Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Ridge Marathon Recap and Race Review- Part Two!

If you missed part one of this crazy race, you can read about it here.   So where did I leave off???    Oh yeah, we were trekking back down Star Mountain, right around mile 13.

 After this big descent,  things became a little uneventful for a few miles,  in comparison to the craziness that had just occurred.  It was hilly but for a brief moment, we weren't climbing a mountain or attempting to descend down a mountain.  Considering the overall terrain of the race, a few hills here and there would be classified as uneventful.

Around mile 17 or 18, we started up Peakwood hill,  which was amazing.   Basically a gorgeous, enormous hill, with houses that were pretty much breathtaking.  



Gorge.  And the cool thing is, the people who lived up here were so gracious and pretty much thought we were legit rock stars.  They cheered like no other, they had a bloody mary station set up at the top,  had PB&J sandwiches, cookies, gatorade, even Corona light.   They rocked.

So we are done with Peakwood and see mile 20.   If you are a marathoner, this is when you know that crap gets real.   This is known as "the wall."  Basically you are done.  You want the race to be done.  You have no idea how you can run another step, let alone 6.2 miles worth of steps.   You swear you'll never do this again.   Your knees feel like they may bust out of their sockets at any moment.   It's just the wall.  And you've hit it and you think you're done. 

But Blue Ridge will have none of that.     They won't acknowledge the wall, as seen here in exhibit a.   I personally loved this.  

Right about now, we are trudging along and once again see our favorite random fan club.  These ladies (and gent) somehow appeared out of nowhere about every 4 miles.  They were AWESOME.  They had their own music, cheered like once again, we were rock stars, and wore shirts that said "those who can't run...cheer!"

We couldn't resist a pic with them.  They were hilarious and quite possibly our biggest fans.  They kept yelling "here come the pink girls!"   

We ended up seeing them one last time around mile 25 and they had Europe's The Final Countdown blaring on their music get up.  LOVED it.  

After this, we headed towards the finish.  I must admit, the finish of this race did not contain a ton of fanfare.   It was awesome but not your typical 10 people deep blowing air horns, rocking finish line.    However, this was obviously due to the fact that the full marathon field was small.  

The after party was still great and we hung out for a bit before we headed to the room for a quick shower.

A couple finish line pics.  

Overall an awesome race, which I can't wait to do again next year.

And of course, if you know me, you know that no race is complete without a margarita.  Hand squeezed and all kinds of delciousness.

So there ya have it!  Blue Ridge Marathon recap!   This is a fairly new race (I believe under 5 years old).  I suspect the field will continue to grow once the running community really gets wind of how cool this race really is, how cute, quant and accommodating the city of Roanoke is, and how amazingly breathtaking the views are.   

What's next for me?   I have Cap City Half coming up this weekend and Cleveland Marathon coming up on May 19th.   

Stay tuned this week for my latest pre running product regime, a So What Wednesday, and a couple random shenanigan posts  thrown in.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A clean cookie recipe and my current running playlist

When craving a sweet treat but want to stay on track, this is an excellent substitute. 
Sugar is NOT an added ingredient, which is key.  

3 mashed bananas (ripe)
1/3 cup apple sauce
2 cups of oatmeal
1/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup raisins or cranberries
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp splenda
1/4 cup of chopped walnuts (or nuts of choice)

Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes

I have made several variations of these cookies and have gone so far as to add 1/4 cup of very dark chocolate chips (when not on challenge).   A couple of these definitely hit the spot when you are craving something sweet but are really trying to be "good."  Just be careful with portions.  Just because they are technically clean, doesn't mean eating half of the batch won't sabotage weight loss plans.   They actually freeze really well which is usually what I do in order to avoid having 12 cookies starting at me. 

And now on to my latest running playlist....

