Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

As always, here we go, yo!

*So What if the number of lost gloves in this house is making me homicidal?  And it's not even January.  Pretty sure I've spent at least a fifty spot replacing gloves up in here this month.  Yet, no one that lives here that is under 4 feet in stature seems to have a matching pair.   

*So What if I'm getting a hit of Vegas in a hot second and I can't wait to get my hands on those dice.   I'm obsessed with craps, ya see.    And if you aren't, it's because you just need one good win.  That's it.  #truth.  In my world, when I hear people say "I don't like to gamble."   What I basically hear is...."I don't like to have fun.  Ever."    

*So What if I'm growing increasingly more obsessed with faux fur?   This isn't my first rodeo.   Dayton girls, remember???   Yeah, the obsession is back and this time it includes multiple ridiculous, yet fabulous, items.     Oh and a little something for the 7 year old.   

*So What if I am about to bust a cap in Erin Condren?   Why is the shipping so slow???  Why, why, why???    I want my stuff!  And so do the Christmas present recipients who are on the receiving end.   Will it even make it here my Christmas?   Me thinks not.

*So What if I'm reallllly struggling with this IPod Touch thing for the 7 year old?  I mentioned this in Sunday Sentiments over the weekend.   Experienced parents, whose monkeys have electronics, please help a sistah out here.  Is 7 years old too young for an iPod Touch?  My heart tells me yes.    But her undying profession of love/desire for nothing but an Ipod touch right in Santa's face, tells me that I want her to have her own Christmas miracle.    Santa  told her that he's starting to run out.  So seriously, thanks for that, Santa.  You did me a huge solid, just in case.       A little history, she has already lost not only one, but two, old Iphones over the course of the last 18 months.   She swears this time will be different.  I'm almost starting to believe her.   #SOS

*So What if I was over the top excited for the VS Fashion show all day yesterday (I #Insta'd about it and everything!) and literally fell asleep at 9 p.m.!?   #whoami?   Don't worry, I recorded it, but still.  This is not normal behavior but mama be tired!   And cold.   My hands were tied.

Some housekeeping....

1.  No WIAW today...wah wah wahhhhh.......  Mainly because I will not have time to post it tonight or tomorrow and then it will just sit in my pics folder and stress me out.  #certifiable.

2.  You know I'll be Inta-ing left and right all over Vegas so don't miss out on the fun!  (IG handle- Advorunner).   #shenans #dontmissem


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