Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So What Wednesday!!!

Per usual, here we go, yo!

*SO WHAT if I'm still majorly perplexed that people aren't on the Insta!  Yes, we've talked about this before.  However, you guys really are missing out and I hate that for you.   Missing out on things like seeing what your friends are eating, seeing their new pedicures, seeing their pumpkin pie fresh outta the oven, seeing them take selfies, the list goes on.   It's seriously ridiculous,  yet somehow awesome, that Instagram.

*SO WHAT if I'm trying to figure out how this little shenanigan-filled baby bloggy of mine is suddenly getting so many page hits?   Who are you and where are you coming from?    At any rate, I like you and the fun is just getting started.  

*SO WHAT if my mom and I went Christmas shopping the other day and came home with not one gift?  However, we did come home with a few"gifts" for ourselves.  The sales are ridic right now.    Our hands were tied.

*SO WHAT if I'm convinced that my blood has gotten thinner?  Honest to God, why am I always so cold?  Yes, I know that since I think I'm a Doctor, I should be able to answer this.   But I can't.   I'm "this close" to buying a floor length puffer coat.   To my friend, Meg, I know I've harassed you about yours and its "sexiness" for 3 years now.  However,  I'm really starting to think you were onto something.   

*SO WHAT if I finally downloaded a timer on my phone and I'm pretty much in love with it?  It's been life changing for the gym for HIIT workouts and holding planks.   It's simply called "Seconds" but the options for programming are endless.  Oh and it was free.  You're obviously gonna need it.

*SO WHAT if since it's Thanksgiving Eve, I feel like I want pizza for dinner?   Specifically Jets.  Jets with a side of Carb Ease.   It's the right thing to do.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!   Don't forget to count your blessings.   They're everywhere!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Has it basically been a week? This is embarrassing.

Who is running this bloggy anyway???

What have I been up to, you ask?   

1.  Obsessing over this candle.    My gym recently started carrying this brand, which I knew nothing about until another friend said "omg, did you see that the gym is carrying Kringle Candle Company candles!?"   Of course, I had to launch a full investigation to see what all of the hub hub was about.  I don't know much, but I know I love you, and that's all I need to know.....just kidding.  (remember that song?!?! Ha!)    No,  but seriously, I don't know much, but I do know that this Ginger Snow Angel scent is the PERFECT holiday candle!   Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove.    These are fairly pricey, especially if you are used to our B&BW 2 for $22 deal.  However, I honestly do feel that they are worth the price.  They burn amazing. 

2.  Watching the Bucks play in the snow.    That's how we roll with college football here in the midwest in November.    Look at us, SEC!  Just saying...   As always,  SEC people, #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.    But yeah, this happened.

3.  Hanging with these fools.   So our neighbor rang the doorbell, asked for the 7 year old, and basically said "here is your birthday party invitation...can I have lunch?"    I immediately texted her mom to report the crime/ hilariousness.   Then immediately served up "fatties" for everyone.  ps-  a Fatty is a fabulously fat PB&J , just so we're all on the same page.

4.  OBSESSING over the mugs at Target.  Not gonna lie.  I think I spent over an hour in the kitchen area today.  Oh em gee.  Why are this years holiday mugs so cute?    Believe it or not, I refrained from buying  ANY of these.  I know.   However, let's take a look.

A mug that needs a sweater!!!???!?   How ridiculous, yet awesome is this!?   And no, I wouldn't be the least bit embarrassed to drink out of these.  If you know me IRL, you already know this.  One of each, please.

'Scuse me?  Why do I feel that I need this initial mug?   Why, why, why?  Yes, I already have probably 7 mugs with "J's" on them but there is something extra spectacular about this one.   There is. 

5. Downloading music.   You guys are awesome in your music recs.   But at the end of the day, turns out, all I wanted was a bunch of new 1D....totally for the 7 year old, of course.       Oh and Corduroy by Pearl Jam.   Where has this song been all my life? 

You're gonna need to go ahead and download Midnight Memories by 1D as well as Corduroy, pretty much stat.  And as always, if you take my class at Title, know this will be on the playlist pretty much instantly.