Little Bad Girl-David Guetta (Love, love, love this song)
Walk- Foo Fighters
Pour It Up- Rihanna
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)-  Fall Out Boy
Wagon Wheel- Darius Rucker
Feel This Moment- Pitbul and Christina A.
Scream & Shout- and Britney
Just Give Me a Reason- PINK  (obsessed)
All Over You- Live
I Don't Wanna Be in Love- Good Charlotte
Best of You- Foo Fighters
Raise Your Glass- PINK (on every playlist)
Get on the Floor- JLo (and Pitbul)
Everlong- Foo Fighters
Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?- Thompson Square
Work It- Missy Elliot
Don't Stop Believing- Journey
Summer of 69- Bryan Adams
Be the Girl- Aslyn
One of Those Nights-Tim McGraw
Highway Don't Care-Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift
Till I Collapse- Eminem- (on every playlist)
Cool-Gwen Stefani
Everytime- Britney Spears (club mix)
What You Waiting For?- Gwen Stefani
Independence Day-Martina McBride
OMG- Usher and

There ya have it.  And if anyone is looking to get me a present anytime soon, an ITunes gift card would be great, mmmkay?   Cuz ITunes and I are tight and Itunes is clearly making me 'po as I can't seem to control myself from downloading 10 songs a day... Just kidding. (Kind of)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

As always, here we go, yo!

So What if I impulsively registered for the lottery for the ING NYC Marathon?    I didn't mean to.  In fact I told everyone I had no desire.   Then the lottery opened at noon and my fingers couldn't type fast enough.

So What if I'm "this close" to ending my relationship with my beloved Trader Joe's?   Why can't they keep my necessities in stock?  Why have my baked sugar snap peas been out of stock for weeks?   Where is that blueberry green tea they made me fall in love with?   Where is my salted, crunchy almond butter?  Why do I have to ask these questions to man with the sign that says "I can help"? Why does he never have the answer I'm looking for?  Why, Why, Why? 

So What if I get a touch of anxiety when I get that mean text message from Verizon telling me that I've used 5 million percent of my text allowance for the month?   Then I immediately text someone to complain. 

So What if I cockily got on the 6 year olds RipStik, attempting to "show her how it's done"?   Then I moved 2 feet and almost died.   Never again.

So What if I bought 5 jars of Hot N Spicy Peanut Butter today?   This stuff is TDF.

So What if I'm planning on convincing the husband that he wants to celebrate his birthday at the casino?   Mama misses craps.

So What if I get jelly of the people casually sitting in the Raising Cane's drive thru line on the reg?  

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous Wednesday!

**Stay tuned for PART TWO of my Blue Ridge Marathon Recap and Review.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Blue Ridge Marathon Recap and Race Review Part 1!

Let me start by saying that I loved, loved, loved, this crazy race.   It is named the 8th most difficult marathon course in the world.  And difficult it was.    We are talking over 7,200 feet of elevation change and an extra 200 feet this year due to flooding.   It was all kinds of crazy.  Yet all kinds of awesome.   

  However, if you are looking for a fast course or are remotely worried about your time (unless you are elite), this race may not be for you.   I felt that I gave it my all and fought with everything I had to keep moving forward at times, yet still finished over an hour longer than my normal marathon time.  

Lucky for me, I had a wingman who is actually the one responsible for roping me into this in the first place.  My soul sister, bff running buddy, Michelle (Runnermommy) and I were in this together for the long haul.  

Thursday night dinner and drinks.  

Friday morning shake out run.   

 Along the way, we met some amazing Twitter runners, who are certain to be lifelong friends.   (FYI-  If you are a runner and not on Twitter, get on asap.  The support and resources are amazing.) 

Down to the nitty gritty.... The race takes place in Roanoke, Virginia, with the majority of the race in the Blue Ridge Mountains.   First of all, Roanoke is all kinds of adorbs with a ton of charm.    The people of Roanoke were so gracious, accommodating, and polite.    Loved this city.    We stayed at the Roanoke Hotel, which was beautiful, historic, and again,  the peeps were nothing but friendly.  Just a couple of Iphone snaps.  

