Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

First of all, is anyone else obsessed with the CMA's right about now?  I can barely focus on anything else.  Including this bloggy post, obvi.

Today started out the same as every WIAW.

3 Catalyst and an mandarin orange spark.   You guys, I slept till 7 a.m. this morning!   If you know me IRL, you know this is legit sleeping in for me.     I mean, have you ever seen the sun in my morning Catalyst/ Spark picture?!?    'Cause I'm thinking I haven't.   Yes, a huge part of this was staying out way too late on a "school night" but even with that...I can't even remember the last time this happened.   #needasleepintervention,stat    However, as I always can sleep when you're dead. 

Breakfast was a Chocolate Mocha Meal Replacement Shake with unsweetened almond milk and a ton 'o ice.     Hit me with with a side of 3 Omegaplex and we're good.

As I was packing up for the day, I ate my morning snack.   Right then and there before I even left the house.  

An  organic cheese stick and a side of baby carrots.  I know, don't die of excitement here.   I know I almost did. So yeah, this combo never even made it to the car.

And a Think Thin bar around 11:30.

Love this bar.  Obvi, I'm an Advo girl but when I find something I like, I definitely don't discriminate.

Around 12:30, I had a Biocharge.   Have I told you guys how much I feel like this has helped with my aches and pains?  Of course this is all my own fault and related to all of the physical stress I put on this here body of mine so I'm not complaining.   However, I love that this is non-caffeinated but gives me a huge boost and as I mentioned, I feel it's definitely helped with my ailments.

I ate lunch around 1:30 and it was packed from home.    This morning I cooked one of those TJ's Chili Lime Burgers that I'm obsessed with.    I let it cool and threw it in this salad.   Here we have spinach, celery, carrots, a boiled egg, and hummus for "dressing."    Throw an ice pack in a little cooler and you're golden.   This took all of 5 minutes. 

Back at the ranch, I had one too many dips in the peanut butter jar.    Someone take the fork away.  Seriously.

Before the gym, I had a Spark and 2 Thermoplus.  Shred sesh consisted of 30 minutes of intervals on the Arc Trainer (my knees needed a break), followed by planks, screwing around on my phone, tricep dips, downloading music, biceps, socializing, back work, another download, chest, taking a phone call, and more abs.  Yes, it was one of those kinda workouts. 

My dinner date was a goofy little 7 year old at one of our fave's.  Chipotle, of course.

This is the salad.  Now, normally, I would not get cheese on this, I would opt for the gauc.   However, the gauc was looking rough.  And it was brown.  And angry.   So in retaliation, I got cheese.   It's really the only explanation.  

So here we have:
Lettuce on bottom
Black beans
Corn Salsa
Tomato Salsa 
Hot Salsa
Cheese (!)
Topped with more lettuce

I never get rice, sour cream, or cheese at Chipotle.   Obvi, I got cheese tonight but I was justified.   In my opinion, it's just worth it.  If I'm going to eat an extra zillion calories, it's gonna be in the form of a nut butter.   It just is.

And now I'm having a glass of Cabernet because if you are going to watch the CMA's, it's a requirement.

So there you have it, loves!   The always riveting WIAW!

See ya back here tomorrow!  Don't be late.

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