6.   Avoiding getting gas.  I hate getting gas possibly more than giving birth.  Well, not that bad, but close.

Surely I'm not the only one, right?   At least it doesn't say "---  MILES TO EMPTY TANK" which is sometimes what I accidentally let happen.  Then I know it's time to get serious.    ps- if either of my parents are reading this,  I can expect my phone to ring in 3,2,1...

7.  Finding the first thing at Trader Joe's that I didn't love.   I can't believe it either.   Everything in the name of this  is a personal message just for me that says "buy'll love me! I was made just for you."  However, it tastes like chemically, poisoned tomatoes. Not good.  Just not good at all.    So sad, Trader Joe.

8.   Putting up 4 Christmas trees and decking the halls, in general.  Remember last week when I made fun of you guys for putting up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving?   Well, somehow the 7 year old roped me into going full throttle.  I mean, the dang Elf is back and everything.

Last year's insta pic of the kids hall.   It's honestly the same scene.  Still kinda lazy for not taking a new pic, nonetheless.

9.   Planning Thanksgiving for a ton 'o peeps.  My turkey dilemma has been solved and I basically bought a fresh, pre-brined bird at TJ's that I'm fairly certain is gonna be life changing.

10.   Obsessing over this alleged "snow storm." 

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with the weather.   And really, what's more exciting for us weather bugs than an alleged snow storm right in the middle of holiday travel?  Nothing.  The answer is nothing.   

There it is, friends.  The top 10 things that have been keeping me from this bloggy!

I will definitely be back tomorrow for SWW!   WIAW will probably be on hiatus this week but back full force next week!

See ya in the A!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So What Wednesday!!!

Again, Lookame!!!   Back in action with  double post Wednesdays!

Let's do this!

*SO WHAT   if I still shop in the Juniors BP section at Nordstrom?  Yes, I know I'm not a Junior but it's pretty much the same stuff from the fancy department across the escalator.  Only it's about 1/5 of the price.   Especially when we're talking about trendy pieces that will be out of style quicker than Taylor gets a new boyfriend.   Nordstrom BP.  Get there.  

*SO WHAT if I'm hosting Thanksgiving and for way longer than a split second contemplated ordering a beautiful turkey made by a chef at our club?   And....legit passing it off as my own?  #Truth.   I figured if it was in my oven in a baking pan when everyone arrived, I'd be golden.  But then,  I told my BFF this plan, and she nearly peed her pants and pretty much put the smack down immediately.    Really, what it boils down to is that I don't want to stick my hand in the turkey during the prep portion of this whole thing.  Can we say #PRINCESS?   #nodoubt   #ridiculous #donthateme,iloveyou

*SO WHAT   if every single morning, I have this exact convo with the 3 1/2 year old.  For example, this was today....
3 1/2 y.o.-  Mommy, what day is it today?
Me-  It's Wednesday.
3 1/2 y.o.- NO it's not!  It's Friday!!!   
Me-  No, it's actually Wednesday.
3 1/2 y.o.-  No, it's really actually Friday!
Me- Mmmkay....????
No exaggeration. She thinks every day is somehow Friday.   And lastly, is it weird that I kind of like it?

*SO WHAT if I broke up with Lulu but then my friend got the What the Fluff Pullover and now she's all cute, warm, and cozy and now I'm all jelly and well,  scared that I want to get back together?   ps-  How's that for a run-on sentence?

*SO WHAT  if the Food/ Recipes tab of this blog is driving me insane clown posse?  I have got to get things organized up in there asap.    I hate it as much as you do.  Trust.

*SO WHAT  if despite the fact that I have 10 million songs and playlists in my library, I'm bored, bored, bored?  Send me some music recs, ya'll!  You know I love that.

*SO WHAT if there seems to be WAY too much Christmas music on the radio already?    My little monkeys are all "Oh Yay! Christmas music! Keep it on!!"  And deep down I wanna say "OMG, seriously???  You guys... we are gonna be so sick of this by December 1st at this rate."    But instead, I  sing right along to Santa Clause is Coming to Town.  Cuz that's what we do.   We always take one for the team for the monkeys, right?  And somehow it's always worth it.

See you guys soon for a "What's Next on my Running Agenda" post.   I know you're on pins and needles! 

What I Ate Wednesday!!!

Lookame!!!!    Redeeming myself for icing you guys last week.   WIAW, up a day early!   So these are obviously all of my eats from yesterday but still!