This is technically a pretty darn small race.    I believe there were around 500 full marathon runners and 1,700 half marathon runners.   Also a relay option and not quite certain of the field on that but not huge.       The expo was tiny but great.  I'm obviously an Advocare Rehydrate girl but they were throwing various gels at us left and right.   I think I left with a million free gels,  an awesome running shoe bag, and of course the tech t's. 

   The best part was personally meeting living running legends Frank Shorter and Bart Yasso.   They were awesome, laid back, real, willing to sign autographs, etc.   This is reportedly the footage that was on the local news but I have yet to GTS.  

After the expo, it was obvi time for a little carb loading.  Clearly one of the best parts of racing.   Nothing like penne pasta with decadent vodka sauce and bread.  Carb overload but isn't that the point?   We went to an off the beaten path Italian restaurant called Luigi's .  #TDF  

Race morning rolled around, as it always does and we were concerned about temps and possible rain.  I typically never wear anything on my head (unless it's freezing and then it's a head wrap) but somehow ended up with a visor due to fear of rain and my desire to avoid wearing sunglasses.

I ended up in shorts, a CRB Lulu tank, a Run Swifty Long sleeve tank and this Run Happy visor that I purchased at the expo.  Best decision ever.    

The temps changed constantly, based on altitude and I ended up taking this Run Swiftly on and off more than I can count!

We started lining up at 7:20 and I don't think I've ever been so close to the start line in a marathon/ half marathon setting.   Kind of liking the small race thing.  They did an great tribute to Boston and I definitely teared up.  Following the national anthem, we were off!

The first mile or so consisted of us running in the city towards the mountains.     By mile two, things started looking a little something like this... This incline is nothing compared to what we faced later but they wasted no time.  Inclines right outta the gate! 

We stayed with the half marathoners until right about mile 3 and split off.   Then things started looking a little something like this...

You turn a corner, hope and pray you may be leveling off and nope.  Another climb.  NDB.

One of the things we loved about this race were the mile markers.   Love the little messages at the bottom. 

Here are Michelle and I after one of our first crazy, enormous climbs.  

We were about mile 7 here and feeling good.   19ish miles to go.  Eek.

We continued to run, pant, climb, and wonder what we had gotten ourselves into when we reached the top of Roanoke Mountain.  

The aid stations, support, and fuel provided were awesome.  Seriously.   That was one of my biggest concerns going into what is technically a desolate marathon.   However, we never really felt alone.  Although we were out there a handful of times with no other runners in sight, there was always an aide station around the corner.   

As we head down Roanoke Mountain, we level out for "maybe" a hot second and begin another climb into Mill Mountain.

Okay, so the funny thing is, we laughed as we looked at Star Mountain from our hotel.  We laughed about what we had gotten ourselves into and said that even though this was a mountain marathon, there was no way they could make us run to the top of this mountain with the Star.  Just no way.     Here is a pic. from our hotel of what we thought was impossible.   

And here is us the next day...

And the view from up there was absolutely breathtaking. 

We stopped for fuel, obviously some photo ops, and geared up for the trek back down.    Not sure which was harder.   Running a steep decline or incline.   I'm convinced that a lot of my post race physical ailments are almost a result of running extreme declines.  Sounds crazy but it's amazing how difficult it was to hold the body up, move forward, and not collapse while gravity is pulling you forward.  

Speaking of declines, a  goofy little vid of us on the way back down.

Again, I somehow loved this crazy race.  Speaking of crazy, there was a small group of runners who started at 1:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m.  They completed this marathon once prior to the official start of the real marathon and then joined us regular marathoners for the real race.   What I'm trying to say is that they ran this TWICE!!!!  What the what!?    We met one of them on the course who ran with us for awhile.  We couldn't get enough of his stories.  

Stay tuned for Part 2!!!  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Sentiments

Hi Friends!

I'm back from the Blue Ridge Marathon and will have a recap of that tomorrow.   For now..some Sunday Sentiments.

