Thursday, December 5, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday...and some other stuff.

Better late than never!    I had a dinner with my old hospital co-workers last night, hence the late posting.     

The day started off at 5 a.m., per usual with  HOT Spark and 3 Catalyst.   Again, if you aren't drinking hot spark and you are currently experiencing winter, you need to try it asap.   Mandarin orange is my favorite hot flavor.  However, I obvi get down on some fruit punch as well. 

Gym session immediately followed, which included 5 miles of speed work on the treadmill.

Back at the ranch, I made the ugliest breakfast ever.   However, aside from its looks, there was nothing BUT fabulousness about this.

3 Egg scramble with spinach, turkey bacon, 1/2 avocado, topped with salsa verde.   Served up with a side of Omegaplex.    ps-  Do you guys know about Trader Joe's salsa verde?   Very clean and pretty much awesome, in general.

As I was saving the world, I had the cutest bag of pistachios.   Have you ever eaten a bag of in-shell pistachios while driving?    Friends, don't try this at home. 

By the time, I returned home, I was starving, per usual.   I mentioned that I'm trying to lay off the nut butters this week.   Primarily because last week was Thanksgiving and also because let's face it....I'm pretty much face down in a jar of nut butter about 1/10 of my waking hours.   

However, when I returned home, I reached for the peanut butter jar for a couple dips.    With a side of #Runnerdog.  It was a natural instinct and it all happened before I knew it.  It did.

After my "dips" I decided I needed a smoothie that was big enough to feed 6 large men.

Here we have 2 Scoops of chocolate Advo Muscle Gain, 2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 2 cups of spinach, 1 cup of frozen strawberries, and a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa.   Seriously, I think this thing was like 50 ounces of deliciousness.     Served up with another side of (unpictured) Omegaplex.

As I was finishing up my work day, I had a Coffecino with another side of Catalyst.  Loving this combo lately.   Served up in one of my beloved "J" mugs, because we all know I'm obsessed with initial mugs.

As I was getting ready for dinner, I had the old classic Pure Protein bar.     I'm kind of over these bars in all honesty.   However, I was slightly desperate.

Dinner with my old, hilarious hospital co-workers.  You know, the ones that I have the 3 + year long group text with?  Yeah, them.

For those of you in the 614, if you haven't been to The Wine Bistro, you are gonna need to go stat.   It's one of my absolute fave's.   Super cute, rustic environment, amazing food, and amazing flights of wine. I love everything about this place.

I had a white wine flight and fell in love with wine #2.   Seriously, this is my new jams.

I also had a couple bites from an unpictured cheese board.   

And then...I had a pretty legit beef tenderloin salad that kind of makes me wanna go back tonight and order the exact same thing.   When I find something I love, that's how I roll,  ya know.  Hello, schwarma???

And lastly, when I got home I had a cup of my beloved Trader Joe's Vanilla/ Cinnamon tea, because I'm old like that.   

On another note, I received a fabulous package from fitTogether and am so excited to be an ambassador!   Love their mission and LOVE my new gear.     But can we please talk about their little slogan here?  "Strong is the new skinny"  LOVE, love, love this.     If you aren't familiar with fitTogether, check it out imeeed.

And lastly,  can we talk about how this someecard is the best?  It is.

See you cats back here within the next 36!   

Laters Baby.


  1. Who isn't obsessed with initial mugs? I mean seriously. They are awesome. Oh and did you see the game this weekend????????


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