And don't worry...So What Wednesday will be up laters baby.  Promise.

As always, here we go yo!

I started the day with a HOT Spark.  Do you guys know about hot Spark?  If not, you need to become BFF's with it immediately.  I love it in the winter.   I heat about 10 oz of water for 2:30 in the mike.   Pour over top of Spark and mix.   It blends beautifully and it's the perfect morning winter drink.    Of course, accompanied with a side of 3 Catalyst.

Normally I don't eat before the gym but again, I was somehow starving this morning.  One of my Simple Truth Protein Bar's from Kroger.   88 cents this week, friends!

I hit the gym around 5:30 a.m.    5 miles on the tready and about 20 minutes of weights.   I headed back to the ranch and made this....

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you know this is my favorite smoothie in the history of the world.  I've always been a huge fan of chocolate covered cherries and this tastes so similar.  #TDF.   #Truth

The Chocolate Covered Cherry

2 cups of raw spinach
1 cup frozen cherries
2 scoops of Chocolate Muscle Gain
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/2 cup water
a sprinkle of cocoa powder

I had this with a side of Biocharge and 2 Omegaplex

Before heading out the door, the usual happened.   Just a small dip in the PB jar.  Nothing to see here.

As I was out and about...saving the world...I had Spark #2.  Risking my life for your entertainment and mine.   Not much more ridiculous than a Spark-drinking selfie.  There's just not.   I had this with a side of Thermoplus.

And lunch was one of my favorites.   For those of you in the 614, I'm sure you LOVE Northstar Cafe as much as me.  If you haven't been, you need to go today.  Seriously.   It's fresh, organic, and ridiculously tasty.

  This would be the Buddha Bowl, no rice.  This is basically an Asian peanut dish filled with chicken (or tofu, if you likey), beautiful veggies, and organic brown rice.  I often forfeit the rice, as it's honestly amazingly delish without.    

When I got home, I had one of my fave's... Coffeecino!!!  This packs a lot of the same benefit as Spark.  However, it's the perfect coffee fix.   So basically, when you are freezing and want to pull into SBux for a 500 calorie Peppermint drink this instead.  80 calories, tons of vitamins, a little caffeine.  LOVE me some Coffecino.

As I was tooling around,  an apple and another dip in the jar.     Good Lord, I know.

Dinner was leftover Clean Pumpkin Chili, with it's lover, cilantro!!  Did I tell you guys that this freezes amazingly??  It does.   

There you have it, friends!  

See you all back here later for SWW!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's Talk About Spark...and Why It's Fabulous

Here's the deal.  You guys know I tell you the goodies.     Yes, I sell Spark but I don't sell any of the other 5 zillion things that I tell you all that you need on this here bloggy of mine.   Really, you don't even have to buy it from me.  But you do need to buy it and here's why....

Allow me to count the ways

1.   Want a workout boost?   Spark is your jamz.  TONS of vitamins and amino acids.  120 mg of caffeine (approx the same as a cup of coffee).  Sugar free.  Low calorie.     If you've heard me talk about my story at an Advo event, you know that Spark has played a huge role  in improving my running times and fitness levels in general.   It has.    You can read about my pre running cocktail here.    That's where my real passion lies.  

2.   "But isn't it the same thing as 5 hour energy and just regular coffee??"

Allow us to compare....

'Scuse me?  Is it just me or does Spark pack the biggest punch?   No comparison in my book.  

2.   Spark makes you happy.   It does.   Ask ANY Spark addict (and we have lots reading this little blog.)  Do it.     They will tell you that they'll nearly illegally break and enter  the home of thy neighbor when they're out.   Plus they don't make someecards like this for nothing.  They just don't.

4.   You can't afford it?   Check it out, yo's.   You actually can.   Plus, this other stuff will add on the El Bee's and I'm pretty sure Spark is gonna make you skinny.   Oh and happy.   And healthy.   And not poor.   

So in summary....

Pretty much immediately.   

I drink 3 per day and it looks a little something like this.

Spark #1-   The second I get out of bed (wheeee.....let's go!) accompanied with 3 Catalyst.  Always, always, always.   #Groundhogday     I work out super early morning about 70% of the time so it's a go, either way.  Even if  not working out in the a.m., I still have Spark #1 first thing upon waking.  