Remember how I didn't know that WalMart sells Hard Candy?    Overnight, I've become obsessed with their gloss.   And let's just say that my running bestie, Runnermommy and I found a Wal Mart in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains.    They had every gloss in stock and wasn't pretty.    Go big or go home.  

Apparently I was on the news this weekend but missed the footage.

Must go to grocery store asap.  We suddenly have pretty much zero produce, which never amounts to anything positive.

Over the past few months, I've fallen in love with country music.  How did this happen?  Who am I?  I blame the 6 year old, who has loved it since birth.  Seriously, she would stop crying and listen intently to the Dixie Chicks at 8 months.   It's clearly her fault.  When the radio is on, it's somehow country that she requests.   I've tried to block it out, but it has seeped in.    And I've accepted it. 

There is no place like home.  I love running and love a little running vacay.  However,  I missed my little family, plus #Runnerdog more than life itself.

My head spins when I look at my busy week ahead.   Must look away from planner immed.

See you all back here tomorrow for a BRM recap!  

I've also discovered some fabulous new products so stay turned for a What I'm Loving post later in the week!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

So What Wednesday

Here we go again, yo.

So What if I secretly kind of want to take a break from running and become a legit yogi?   Like the kind that is all peaceful, calm,  in the moment and can gracefully do a headstand for 10 minutes.    Hot yoga is really tickling my fancy these days.

So What if I'm still addicted to Candy Crush?  So are the rest of you.

So What if I'm pretty much dying for chicken Shawarma?   I'm craving that salty, delicious goodness.  Must. Get. Soon.

So What if I almost busted a cap at Greek Express a couple weeks ago when I ordered a Greek salad with chicken shawarma and was informed that they indeed don't have shawarma?? ..... no shawarma of any type in fact.  What the what?    How is this allowed?  See.......if I was a legit yogi, I wouldn't be bothered by this.

So What if I'm in full fledged spring-clothing related tizzy?  Where are all of my spring clothes from last year?    I'm sure I'll hate them if I find them.  But seriously.  Where are they?

So What if I've slept a total of 8 hours in two nights?   I figure I'll sleep when I'm dead.

So What if I'm more concerned than I should be about Lemon Mint Leaf leaving B&BW?   I'm still scarred over the sudden disappearance of Summer Boardwalk last summer.

That's all I've got for now.  See ya from the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some updates... And some randomness, in general.

For starters, I need to tell you guys about the most delectable, decadent snack known to man.   My mother in law created a variation of this and I immediately got to work.  Now this wouldn't necessarily be appropriate for the 10 day cleanse phase due to the sugar content of the dates but I say okay for the Max Phase or when you are not on the challenge and dying for something for sweet but not processed.

If you are obsessed with Larabars like me, you will love this.   Also, if you are obsessed with pecan pie like me (you can take the girl outta the country know the rest), you will also love this.

Here we have medjool dates, blended with chopped pecans.   Boo yah.  (#tdf #tryingnottohaus) I seeded the dates, sprinkled with just a twinge of sea salt, hammered in the chopped pecans, rolled into bite sized balls (that's what she said) and refrigerated.     I realize these don't look appetizing but I assure you that they are awesome.

The two ingredients were purchased at TJ's.    I forgot to take pics. while there were still ingredients in the containers.  I'm sure you get the picture.  

I still can't get over the events that happened in Boston.   If you follow my Facebook page (Columbus Advocare Runner), you know that I'll be dedicating every mile of this weekends' marathon to this tragedy.   For the lives lost, for those that are still injured and for those who have put in countless hours to qualify for this elite race and have their dreams shattered.  All for nothing.    I finally had to turn off the news today.   

On a much lighter note, remember my post about the tulips and pennies?  It works!   I got at least 4 more days out of my tulips.   
These babies were a week old when I took this picture.  That never happens.   Two pennies is the way to go. 

