Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So What Wednesday!!

As we go, yo!

*So What if now that it's a tundra in these parts, I'm back to passionately proclaiming that pajamas are  my favorite outfit?    I typically put on a "transitional" outfit when I get home from work (think leggings and a sweatshirt) as I just can't bring myself to put on pj's when it's still light outside, but secretly I want to.   But really, PJ's at 5 p.m. = Nursing home resident.  And I can't be having that.   But yeah, loving me some jam's.  

*Speaking of....So What if the only thing on my Christmas list is now PJ's, slippers, and nut butter products?    Seriously.   I'm gonna make the best old person.   I already drink hot tea non-stop and wake up at 4:30 a.m. half the time so I'm already well on my way.  

*So What if I can't even get over the fact that some of you have Christmas tree's up already??   I still love you, but seriously?   My Christmas #shenans do not start until the day after Thanksgiving.   Religiously.  The End.

*So What if I took a little dip in the 7 year olds Halloween candy bag last night?     I'm human too, friends.  It's true!  Why are Milk Duds so delicious???

*So What if a little birdy told me that Miley Cyrus is coming and I'm legit contemplating tickets??   The problem is, her show will not even be close to appropriate for 7 year old.   The other problem is, 7 year old is legit gonna blow a gasket if she finds out I'm going.     I guess what I'm saying is that I'm gonna have to hide the fact that I'm going to see Miley.   And the last problem is, this whole thing is not even remotely normal.  

*So What if GroopDealz sends me an email every morning and I want to order at least 50 percent of what they are trying to sell me?   I mean, 1000 striped pink paper straws?  Yes please.  But no!  I'm not a party planner, I do not need 1000 cute straws.  But why are they so cute?  Anthropologie "inspired" necklace?   Sure.   I'll take one of those too.  Monogrammed clutch?  Yep, hook me up.    GroupDealz is bad.  Bad, bad, bad.   I'm this close to spamming their emails...but then I'm afraid I'll miss something good.

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!  See you cats back here tonight!  


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