Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things You Need!...Domestic Edition

Here's the deal...I'm no domestic goddess.   Aside from cooking and attempting to boss the husband around, I really don't even have any domestic skills.   Truth be told, I have a cleaning lady and pretty much count down the days until she graces me with her presence again.   However, I do know some short cuts and I know what I like and I know what you need.  So as always, here we go, yo!

You guys, this is seriously magic and pretty much what dreams are made of.   I have not picked up an iron in months and I'm not even exaggerating for once.   You spray this on your wrinkled item, you run your hands down said wrinkled item a few times, and wa-lah!!  It's  honestly pretty much like you just spent 15 minutes ironing.    Now the downside is that this does make your clothes slightly damp.   However, I'll take damp over the rigaramaroo of an iron any day of the week.  If you don't have this, get it immediately.  I always get it at Target for around $7.

Yes, I know there are a million things wrong with this.   The chemicals, the aerosol can...yes I know.  However, I can't help myself and here's why.  You see, I bought this on a whim and then used it on my granite, sink, and faucets and omg.   The shine is exquisite.  It just is.  I wanted to hate it.  I did.   However, the smell, the shine, the ease.  It's just all too fabulous.  #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.   Now, somehow there is not much product in this can so if you love shiny countertops like me, you're gonna burn through this in about 5 days.   Don't be mad.

Okay this may be my favorite on the list.     I burned through my first one in about 2 years and immediately drove to Target the second it died for a second one.   Here's the deal.   This is a rechargeable vacuum that a) sucks up crumbs, hair, and other gross stuff that the naked eye can't even see.  And  b) has the magnetic pad, which gets the remainder of the gross stuff that the vacuum doesn't get.    It's freaking awesome.   Don't feel like bending over with a dust pan?  No problem!  Don't need one with this jim dandy.   Everything is contained in that little canister.  Love, love, love.   Get one tomorrow.

I always, always  have this in the house.  For everything from getting ketchup stains out of the kids clothes, to cleaning up #Runnerdog accidents, to cleaning up spills and on the carpet, to a laundry booster...I mean honestly.   If I don't know what to do about something, I typically pull out the OxiClean.   Always.   I'm sure you guys already know about and have this one but if I can save one person from it is!

Is there anything more miraculous than white vinegar???   (aside from the other things I've mentioned above, that is?)    I use this for windows, my floors, bathroom countertops, another laundry booster, the list goes on.  I've linked you guys above the zillion ways to use it.   It's cheap.  And awesome.  If you're worried about your house smelling like a pickle, it will.  But it will go away in about 30 minutes.  And if you burn fabulous candles, it will go away even quicker. 

As always, I swear I don't work for B&BW.  However, I have these in almost every room.   It took me awhile to get hooked on these.   Partially because I wasn't keeping up on when they needed refills.   If you are on top of this though, your house will smell amazing.  Promise you that.   They are constantly on sale (kinda like my candles...did anyone get 2 for $22 this week? #hollah!).   This tiny wallflower packs a whole lot of fabulous punch.   It does.  So my point is, load up, buy em when they are on sale, and change them all out at the same time.   You won't be sorry. 

There you have it, lovers!   Things you need, domestic edition!    Pretty sure there is more where that came from.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Letters!  #whatwhat


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