Why is putting a two year old to bed the hardest part of the day?   Seriously, can someone explain this? It goes a little something like this...
Two year old:   "I want my bunny... Why did you give me my bunny?  I don't want my bunny!  My foot is out of the blanket!  (I cover up foot just perfectly so..., we hug, kiss, book, tuck in.)   Wait! I want my monkey!  No, my monkey is scary.  Don't want my monkey.   Wait, where is my baby!?  I can't sleep without my baby.   Where is my book about Stinky Feet??????   (I find stinky feet book)  I no like 'dis book!  (Hug, kiss, book, tuck.) Mommy, are the neighbors sleeping?... I don't think they are.   .....I need to look out the window and see....  (12 year old cruises by on scooter).  See mommy, it's not night time!   (Hug, kiss, book, tuck.) Repeat.  Mommy, I'm not tired!"   All while she profusely rubbing eyes and fighting all signs of her little body relaxing.    

It's a good thing she's cute....   Two year old "glamour shot" school picture.     In all honesty, I wasn't present for the pic. and have no idea why it looks like she has lipstick on.  (although, in reality, I'm probably not much above that).

I've got a dirty little secret...  I love JCPenney's Xersion workout clothing.  You guys, it washes so well, is dirt cheap and several people have asked if what I'm wearing is Lulu.   My neighbor has even gone so far as to nickname the line "LuluPenney"  

Totes reminds me of a CRB from Lulu.  And it's $10.  And washes really well.    

Love both of these little pretties as well.   No idea what's going on over at LuluPenney but me likey. 

I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for a little So What Wednesday and then I'm off for the mountains to race!   I'm going to try my best to throw a blog post up while I'm there.    Toodles, friends. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sentiments

Weekly Mileage-  46
Max the #Runnerdog- 9

Maxi had a little procedure on his boy parts earlier in the week so has been on a forced running hiatus.   No running for 5 days and today is day 5.  I'm thinking tomorrow we will go out for a short test drive.   

Why has the 6 year old surpassed me on Candy Crush?  This isn't even right.

I am  straight up obsessed with that Pink song.  You know, the one with the guy from FUN?  OMG, why is that song so catchy and fantastic?   Does anyone else get sad for Pink at how bad she wants it to work and rekindle their love?   FUN guy is pulling the wool and it's crap. 

Why is Instagram so fabulous?  That's all.  

I'm totes obsessing about the weather in Roanoke, Virginia for the weekend.   It wouldn't be a marathon if I didn't obsess about the weather and check every hour on the hour.

Why do I have to DVR Bring It On anytime it's on TBS?  This can't be normal.   I've seen this teen, cheerleading movie at least 124 times since it's debut in 2000.   However,  it continues to rope me in.   #bestmovieever.  Does anyone else love teen movies?   I also love Stick It and Mean Girls.   

I'm getting Reflexology on Tuesday and am practically counting down the minutes.   Pretty sure it's going to be life changing.   Stay tuned.

Speaking of life changing, have you guys tried my tried and true Epsom Salts soak yet?   I got busted big time when my running girls were sitting in my driveway patiently waiting for me at 6:20 on Saturday morning to pick me up for the long run and I was slightly delayed due to an emergent Epsom Salt soak.     Pretty sure they think I'm #craycray.  

That's all I've got. See you kitty cats tomorrow!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Long Run Recovery Drill

What better time to share my post running routine than after our 20 miler?

Step 1.   Upon arrival home, I immediately do a leg drain.   This helps with the veinous blood flow to the lower limbs as well as relieving some of the swelling that we get from distance running.   When we put serious mileage on our legs, blood pools, and stays somewhat stagnant.   This contributes to the swelling and inflammation within the muscles.  The leg drain forces good, fresh blood flow back into the legs.   I try and stay in this position for 5-10 minutes and it helps pretty much immediately.    Inevitably, I always end up with a cutie pie next to me.  An added bonus.

Step 2.    The ice bath.  This is a necessity for me for any run past 14 or 15 miles.    This can be painful initially but the payoff in recovery is amazing.   The ice bath helps to constrict blood vessels which reduces inflammation, swelling, and tissue breakdown.   They also help to flush harmful metabolic debris out of the muscles that we have worked so hard.   

