Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

*So What if I legit can NOT figure out how a pomegranate really works?   I can't.   I decided to give it another go round and bought myself a pomegranate (or two!?).   I was gonna be all "look, you guys...I eat pomegranate's on the reg!... #nbd....#blah,blah,blah...#lookamee!" for WIAW later.   Then I took a butcher knife to that shiz and well let's just say it looks like a first degree murder occurred right here in the burbs.  Like,  just now.    Ain't nobody got time for that.  So aside from pomegranate martini's...are people really eating pomegranate??   This is actually a serious question.

*So What if I need this winter solstice to be over asap?     Getting dark at 4:50 p.m. may throw me over the edge.   December 21 is the day...then we're on the upswing to sweet daylight.  Oh and to my birthday, that is....#hollah

*So What if I have this pipe dream that Erin Condren is gonna come through for me again???   Somehow,  I really wanna place another order for next week.    I can't tell if I want to test her slow shipping again or what.   But really, what kind of SICK game of chicken am I playing here?    Either way, it's not normal on my behalf.  This. I know for sure.

*So What if I accidentally told the little one that the Grinch IS indeed real last night?   Get  your booty back in bed, little one!   Mama's trying to catch up on RHBH!

*So What if I'm already super PUMPED about the after Christmas sales!?   This is where the magic happens, people.   It is.

*So What if I still don't have these God forsaken Christmas cards in the mail?  #whoami?  I  love something about a hand addressed envelope...what can I say?    But the bottom line is,  this is no easy feat these days.  I almost threw in the towel and printed address labels.     Actually, the verdict is still out.

See Y'alls back here for the always riveting WIAW!

Laters Babies.


  1. hahahaha I'm cracking up about the Grinch and real housewives

  2. Poms are so tasty! Especially with yogurt and granola. Still haven't found a great way to open them yet (like you said... Murder). But I have heard that it's easier to open them in a big bowl of water and just scoop the seeds out.

  3. Ok I actually just saw these pre-packaged pomegranate seeds or whatever they are called in our fruit section at the grocery store last night. It's like the hard work is already done for you! I bought them but haven't tried them yet...seems like a genius idea to me!

  4. I have no idea how to work pomegranates either! My little brother is a chef in training and when he came home for Thanksgiving he magically got all the seeds out of one. I wish I had been paying attention to how he did it! The pre-seeded seeds at the store are so darn expensive!

  5. I eat pomegranates regularly. I slice them open and peel apart in a bowl of cold water. It's easy, clean, and you get nice, cool, fresh pom seeds!


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