Spark #2-  Between breakfast and lunch.   It staves off cravings and gives me a little boost when I think I'm hungry but I'm really not.   I'm usually just wanting something to entertain or distract me from what I really should be doing.   You know what I'm talking about.   It's called emotional eating.   My point is,  Spark helps here.  

Spark #3-  Usually around 3 p.m-ish.   It gives me a boost when I'm fading and want to eat my kids kettle corn and pirate's booty.  Again, you know what I'm talking about.     If I'm working out in the afternoon, I'll take 3 more Catalyst with Spark #3.  

So there you have it.  I know a lot of you are already on "the Spark" but if you're not.  You need it yesterday.

The End.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Sentiments and Another Recipe!

First of all, I hate when I lie to you guys.   I fully intended on getting WIAW up on Thursday and as you can see, it's been nothing but crickets around here.   Ya see, sometimes these two little humans that I'm responsible for, along with working, and just keeping things functioning around here,  can  really make this little bloggy 'o mine take a backseat.    And I hate that I told you guys WIAT was coming and I failed.   As always, #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.   However, this week should be way more low key, so it's on like DK.

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  5 miles and 15 min of core
Saturday-  8 miles outside (twas perfect running weather, if you ask me)
Sunday-  OFF

Weekend Highlights!

1.  Have you ever gone to Toys R Us on a Friday night?  With an indecisive 7 year old?   Who has gift cards burning a flame right through the palm of her hand?   Oh Em Gee.   Nothing else to say, except it  was a very long process.   On a positive note, we came outta there with this life changing sewing machine and I'm pretty sure it's all she's ever dreamed of and more.  

2.  Dinner and getting ready to haus down on the notorious...

3.  Hummus we see a theme here?

4.  Hanging with the nabe's after dinner.   And these two foo's said "are we gonna be on the BLOG!?" basically the second I snapped this pic.   Creating monsters, obvi.

1.   #Runnerdog is back in action.  He's been getting the shaft since I've been running on the treadmill more lately due to wind, snow, and well, just crap weather.   However, Saturday morning was pretty good running weather so off we went.  I took him out for the first 3, came home to drop him off and headed out to finish the last 5.   Everybody's happy.

2.  LOVING this song.   Demons by Imagine Dragons.  So good.  If you take my class at Title, expect this to on the core/ cooldown playlist this week.   For sure.

3.  Can someone buy me one of these Kate Spade eye candy's for Christmas?  Or for my birthday, which is in early January?  

4.  Currently obsessing over which Erin Condren life planner I need for 2014.  The possibilities are endless.   Did you guys know I'm obsessed with planners?   Cuz I am.

1 & 2-   A super fun night in the Short North with these ladies.   For those of you in the 614, do you know about Bakersfields?   So good. So Fun.  Get there.

3.  Just analyzing the Nashville 1/2 and full Marathon for April.   Running friends...have any of you done this race?   Give me the goods please.

4.  HEALTHY no bake cookies!     So here's the deal....I was craving old school no bake cookies today.   Basically with every ounce of my being.   I even convinced the 7 year old that she was craving them too, which admittedly wasn't difficult.   So off to work we went. 

We made a variation of the old school but with way less sugar and fat.


3 cups raw quick cook oats
1/2 cup natural peanut butter
 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/4 cup agave ( I may have  used a little over 1/4 cup)
1 very ripe banana
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
4 tsps of cocoa powder


In medium saucepan, mix mashed banana, peanut butter, almond milk, agave, cocoa powder, and salt.    Let boil for exactly one minute.    Remove from burner.   Add in oats and vanilla.  Mix well and scoop individual cookies onto wax paper to cool.

These didn't set up quite as hard as the normal, fat no bakes.  However, they set up pretty good and were REALLY good, with NO butter and NO sugar.   I'd say a win, for shiz.

Hope you all had nothing short of a fabulous weekend and I'll see you back here within the next 48!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just Another #Awesomesauce Recipe!

No one be alarmed but  What I Ate Wednesday is being postponed till tomorrow.   So yeah, it'll be What I Ate Thursday, which I know doesn't even have close to the same charm or ring.  However, I got through half the day and realized I hadn't taken one food pic.  But don't worry, you didn't miss much.  Let's just say I had Schwarma for lunch.

But the good news is, I have a new recipe obsession.

