Monday, December 9, 2013

Latest Running Playlist! It's a Goody....

As promised, here are my current jams.   As you guys know, I have a million playlists going at the same time.  Playlists for running,  teaching Title Boxing, and lifting weights.   I absolutelyLOVE getting new music recs from you guys.  So as always, keep 'em coming!!   

Here we go, yo!

Running Playlist December 2013

Timber- Pitbul/ Ke$ha -   This may actually be my favorite song at the moment. Period.

#1- Nelly-  Thanks to my girl Nicki on this one.  Forgot all about this oldie but goody.

Wop- JDash-   OMG, download this asap.  Do it. The sis n law is responsible for this one.

Midnight Memories-  One Direction-  Obvi

Do What You Want- Lady Gaga

Cordoroy- Pearl Jam

White Walls-  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis-  Thanks again to Nicki

Stay (dance remix)- Marz Project and Nick G

Walk of Shame- PINK

Harlem- New Politics-  This one has been on every playlist for months and somehow, I still can't enough.

Survival- Eminem

Lola Montez- Volbeat- Not my normal style but LOVE.

Antidote-  Until Now-  This was played in a Body Pump class a few weeks ago and I knew I had to make it mine for running, stat.

Holy Grail-  Jay Z-   I will never get sick of this one. This I know for sure.

Story of My Life- One Direction   So chill and awesome.

Work Bitch- Britney Spears

Red- T-Swizzle

The Monster- Eminem (featuring Rihanna)   LOVE!

Closer- Tegan and Sara

Wake Me Up- Avicii

Drive You Home- Parachute   Another huge favorite at the moment.

Erase Me- Kid Cudi and Kanye West

***There you have it, friends.  My current favorites for running.   Do yourself a solid and start downloading.   Nothing will get you motivated to run or workout more than a new playlist.  #truth #facty #lookitup

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