Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Troubles

First things first!  It's OCTOBER!    Which is pretty much my favorite month.   I really love all things October, it's the best.  It just is.  So giddy up!

And.....Who is ready for some Tuesday Troubles?   (Button straight up lifted from Jen....it's cool.)

Obvi, these aren't #firstworldproblems.   However, they are my current "troubles" and I need somewhere to briefly complain.  

* Speaking of Jen,  I am waaay more jelly than a real friend should be that she is in Vegas and I'm not.   But don't you worry, I'll be there very soon and she'll be openly expressing the same jellies.   This isn't our first rodeo.    What can I say?  We both love to gamble.

*And...  I went to a Dr. appt. on the wrong day yesterday.   You see, that appointment was actually not yesterday at all.   I had the time right, but yeah, that's about it.   I told you guys I need an assistant.

* My neighbor threatened to call the "taper police" when she saw me running this morning.  You see, that run was totally legal but now I'm thinking she is gonna bust my chops every time she see's me running for 3 weeks straight and that's just gonna be a hassle.   Close your blinds, neighbor.  Yes, I know you are reading.

* Speaking of running, the marathon is in 19 days.  Say What???

*Why does all of my good makeup run out at the same time?   Girls, you know this means I have to go drop some serious dinero on replacements.  However, it's not an exciting purchase because I'm just buying the same loot that I already have.     I know I can't be the only one.

*This #runnerdoggy of mine nearly pulled my arm out of its socket when he saw a family of squirrels this morning.  It was as if everything he had ever dreamed of was coming true, with the exception of his pesky owner holding him back.   But yeah, I almost went down.  He's a wildebeest, for sure.

See?  I feel better already.   See y'all back here tomorrow for the always fun So What Wednesday!    

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