Monday, November 4, 2013

Sunday Sentiments... On Monday

I know.  It's Monday.   However, this weekend was packed from top to bottom and I just couldn't make it happen on Sunday.   As always, #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.

Okay, first things first...

Can we please talk about how my favorite Real Housewives series is BACK!? Tonight!?  Yep, tonight.   This would be the train wreck that is RHOBH.   I am literally counting down the minutes.    Tune in with me so we can chat about it immediately.  Please.

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  4 miles and shred session
Saturday-  Off
Sunday-  5 miles, abs, and taught a class at Title Boxing

Weekend Highlights:

If you follow me on the #Insta, you already know some of this.  If you don't, you're gonna need to.   Advorunner.   Get there.

*Running Mama's take Schwarma.

Yes, they love it.  Just as I predicted.

And of course, a complementary plate of various Lebanese desserts.   Because they're awesome like this at Lavash.   Plus, I'm pretty sure they loved us.

Blue Man Group with the monkeys.    They thought it was pretty much amazing.  I wasn't sure if 3 1/2 year old would sit still for all of it but she was glued and enthralled.

Catching up with old friends, eating good food, and getting some Advocare work done.    Speaking of which, did you guys hear that Gingerbread bars are coming back!?!?   I'm dying!

And speaking of Advo, I attended a great Ladies Alive event and sucked up some really good positive energy.

Absolutely  LOVED both of these quotes from the morning.

A super fun night out with some super fun ladies.     I have not laughed this hard in months.   So many hilarious moments.   I actually think I got new wrinkles from laughing.   Not kidding. 

And the monkeys fed some horses at the grandparents and had a blast.   The only problem is that  7 year old is now indirectly asking for a horse.    So there's that.

Oh, and these AWESOME friends of mine ran the NYC marathon!!!  I'm kinda obsessed with this pic.

And I stalked them via live tracking basically all morning.   Obvi,  I was pretty much obsessed with their every step.   They rocked this shiz and I couldn't be more proud.    And for those of you who have asked, YES I will definitely lottery again next year for NYC Marathon.  Fingers crossed.   

I caught up with a friend during the day, ran some errands, and took care of some other shenans.

And then, the hubs and I had tickets to go see his favorite musician and producer of pretty much all time.   Butch Walker.  If you have never seen him, he. is. amazing and you're deffy gonna need to go the next time he is in a city near you.  

But the coolest part of the night is when Butch asked for someone to come on stage and help him sing a little number.   The next thing I know, hubs is playing Butch's guitar while Butch moves to drums.   It was pretty spectacular.

   And I'm pretty sure the hubs can die a happy man now.   Plus he kinda felt like a celeb because random people continued to come up all night wanting to know who he was and was this planned?  So yeah, obvi he is still smiling today.   And if you don't know my hubs personally, let me just say that he is obsessed with music and this guy is his idol.   So really, this would be the equivalent of me making out with Adam Levine.

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See you tomorrow!



  1. RHBH is back?! OMG I needed to know this! THANK YOU! ps did you hear gretchen and alexis aren't coming back to OC?

    1. And I had NO idea about Gretchen and Alexis?!? Whahhh?

  2. Totally missed RHOBH! And it didn't record either! I need to catch a re-run

    That's AWESOME about your hubby! Looks like he was in his glory :)

    1. Carolyn, lucky for you Bravo will replay this craziness on the reg. A must see for sure!


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