Thursday, December 19, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday..and some other stuff too!

Okay, before we get started with WIAW, can we talk about 3 things???

1.  Do you guys know about the amazing contraption that is the GoStak??   Allow me to share it's fabulousness...

I mean!?   We have Spark on the bottom (sometimes it's Muscle Gain) and all of my other rigaramo on top.    Each container is detachable so you can mix and match as you please.   I usually just keep the whole thing in my bag, filled with goodies at all times.    And nope, I don't work for GoStak.  However, I do know what you guys need and this is it.   Oh and they are around $12.  Not bad for a life-changing item.

2.  Ummm...'scuse me?  Have you guys heard Dark Horse by Katy Perry (feat JuicyJ)?   Yes, I know I said this about Timber just last week, but this time I mean it.  Download it imeed.

3.  24 Day Challenge/ 10 Day Cleanse groups are gearing up!!    I have groups starting on January 2, January 6, January 13, and January 20!    JOIN us!   You'll be part of our private FB group where you can get support, complain about the fiber drink, and have all of the resources right there at your fingertips.  Seriously, get in the mindset now and start the new year off right! 

Okay, now onto the goods.

Same deal...diff day.

Spark and Catalyst upon waking.  At 7 a.m.!?!?   #whoami?

No time for a morning shred sesh since I actually slept in like a normal person.

Think Thin protein bar about an hour later.   Still love these.

Around 10 a.m., I had an individual serving pouch of these.  Wholesome nut mix.  LOVE. Forgot to take a pic. so this pic of the can is lifted straight from the inner webs.   Oh and ps, take it from me...never buy the can.   You will eat 4 servings, which is basically 800 calories, and convince yourself that it was one.    Seriously, people.  We can't be trusted with the can.

A late lunch, and it was the shiz indeed.   Yes, there is another schwarma place.   For those of you in the 614...Mazah!    

I started with the lentil soup.  Primarily because I was dying a slow death of being cold.  Seriously, it's freezing here in the midwest.   Have I complained about that yet?  Just kidding.

And then...the star of the show....chicken schwarma and hummus!   I'd be lying if I said I didn't almost lick this plate clean.

A HOT Spark and 3 (unpictured) Catalyst as I was finishing up my work day.

An apple and a "dip" before running the monkeys to dance.

Nothing to see here....

Last Spark and 2 Thermoplus before heading for a super quick shred sesh.

Gym consisted of 25 minutes on the treadmill at what I attempted to be dangerously high speeds.   20 minutes on the guillotine.

It was one of those nights where everyone in the house ate a different dinner.   Don't tell me we're the only ones.   Somewhere in there, I realized that I had not a vegetable and barely a fruit all day.    I took matters into my own hands and made the most enormous, obnoxious smoothie/juice you've ever seen. 

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 cup water
2 scoops vanilla Muscle Gain
3 cups of Kale! 
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 beets!
1 cup spinach
a splash of agave for more sweetness

This made an enormous amount and yes, I refilled this cup.

With a side of Omegaplex and Biocharge.

Before bed, as I was addressing Christmas cards (they're done! #hollah), I decided I couldn't live another moment without a sweet treat.   

Enter my new obsession.  You already know about this if you follow me on the Insta!  (Advorunner)

Small chopped apple (cook for 3-4 min. in the mike)
A crapload of good cinnamon
A blob of Krema HOT and SPICY PB!
More cinnamon

Holy crap.  Deliciousness.

Okay, so there it is friends!

See you back here tomorrow!  Same place. Same time.

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