So I have this Crossfit friend who is currently doing the Whole 30 Program.    Check out the link but it basically consists of Eating real food – meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds.

So it's really not ALL that much different than our Advo principles.  Definitely more restrictive as you can't have any grains.   Oh and you are committing to 30 days in a row with no peanut butter or wine.   Deal Breaker.  I'm out.   But anyway, my point is, my Paleo / Crossfit / Whole 30 Kool Aid drinkers will totes be down with this recipe too.  

Anyway, I was creeping on said Crossfit friends FB page.  Don't worry, I'm outta the closet on the creeping so it's all good.      I found this little ditty for Whole 30 crockpot pulled pork and immediately knew I had to make it mine.

This is SO easy and SO good.

CLEAN Advocare/ Paleo/ Whole 30 Crockpot Pulled Pork

(how's that for a long recipe title?)


4 lbs of boneless pork roast (on sale at Kroger this week!  #hollah)
2 yellow onions

Dry Rub ingredients
3 tbsp chili powder
2 tbsp coriander
2 tbsp cumin
2 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp dried parsley
1/2 tsp chipotle powder (I had none so did a little mix of red pepper and cayenne)
2 tbsp sea salt

-Mix all of this together and set aside. 

Note I modified a few of the spices from the original recipe but I assure you, this works.

Step 1.   Chop onions, layer bottom of crock pot with one onion

Step 2.   Coat the entire pork with the entire batch of dry rub that you made.

Step 3.  Layer the remaining chopped onion on top.

Cook on high for 4-5 hours, reduce to low for 2-3 hours.  

I didn't have that much time so cooked on high for 4 hours and low for about an hour and a half.  My point is, there is definitely some wiggle room.  

It fell apart just as it should and was Oh.Em.Gee. delish.   

I served these in lettuce wraps but they would be awesome in Ezekial wraps, over spinach, etc.   

Just simmering away in the my best friend (the crock pot, obvi).

And of course I have to top mine with Sirracha.     One of many.  There were many more where that came from.

Put this on the menu asap.   You won't be sorry.

See you guys back here tomorrow for WIAT, for reals.

So What Wednesday!!

As we go, yo!

*So What if now that it's a tundra in these parts, I'm back to passionately proclaiming that pajamas are  my favorite outfit?    I typically put on a "transitional" outfit when I get home from work (think leggings and a sweatshirt) as I just can't bring myself to put on pj's when it's still light outside, but secretly I want to.   But really, PJ's at 5 p.m. = Nursing home resident.  And I can't be having that.   But yeah, loving me some jam's.  

*Speaking of....So What if the only thing on my Christmas list is now PJ's, slippers, and nut butter products?    Seriously.   I'm gonna make the best old person.   I already drink hot tea non-stop and wake up at 4:30 a.m. half the time so I'm already well on my way.  

*So What if I can't even get over the fact that some of you have Christmas tree's up already??   I still love you, but seriously?   My Christmas #shenans do not start until the day after Thanksgiving.   Religiously.  The End.

*So What if I took a little dip in the 7 year olds Halloween candy bag last night?     I'm human too, friends.  It's true!  Why are Milk Duds so delicious???

*So What if a little birdy told me that Miley Cyrus is coming and I'm legit contemplating tickets??   The problem is, her show will not even be close to appropriate for 7 year old.   The other problem is, 7 year old is legit gonna blow a gasket if she finds out I'm going.     I guess what I'm saying is that I'm gonna have to hide the fact that I'm going to see Miley.   And the last problem is, this whole thing is not even remotely normal.  

*So What if GroopDealz sends me an email every morning and I want to order at least 50 percent of what they are trying to sell me?   I mean, 1000 striped pink paper straws?  Yes please.  But no!  I'm not a party planner, I do not need 1000 cute straws.  But why are they so cute?  Anthropologie "inspired" necklace?   Sure.   I'll take one of those too.  Monogrammed clutch?  Yep, hook me up.    GroupDealz is bad.  Bad, bad, bad.   I'm this close to spamming their emails...but then I'm afraid I'll miss something good.

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!  See you cats back here tonight!  


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Best Recipe Ever and Sunday Sentiments in Pics....

So here's what happened....

