevia
a pinch of sea salt
a pinch of cinnamon

I love to make these in the Babycakes mini cupcake maker.   SO EASY!

Lightly spray with cooking spray, place a heaping spoonful of this concoction into each section, close the lid for 5-6 minutes and DONE!

They'll look like this straight from the cupcake maker.  

And they'll look like this the next morning when you warm them for 30 seconds and top with nati peanut butter.   Clearly, there's a pattern here.

  This makes a really decent sized batch.  I filled the cupcake maker almost 3 times.    You can obviously make these in a regular muffin pan.   I just love the easy of the Babycakes.    They freeze well and are also great to pack for work and on the go.  Very close to gluten free, very high protein, and excellent fuel for running and strength training.   

I'll be back later with my Sunday night Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrapup!  Two posts in one day! What the What?!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Daily Products

Lately, I have received a handful of questions pertaining to my daily Advo products.     You read about my pre running drill here.   And you read about my pre strength training drill here.   These are my daily jamz.  Nothing related to running, recovery, weight lifting, or weight loss.

So what do I use daily?


Following my ACV Concoction, I start with Spark and Catalyst.

I wrote about why I love to start my day with this combo here.   This coming July will be 3 years of the morning Spark/ Catalyst routine.   Groundhogs day, anyone?  

For breakfast, 9 times out of 10 lately, I have Muscle Gain in some way, shape, or form.  As you know, my latest is to mix it with unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a packet of stevia, and a ton of ice cubes.   Soooo good and tastes way more decadent than it is.   

The majority of the time, I have some variation of a shake but I do play around with it.  Sometimes I mix Muscle Gain with steel cut oats or mix it with Greek yogurt, a half a banana and a little stevia.    The bottom line is, Muscle Gain sticks to my ribs and I love that.

The thing about Muscle Gain that makes it a little different than the other zillion proteins on the market is that it contains 3 different types of proteins (whey, casein, and milk isolate).  High quality proteins, I might add.     It's designed for timed digestion, so it will stay with you.     It's also surprisingly very easy to digest (considering that it contains 3 types of proteins), which is a result of how it is processed.    

Mid Day

I work part time and the other part of the week I'm in and out of the house a million times so I always try to have my loot packed for the day, regardless if it's a work day or a SAHM day.

I always have Spark, Catalyst, Omegaplex, Thermoplus,  and another serving of Muscle Gain somewhere in my bag or car.   

Including my morning Spark, I generally have 3 Sparks a day.   I no longer drink coffee, so 3 Sparks a day isn't a ridiculous amount of caffeine, promise.    With my Spark, 90 percent of the time, I have another serving of Catalyst.    The  exception is if I'm having a day where I feel extra tired, fat, or bloated....  Then I fire up the Thermoplus with my mid-afternoon Spark.  Thermoplus is another FAVE product.    

I take two Omegaplex with lunch and dinner and always have it in my bag.      Omegaplex contains high quality fish oils and is amazing for hair, skin, mental health, and metabolism.  Honestly, I love it almost as much as ACV for a general overall health and wellness product.

The Muscle Gain I keep in my bag for emergencies.  Many times I come home with it still intact in my shaker.  But sometimes I want to eat my arm off and mix it up to avoid ordering a #7 at McDonalds.    I also use it after my workout at the gym to avoid coming home and eating the house down due to starvation.   One serving tides me over and gives me time to make a sensible lunch versus inhaling my kids lunch.  Know what I mean?


As mentioned, I always take Omegaplex with dinner.   I also almost always have a serving of Rehydrate at some point in the evening.  I know I've mentioned this before, but in my mind, Rehydrate replenishes my system before bed.  I work out  6 times a week and mentally, I feel like it's putting some of the "good" that I've sweated out and depleted back into my system.    

So there you have it.  My daily products.   These products generally stay pretty consistent and I've been on almost all of them since I've started the Advo back in 2010.  If you have specific goals or questions, I'm happy to help!

Stay tuned for my top 10 fave products and WHY I love them.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm Loving

Stalking the weather.   So we are apparently getting a gargantuan Derecho storm tonight and it's the talk of the town.   

Oh and I'm loving this Cat, who has been working tirelessly to keep me in the loop.

Not sure if I have shared my obsession for the weather.   But I've been obsessed forever.  Like I want my own doppler.

I'm Loving 

Watermelon Spark.   I LOVE this for summer.  And I think I love it even more because it was unavailable for so long.   If you like watermelon Jolly Ranchers (who doesn't), you need Watermelon Spark in your life, stat.

I'm Loving

Hello, Lover.  Is it just me or is the world a happier place in the summer?   I'm loving more daylight, flip flops, endless afternoons at the pool, diyabeetus- inducing Lime-a-Ritas, kids running through sprinklers, early morning runs, and the grill being fired up 5 out of 7 nights.   Summer is the shiz.

I'm Loving

Do you guys know about this?    If you wear eyeshadow at all, you need this in your life.   I hate nothing more than seeing that shiny afternoon eyeshadow crease on an eyelid.  You guys know what I mean.   This will prevent that from happening.  Ever.   In fact, when you go to take your makeup off, 12 hours later, upon examination,  you will find that it still will not have creased or moved.   No lie.   If you don't already have it, I can't express the urgency in your need for this product. 

I'm Loving

 I love this hot mess of a show.   When did Gretchen become so lame?  She's just #jelly that she missed out on going out on the town in Puerto Vallarta (omg, did anyone else notice when the bikini sales lady asked where they were going and Gretchen didn't know how to pronounce Puerto Vallarta?  #petty, yes)   I'm kind of thinking Lydia may be more of a little trouble maker than we previously thought.   Everything about Vicki drives me bonkers but I gotta give it up to her for owning her incontinence.    I die.
One more thing... is it just me or is Heather the only sane one in the bunch?

Actually, I'm starting to evaluate my own mental status for repeatedly watching this show.    Seriously.