Here are my tips for a successful ice bath.  

- Make yourself the hottest cup of tea that you can stand and place it next to the bathtub. 

- Bundle your core and your head as if you are headed out to climb Mt. Everest.  I normally wear 3 layers including a long sleeve t, a fleece sweatshirt, and a hooded zip up sweatshirt.  I then wear the hood on the sweatshirt (tied around the chin and all)  and place another hat over top.   It's quite the scene, I must say.  However, keeping your core warm is key in this.  

-Get a couple cute assistants to fill your bath with ice.   My kids think this is the coolest activity ever and love to watch me submerge in the ice bath with awe.   They also continuously bring warm water and basically just like to sit and gawk at the sight in general.  A family affair!

-I try my best to stay in for 12-15 minutes but 10 is my minimum.  

-Get out, dry off and put on the oldest, biggest, warmest pair of sweat pants that you own.   I end up in these babies every time.   They kind of complete my ice bath ritual.   

Step 3.  Foam Roll!   It hurts so good but roll, roll, roll.    I like to focus on my IT band but definitely don't discriminate.    Here is some good info on foam rolling and the benefits if you aren't familiar with it.   Here we have my current roller.  If you roll regularly, you will find that you need to replace yours every 6-8 months as the foam starts to weaken and break down.    I'm due.  

Step 4.  Advocare Post Workout Recovery Shake.  I can't say enough about this product.   It was developed for athletes to minimize muscle soreness and speed recovery time.    It is in Ohio State's football loccer room as well as many NFL loccer rooms.   It's the bomb.     I also take two extra Omegaplex to help further decrease inflammation.  

The Post Workout Recovery can be mixed with water, milk, almond milk, or whatever tickles your fancy.     I personally mix 2 scoops of PWR, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 frozen banana, and 1 cup of spinach in the blender.     It's truly delish and never fails me.  

Step 5.  Pray that everyone is worn out from the morning activities and that they want to veg on the couch with you.   My body can't ever really nap but just 30- 45 minutes of sitting down with my legs propped up works wonders.  

So there you have it folks!   Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.   See ya back here tomorrow for some Sunday Sentiments!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Letters


Dear Rottenecards,  This straight up cracked me up...

Dear Weather Man, I know April showers bring May flowers and all but that was cruel.  2 days of almost 80 degree temps and now this.   If if weren't for the opportunity to legally wear my Hunter wellies, I'd have fallen right back into my self diagnosed SAD.

Dear Glipho,  I got your email but I don't know how to use you.   Nor do I want to take the time to figure you out.

Dear Wal Mart,    Apparently this Hard Candy makeup thing isn't new.    As much as I try at all costs to avoid you, I'll be back.   Don't you worry.  Mama needs some gloss.

Dear Cinco de Mayo,   What is going on with the new random plastic sign hanging where it used to read "Cinco de Mayo"??   You know you are my favorite local Mexican restaurant joint.  Please don't make me go back to El Vacquero.

Dear 24 Day Challenge,  I love you but you are really no fun on the weekend.

Dear Tupperware egg/ omelet maker thing,  You continue to rock my socks.    And for those of you who wanted this fabulous gadget, the online party will be open for a few more days.  The egg maker is $20 and a life changer.  :)  Promise.    The link is on my FB page or email me at and I'll hook you up.   My friend Jen who I am hosting the party through says she will refund all shipping as long as you pay via paypal.

Dear B&BW,  Thank goodness your candles are 2/$22 again because I need more Lemon Mint Leaf, stat.

Dear Husband,  Thanks for taking one for the team and taking the 6 year old to soccer at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  In crappy conditions to boot.  Oh and with a two year old in tow.    All so I don't have to miss my big 20 mile run.  Seriously, I couldn't keep up these running shenanigans without you. Mwah.