I woke up today with the sudden realization that I could not live another day on this green earth without  some type of Thai Peanut Chicken dish.  I could not.   I contemplated throwing in the towel for the day and going for the jugular and just going for Thai.  Noodles and all.   Then I remembered everything I ate yesterday and decided to improvise.  It's all about balance, friends.  

So I clearly went straight to google and started researching.  I found 3 or 4 pretty cleanish recipes and then kind of combined them.   And really, as far as I'm concerned, this shiz is 24 DC friendly.  #whatwhat?   The husband  called this restaurant quality.   So. dang. good.

Crockpot Advocare Thai Peanut Chicken 


2 lbs organic chicken tenderloins (boneless)
1 white onion
1 red pepper
3/4 cups natural, creamy Peanut Butter (be still, my heart)
3/4 c organic, low sodium chicken broth
1 lime (juiced)
1/3 c low sodium soy sauce
1 tsp cumin
sprinkle of curry
chopped scallions
crushed peanuts
chopped cilantro
Spinach, arugula, brown rice, or brown rice noodles.  Basically, whatever you want to serve it over.  I did spinach but wouldn't kick any of the above outta bed.

I made this entire dish in the crockpot.    However, this could definitely be done stove top.   

In crockpot....   

Throw in:

Chopped onion
Red pepper

In a bowl, combine PB, chicken broth, lime juice, soy sauce, cumin, and curry.   Pour this mixture over the above 3 ingredients.     Walk away.  

Cook on high for 3-4 hours.    Your house will smell amazing.   Seriously.

Serve over any of the above.  Top with chopped scallions, crushed peanuts, and chopped cilantro.   

Honestly, this is my fave bloggy recipe thus far.   Make it tomorrow.  

Alright, on with our regular shenans....

Who is up for Sunday Sentiments, pic edition?   Snapshots from the weekend....

1.  LOVED this chalkboard sign that I spotted today.   I mean, seriously.  How adorable.  And true.   And perfect.

2.  So you guys obvi know about my non- stop almond butter problems....   Imagine my delight, when I get a text telling me that something has been left in mailbox.   I know!   Pretty much made my life.   #thelittlethings

3.  Doing what I do best...being a boss at Title Boxing Club.   If you take my class you know my line...."commit to me for an hour and I PROMISE I'll have you walking outta here feeling amazing.  I will."    And these people did.  They rocked the house this weekend.

4.  Early morning Starbucks date.  Just me and this monkey.   Why is the kids hot chocolate cup so dang cute?   And why am I constantly wanting to eat her birthday cake pop in one bite?   

5.  Hummus plate happened.  The one that y'all have heard about before.   Get in ma belly, hummus plate.   Just like shwarma, I'm almost incapable of not ordering you.   When I find what I like, I don't stray.

6.  Took the Advo show on the road this weekend.  Akron, Ohio to be precise.   And had an awesome time with some pretty cool people.   Countdown to 24 Day Challenge is on.

7.  Ummm...yes, I know this looks disgusting.   However, you guys know about my love affair with the limited edition Gingerbread bar by now.   So I've been heating it in the mike for 10 seconds and it's legit dessert.   I know a lot of you ordered these so do yourself a large and try my technique stat.

8.  Spent a whole lot of time with these foo's.  And learned a whole lot.  7 year old told me that you have to be 20 years old until God gives you boobs.   And 3 1/2 year old told me "when you don't like what someone tells you, just ignore them."    And 7 year old told me that she's afraid that someone is gonna steal #runnerdog and steal all of his skin.   When I inquired on why "someone" would want his skin she responded with "to make a fur jacket..duh?"    So if he ever goes missing, keep your eyes peeled for an individual wearing a #runnerdog fur coat.

So there's the weekend in a nutshell.

But seriously, make the Thai Peanut dish tomorrow.  Not even kidding.   

Night Lovers!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Letters!

Dear 3 1/2 year old, If you could be a lamb and stop getting in trouble at school, that would be fabulous.  You're awesome, ya see, but your strong willed personality is kinda over the top.   Yes, I realize that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and all.   Really though,  if you could seriously simmer down, that'd be great.

Dear Trader Joe,   Where oh where is the almond butter!?!?  I'm borderline stalking you at this point.   

Dear Target,   Why does your seasonal decor area have to be so pretty???  And blingy?  And beautiful?  I really want that sparkly, white, impractical wreath.    Clearly, I'm gonna have to make it mine.   And it's gonna make me have a holly, jolly holiday indeed.

