Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013! What a year!!!

Exciting stuff, right?  

The truth is, 2013 has not been a favorite of mine.   At all.    It hasn't.   So I'm feeling all kinds of excitement about the start of 2014 and just "freshness" in general.

I actually am NOT a New Years resolution type person.   I really try and live life the way I want it or desire it to be lived the majority of the time.    I've always been a huge believer that life is short and no matter how old we are...the time is NOW!!!   It is.   Forget what people think.  Be goofy. Be open.  Laugh at yourself.   Don't save it for later.  Don't worry what anyone thinks.   Again, the time is now.   Just ask Oprah....(didn't she say something along those lines at one point?  Pretty sure she did! :)

With that being said,   I do LOVE setting some NY goals.    Like, love..actually.   Tomorrow I'll be posting all of my goals.    The good and the ugly.   At any rate, don't forget to come back.

I  LOVE the idea that the New Year is a brand, new exciting start.   As I've said before, we are in charge of our own happiness, peeps.   All the time.  We are.   If we sit around waiting for the perfect thing to happen or the perfect person to come into our lives and MAKE it all happen, it won't.   Promise you that.     However, think about it, that's a beautiful thing.     That means the control (for the most part) is on US!!!   WE are in control of our happiness.    The thing is, when life throws us a curveball, we aren't doomed.  At all.  Use it as an opportunity to grow, get stronger, set new goals, just be in charge of your life, your health, your happiness, your fitness.  The End.    So make 2014 a great one.

In February 2013....I started this bloggy!!!    Let's look at the highlights, mmmkay?

Some of you might remember my old bloggy from back in the day called "The Perfect Balance."   I shut that baby down when life got too chaotic with two #monkeygirls.   Well last Feb., I got the itch again and here we are.    Is it bad that I secretly love that my very first post was titled Here We Go, Yo!!! ???   (Don't answer that.)

In April,  this fool and I decided to drive 9 hours to the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and run a marathon.  We did.

Oh and I met these two running legends along the way.   We pretty much about died.

May was filled way more activity than is normal or recommended.   It started with the  Cap City Half Marathon. Side note, this is my fave half ever.   I won't skip it.  Ever. TLA. The End.

A fun trip to Disney with a bunch 'o fools.   Basically this consisted of a week of my family of four, our nabe's and their family of four, and a sound level that broke legal sound decibels all over the globe.  Legit, we were a traveling circus.  But dang, we had fun.  We did.

Oh and then I ran Cleveland Marathon in 190% humidity and almost died.   Remember that???  For once, I wasn't even being dramatic.  

Cleveland Marathon, you know I hate you, but I may be coming back for you.   Because I hate you that much.  I need redemption.

Avy Bug  turned 3.  And now she's basically counting down the days to 4.  Wah!!!  Simmer down, Avy Bug.    

June brought some super cool stuff with Advocare and our chance to have dinner with the one and only director of Research and Development of Advo, Dr. Mark Miller.

And again, I got to preach to the entire free world about my passion for the Performance Elite line as well as my drummed up/ bootlegged Runner's Cocktail.

Summer was filled with swim team..

An amazing Advo Presidents Party as well as Success School at Dallas Cowboys stadium....

and a million other shenans....

September brought a fun family vacay.

Speaking of that vacay....OMG, remember my travel debacle?!

September also included a crapload of soccer...  It Did.

In October,  the big girl turned 7...

I know.  This should be outlawed pretty much immediately.  

I also ran an awesome all girls half marathon with some of my best girls...

And then had an awesome PR at the Columbus Marathon.

November included more shenans, including hosting the entire fam for Thanksgiving. 

December was filled with the besties 40th to Vegas

as well as a zillion and one Christmas shenanigans.

So again,   tune in tomorrow for all of my goals.   The good, the bad, and the ugly.   Pretty sure you may wanna join me on some of them.   

Happy New Year, friends!!!!  I'm thankful for all of you!

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