Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

As always... here we go, yo!!!

*So What if I stayed out waaaay too late for a school night last night?   One of our dear friends was running for City Council and well, that turned into a results viewing party.  And well, it was all exciting.  And well,  he won by a landslide so it was #awesomesauce all around.   But yeah, let's just say that today will be a 3 Spark day, for sure.  

* So What if every.single.morning. I have to ask 7 year old if she has washed her face and brushed her teeth?!   And every.single. morning. she gives me a giant overly annoyed dramatic sigh as if this is the first time she has ever heard of such a thing.   Surely, I'm not alone here.

*So What if I am jonesing bad for another race?  How is it possible that I have nothing scheduled?   I can't live like this.  I can't.   

*So What if Gingerbread Bars! are back today and I'm pretty much counting down the minutes?!   If you want em, get em stat, friends.  They go on sale at 11 a.m. EST and are projected to sell out today.   Based on last year, I have zero doubt about this.     A pretty little bar of nutritious, holiday heaven.   Thank me later....  Preferably in for the form of a gingerbread bar. 

*So What if I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be fully addicted to Crossfit in no time?  Yes, it's happening friends.   Yes, I know you told me so.

*So What if I'm working on a "Things You Need...Domestic/Home Edition" post and it's way more fun than it should be?!?  Legit.

*So What if overheard someone say that they are 75% done with Christmas shopping the other day and I had a strong desire to trip them?!  Is that bad?!   I'd say bad, but justified.   

See y'alls back here tonight for What I Ate Wednesday!   

Happy H-Day!


  1. Looking forward to the "Things you need" post! That's awesome about your friend being elected to city council!


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