Dear Laundry Hampers,  I feel like I work on you morning, noon, and night but you are never empty.   There has got to be a solution here.  A better way...

Dear Grant Girls,   I don't know what I'll do the day that our giant, ongoing 24 hour group text ends.   I've grown so accustomed to knowing your every move that it's like I have a pocket full of friends with me at all times.

Happy Friday, ya'll!  See ya back here later for a 24 Day Challenge check in!  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

Linking up for another SWW!

* So What if I'm tempted to defriend you on FB because you won't stop sending me requests to play weird games?  If it's not Candy Crush, forgettaboutit.

*So What if I have to bring M&M's and mini marshmallows to the 6 year olds' soccer games to bribe the 2 year old to sit still for 3.7 seconds?

*So What if I said I was going to avoid the Target Easter clearance this year and when it hit 90%, I bit.  Giant Easter tote in the basement is replenished with Easter tissue paper, basket stuffers, and lots of other paraphernalia that may never see the light of day. 

*So What if my DVR is blowing up?   I'm already behind on RHOC and I hate that.

* So What if I feel like I need a new running outfit for my 20 mile run this weekend?   That will make everything about that 20 miler hanging over my head all the  better.

*So What if I'm contemplating doing something super dramatic to my hair only to regret it by next Tuesday?  This cycle repeats itself every 4 years. 

*So What if I'm obsessed with buying this special pack of beautiful gel pens at Target?  They'll make my planner beautiful.  Why can't I find them?  Jen, this is clearly your fault.

*So What if I've already burned through my stash of Lemon Mint Leaf candles from B&BW?!  Seriously?  Who does this and how is this possible?

*So What if sleeping past 7 a.m. is sleeping in for me?   I slept until 7:15 on Sunday and was all kinds of discombobulated when I saw daylight.   I was thought I was late for something and felt like I had hit the lottery when I finally realized it was Sunday.  

What are you saying SW to?   

Check in later  for my posting on clean, healthy turkey chili.  Super easy, compatible with the Advocare  Challenge and packed with protein, fiber, and flavor.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just a couple of easy peasy snacks...

We are on Day Two here in 24 Day Challenge land.     If you haven't been added to our FB group, please email me and I'll get you added asap.  

Here are a couple of my favorite Challenge friendly snacks.  Healthy, yet they both somehow feel indulgent.  

Organic brown rice cakes with almond butter and sprinkled with plain cinnamon.  Seriously, TDF.   If you are on the first 10 days (cleanse portion), definitely limit rice cakes to 1-2 per day.   

These are the rice cakes that I use and they can be purchased at Giant Eagle or Kroger in the health food section,  and of course Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.   They are the cheapest at Trader Joes.  They are on sale for $3.49 this week at Kroger if you are closer to a Kroger.   

Here is my favorite almond butter to top these babies with.   Trader Joe's creamy unsalted.  You can't beat the price and the quality of this AB.  We always have this in the house.  Challenge or no challenge. 

My next snack may not look the most appetizing but I assure you, it's amazing.   I give you unsweetened cocoa powder/ splenda covered strawberries.    I can thank my friend Mary for this little creation as she made this up on a whim when she had a craving for chocolate covered strawberries.  

In a ziploc, I mix a couple tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder (I use Hersheys) and a few light sprinkles of splenda.   Gently shake washed and dried strawberries and serve.  Two seconds and decadent.   You could do this with raspberries, frozen banana slices, etc.    
Check out the stats on unsweetened cocoa powder.  There is nothing to it, considering the flavor and fiber that it packs.  

Nutrition Information

Kosher Status: OU
Serving Size: 1 Tbsp.
Total Calories
Calories from Fat
Amount Per Serving%DV *
Total Fat 0.5g1%
   Saturated Fat 0g0%
   Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg0%
Sodium 0mg0%
Total Carbohydrate 3g1%
   Dietary Fiber 2g8%
   Sugars 0g
Protein 1g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 10%

Sounds like everyone is doing great so far!   
Stay tuned for So What Wednesday bright and early!