Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

First off... look at my new, cute WIAW button!   Made 'specially for me by my homegirl (whom I've known for at least 9 years but never met in real #craycray is that?!)...  It's not even fair.  

Anyway, who's ready for some WIAW?

Let's see...

Spark, Catalyst, and my MNS (3) "before breakfast" pack when I woke up at an ungodly hour, per usual.

 I've cycled back onto MNS 3 and I'm LOVING it.     I really think when we take a break from specific products for a few weeks and cycle back on, they seem so much more effective.  Loving my MNS right now.

Breakfast was made in the Tupperware "egg maker thingy" and was pretty delish.

I threw in 2 whole eggs, 1/2 cup of egg whites, turkey, green pepper, a ton of spinach, red pepper flakes, sea salt and ground pepper.   I cooked that for 3 minutes.   Added some cheddar and cooked for another 30 seconds.   A blob of salsa and it's a done deal.

I also had my "with breakfast" MNS packs.

As I was getting ready for work, I had a green tea delivered by the hubs.  Mainly cuz I'm a granny like that.  

Around 10:30, at a work meeting,  I found about 3/4 of a protein bar in my bag.   Am I the only person who always has a random protein bar (sometimes whole/ sometimes half eaten) in their bag?  I can't decide if I ate this because I needed entertainment or if I was really hungry. 

At any rate, loving these Think Thin bars.  For realz.

On the way to lunch, I had the last of the MNS pack, which is obvi the "before lunch" pack.  And then lunch....  You guys, I'm real sorry that I ate Schwarma again and am giving you nothing new to look at.  However, it really couldn't be helped.  I hadn't had it in over a week and I swear a magnetic pull just took over and made me go there.    I will say that I got something "slightly" different so you guys can't be all that mad.

Here we have the small portion of Chicken Schwarma (be still, my little heart...) and a side of hummus.   See that corner of the bread basket?   We legit have to have that removed upon arrival.   Mainly because it's always a bad idea to have it sitting there looking at you if you don't want an extra 700 calories of empty carbs.  Unless it's your birthday.  Then you can have it.
 But yeah, my friend got the normal Schwarma salad  that you guys have seen 100 times and I will admit that I was secretly #totesjelly.  However, I shook things up and took one for the team.  Mainly for the bloggy.  #itsaroughlife

I had a hot Mandarin Spark as I finished my workday at home.    Do you guys know about hot orange Spark?  If you don't, you need to become best friends with it immediately.  It's the best in the fall and winter.  Promise.

 3 more Catalyst before I hit the gym for a shred sesh.  Still pretty full of Schwarma so no Muscle Gain shake, which is my pre workout snack if I'm working out in the afternoon. 

Workout-  30 minutes of speed work on the tready followed by approx. 30 minutes of some pretty speedy sets of weights.  I think I hit every body part.  

And tonight was one of those nights where every person that lives here ate a different dinner.   Certainly, we can't be the only ones.

I ended up whipping up a pretty fab tuna/ avocado/ egg/ chickpea salad.

This consisted of: 
1 can of tuna
1 avocado
2 boiled eggs
1/2 can of chick peas
Sea Salt
Crushed Black Pepper
Onion Powder
Greek Yogurt Dressing (about 2 tbsp)

So yeah,  yum.  I put this over spinach with a side of shredded carrots, light balsamic vinaigrette, and a few pieces of crustini.  Normally I would have Wasa with this.  However, we were out and I was desperate for something crunchy and carby so this fit the bill.   

There you have it, loves!   The always riveting WIAW!

See you guys back here for the even MORE riveting Thursday Thoughts!  #youknowyouloveit


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  1. I have the mandarin spark.....never thought about having it warm.....thanks for the idea! I live in the Columbus area.....a new reader. Where is the restaurant that sells you the chicken schwarma you love so much? I had the chicken thai burrito and salad at North Star and loved it. They have no nutritional value for it but the peanut sauce was to die for and I know you love your peanut butter!