Dear Hummus Plate,  I'm coming for you.   It's been way too  long #TLF #TLA

Dear 7 year old,     I can not manage this household and keep track of your Rainbow Loom at the same time.  I can't.    So put it in the spot where it belongs and stop asking me where your Rainbow Loom went.   It's kind of making me certifiable.

Dear Lululemon,  I'm kinda sad that I have to  break up with you but this is bad and I was already getting kind of annoyed with you anyway.   Now, I'm not saying we won't ever get back together because I have no doubt that you've got some tricks up your sleeve.  But for now, I'm going back to UA, Gapfit, and Athleta.  So there.

Dear Work Friend,  Thanks for practically making me pee my pants in a public restaurant with  stories of your sorority days.   Yes, I realize my stories were no better.   We really should not be allowed in public together.   For realz.

Happy Friday, Lovers!

See ya back here Sunday!   

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things You Need!...Domestic Edition

Here's the deal...I'm no domestic goddess.   Aside from cooking and attempting to boss the husband around, I really don't even have any domestic skills.   Truth be told, I have a cleaning lady and pretty much count down the days until she graces me with her presence again.   However, I do know some short cuts and I know what I like and I know what you need.  So as always, here we go, yo!

You guys, this is seriously magic and pretty much what dreams are made of.   I have not picked up an iron in months and I'm not even exaggerating for once.   You spray this on your wrinkled item, you run your hands down said wrinkled item a few times, and wa-lah!!  It's  honestly pretty much like you just spent 15 minutes ironing.    Now the downside is that this does make your clothes slightly damp.   However, I'll take damp over the rigaramaroo of an iron any day of the week.  If you don't have this, get it immediately.  I always get it at Target for around $7.

Yes, I know there are a million things wrong with this.   The chemicals, the aerosol can...yes I know.  However, I can't help myself and here's why.  You see, I bought this on a whim and then used it on my granite, sink, and faucets and omg.   The shine is exquisite.  It just is.  I wanted to hate it.  I did.   However, the smell, the shine, the ease.  It's just all too fabulous.  #pleasedonthateme,iloveyou.   Now, somehow there is not much product in this can so if you love shiny countertops like me, you're gonna burn through this in about 5 days.   Don't be mad.

Okay this may be my favorite on the list.     I burned through my first one in about 2 years and immediately drove to Target the second it died for a second one.   Here's the deal.   This is a rechargeable vacuum that a) sucks up crumbs, hair, and other gross stuff that the naked eye can't even see.  And  b) has the magnetic pad, which gets the remainder of the gross stuff that the vacuum doesn't get.    It's freaking awesome.   Don't feel like bending over with a dust pan?  No problem!  Don't need one with this jim dandy.   Everything is contained in that little canister.  Love, love, love.   Get one tomorrow.

I always, always  have this in the house.  For everything from getting ketchup stains out of the kids clothes, to cleaning up #Runnerdog accidents, to cleaning up spills and on the carpet, to a laundry booster...I mean honestly.   If I don't know what to do about something, I typically pull out the OxiClean.   Always.   I'm sure you guys already know about and have this one but if I can save one person from it is!

Is there anything more miraculous than white vinegar???   (aside from the other things I've mentioned above, that is?)    I use this for windows, my floors, bathroom countertops, another laundry booster, the list goes on.  I've linked you guys above the zillion ways to use it.   It's cheap.  And awesome.  If you're worried about your house smelling like a pickle, it will.  But it will go away in about 30 minutes.  And if you burn fabulous candles, it will go away even quicker. 

As always, I swear I don't work for B&BW.  However, I have these in almost every room.   It took me awhile to get hooked on these.   Partially because I wasn't keeping up on when they needed refills.   If you are on top of this though, your house will smell amazing.  Promise you that.   They are constantly on sale (kinda like my candles...did anyone get 2 for $22 this week? #hollah!).   This tiny wallflower packs a whole lot of fabulous punch.   It does.  So my point is, load up, buy em when they are on sale, and change them all out at the same time.   You won't be sorry. 

There you have it, lovers!   Things you need, domestic edition!    Pretty sure there is more where that came from.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Letters!  #whatwhat