Tuesday, December 24, 2013

From Mine to Yours....

 Hope your holiday is happy, safe, and warm!

Lots of action going on in these parts lately!

A few highlights!

1.   Super fun running mama's Christmas party/ white elephant gift exchange.   So the idea was to bring a running related item that you no longer want.... Oh em gee.   Of course this all resulted in a fashion show of trying on each other's old running clothes.   Let's just say at one point, I ended up in a Lulu shirt that the 7 year old could have fit into.   Pure comedy. 

2.   Christmas #1 went down in the books!  These monkeys have basically already hit the jackpot and it's only Christmas Eve.   

Oh and check out what the sister in law had the audacity to give me.     Ummm..... white chocolate/raspberry/brown sugar infused almond butter.    This should be illegal.  The End.     This is basically the equivalent of me owning my own jar of Nutella, and then some.  I can't be trusted.

3.   Super fun Title Boxing Club employee Christmas par-tay.

Of course a little gun show went down when some members showed up.    #nbd

And it's totally normal to force said innocent members into partaking in our Dirty Dancing "time of my life" shenanigans.   

4.  Obsessing over these monkeys in pics of old Christmas pj's.   Does anyone else do this tradition?  It's one of my faves.   The elf brings new Christmas pj's and little boxes of chocolate every Christmas Eve morning. 

We then take a morning shot at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning before they are allowed to even peek downstairs.   I LOVE looking back at these old pics.  

Sniff.  Why do they look so little???

And here is the elf with this years goodies.

Oh my word, speaking of the elf...gettaloadathis....
   #Runnerdog somehow got ahold of the elf and was running at dangerously high speeds through the house with the dang Elf hanging out of his mouth.   The kids were in hysterics.  Like TRAUMATIZED.   I mean, call 911 type of traumatized. 
 If you have kids, you know that everyone knows that the elf loses his magic if anyone touches him.   So basically you're legit screwed and Christmas is ruined.   After the elf was retrieved, things were slowly smoothed over.  Not without tears, of course.       However, the next morning, I wake up to a letter to the elf from 7 year old basically professing how sorry she is that this all happened and please don't be sad.     And then I died a little.   Because the bottom line is,  this elf phase is short.  Someone is inevitably gonna blow it.  They just are.   So yeah, I try my hardest to soak it all in.  And let's face it, it's just sweet.  And innocent.  It is.

And lastly....

There is still time to get in on our 24 Day Challenge groups!

I have groups starting throughout the month of January.   I personally start on January 13th.     Join me!  You can read about why the challenge works and why it's awesomesauce here.   You can read my favorite prep tips here and here.   Anyone can do this.  Promise you that.    

The thing is, this is a lifestyle.  It's not a diet.   If you've been reading the bloggy for awhile, you know I make healthy choices 80-85% of the time.  I also live.  And I have a ton of fun living.   The key is finding your sweet spot and knowing when/how much you can live.     Let me help you!  

 So make the choice for yourself.  If you aren't where you want to be physically and mentally, do you really want to spend another year wishing that you felt differently?   Absofreakinglutely not.  Life is short friends.  It is.   So make 2014 the year that you knock your own socks off.  

So tomorrow is Christmas!!      I still haven't decided what I'm going to do about WIAW!    If it's not posted tomorrow night, you can count on me doing it for shiz on Thursday.    

Merry Christmas friends!  I appreciate every single one of you.



  1. Legit LMAO at your dog getting the elf. Oh my gosh, my girls would flip too!! And I agree, soak it in while they are still so excited and laugh at the elf every morning :)

    Our elf left the girls a letter this morning about his departure, and my 6 yr old was seriously in suspense to see if the elf said she was going to report to santa that they were good or not. So flipping cute!


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