Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

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As always, here we go yo!

And as always, before the sun came up... Spark and 3 Catalyst.  (old pic, same deal)

As you all know, I typically never eat before super early morning workouts.  However, after this Spark/Catalyst, I somehow felt like I could eat a small village of cattle.  

A random Pure Protein bar was necessary before heading out.  

I headed to the gym for a 3.5 mile easy run on the treadmill (taper, I hate you. #whyyoumakemesosad?) and then a 30 minute shred sesh.  I did lunges, squats, abs, and back.

Had a green tea (two bags yo's) at the gym and headed home.

Breakfast was a Jim Dandy with a capital JD.

Oh mylanta.   Here's the deal.

Heaping tbsp Almond Butter

That's it. 

But you guys, there is something magical about this combo.    So dang good.

Around 10, I had this.  And I obvi ate the nuts before I remembered it was WIAW so here we have an empty package of nuts.  #keepinitreal

I also had 3 Omegaplex  

A little before my  1 p.m. meeting, I did something bad.  I was starving and  hadn't had lunch and wasn't prepared or planed or prepped or anything responsible and logical.    And I was Starving with a capital S.   Basically all of the stuff that I tell you guys to do that is super important.... Basically everything that I preach on the reg.....    Yeah, I didn't do that today.   Almost a huge fail.  But it wasn't. 

 I did what any rational person would do 5 minutes before their meeting and I illegally parked in a fire lane for a hot second with my hazards on so I could get a salad.

I know, I'm ashamed.    But again, just #keepinitreal.   And I even had a super innocent, sweet co-worker with me during this event and I'm  pretty sure she's appalled.   Yet, she kinda grinned the whole time I told her it was an emergency and we were parking in the fire lane so I'm thinking she won't be reporting me to  our boss  or the authorities and at best, she may have even liked it.  Christina, I'm looking at you!  Loosen up, Buttercup!

And after risking my life, I ended up with this salad, which was nothing to write home about.  At all.   Basically spinach, strawberries, almonds, and chicken.   I ate it because I was starving.  But no dice.  Oh and I was pretty much still hungry after I ate it.   #dontchahatethat?

When I got home, I had Spark/ Thermoplus.  

I then  had a couple (unpictured) bites of one of those fabulous Pumpkin Protein Bars that I made yesterday.

We ended having dinner at the club and I had my fave hummus plate ever.   You've heard about it before, but I'm a little obsessed.   We have copious amounts of spicy red pepper hummus and black olive hummus with lots of perfectly seasoned  grilled veggies.     The hubs got the same thing but with a side of grilled chicken, which I promptly stole a few bites of.    Seriously, love this meal.  

Oh and I may have had a a glass or two of Pinot Noir. 

The waiter basically said it was the perfect pairing so it was the right thing to do. 

I may or may not be going for a dip in the AB jar for dessert momentarily.

There you have it, friends!  As always, riveting, no?

See you back here for Friday Letters, for realz.

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