Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So What Wednesday!!!

As always, here we go, yo!!

*SO WHAT if I still haven't bought one Christmas present?!  I can't even believe it myself.  The thing is, I've got Amazon Prime, yo's, so I'll have this wiped out in 45 minutes.   Just as soon as I log onto Amazon and stop buying stuff for myself.

*SO WHAT if the Bucks are ranked #2!?  And well,  that's pretty fabulous.  So there. The End.

*SO WHAT if I legit haven't had peanut butter since Saturday?!?!   No need to call 911 just yet.  However, you guys are gonna be in for a real shocker tonight when my day doesn't consist of several random "dips" in the PB jar.    It's a whole new me.  Well, just for 6 days, but still.

*SO WHAT if I'm accidentally obsessed with T-Swizzle's (Taylor Swift, for the newbies) new song???   Again, blaming this on the 7 year old.

*SO WHAT if I've got all kindsa fabulous new products to tell you guys about in an upcoming "Things You Need...December Edition" post??   You're gonna love me/ hate me, per usual. 

*SO WHAT if I cried hard core when Kim cried on RHOBH on Monday?!?  She's sending her sweet daughter away to college in a hot second, ya see.  And while these's fools are nuts, I cried right along with her.    And then pictured my good friend saying "I would be doing effing cartwheels!!"  and cracked up.   But yes, as much work as these kiddos can be, dang I'm gonna be sad when they're gone!   What I'm trying to say is...Kim,....I #Igotchoo,boo.

See you guys back here tonight for What I Ate Wednesday!  Happy Humpday, friends! 


  1. OMG, I cried when I watched Kim on RHOBH, too!! I thought I was the biggest nerd!! (well, that part is still kinda true)


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