Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

Stealing Jen's button once again for TT.

Randmon Thursday Thoughts by AR!

* So these neighbor kids of mine are totally questioning my ability to do a "Freeze!"   If you follow me on the Insta (Advorunner), you know that 7 year old taught me my skillz in the living room just last week.    So....I go to drive said neighbors to dance class last night and they're all "Umm....Are you sure you can really do a freeze?"  I'm all "Say What!?  Don't make me prove myself, kids!  Cuz I'll do it!"   Then they look to 7 year old for further info and 7 year old has my back, but geez!   This is the mom that  did a perfect Roundoff last summer just for you fools.  Don't make me do a freeze in the middle of the street the night of Halloween (in a wind storm, no less) just to prove myself again.    Because you know I'll do it.  I will.

*Pretty much obsessed with all of the messages I've received from those of you that have located the infamous lipgloss that I told you all that you needed and then couldn't find a back up tube for myself.   You guys are legit awesomesauce.

*So have you guys ever gone through the Starbucks drive thru and anonymously paid for the person behind you?  If you haven't, you need to immediately.   I try and do this every few weeks and every single time it instantly makes me happy.    And obvi it makes the anonymous person happy.  Because really, who knows what is really going on in anyone's life at any given moment anyway?   Maybe that person is having a crappy day, just got horrible news, is dealing with health issues of themselves or family.    And what if this little anonymous gesture has given them a little spark of happiness in their day?   And if they aren't having a bad day or dealing with anything horrible, well then you've just made their good day even better.     Oh and not to mention, the drive thru employee even reaps some happiness and positive energy.   They get to be the deliverer of good news to the person behind you, ya see.   Again, do this #stat.

*Why do people like that "What Does the Fox Say?" song???   Riddle me that.  I'm so perplexed.   At first I thought it was just a song that teenagers were supposed to like.   However, I'm noticing quite a few of you in my own age demographic and perhaps even one up, who know waaaay too many words. (Said the girl who loves 1D and Miley Cyrus...okay nevermind) 

*So,  tomorrow is gonna be legendary... Cuz I'm introducing my running mama's to Schwarma for the very first time for lunch.   Obvi, this will be bloggy worthy.   But yeah, a little lunch send off for the NYC marathon girls and really, Schwarma made perfect sense.    And somehow I've convinced them to drive from the bubble in which we live, in the middle of the day, in order to experience Schwarma as it should be experienced.    Yes, that'll be twice for me this week if you're counting.  For those of you who have inquired on the name of this restaurant in which this Schwarma is's called Lavash. You're welcome. 

*And speaking of songs, OMG does that Bruises song by Train  make anyone else so super sad?    I die.  I want Train guy to get back together with that high school girl so very badly!    Do it, ask her out.    You know you're dying to.   Pretty sure she's gonna say yes.  Do it now.

Happy Halloween, friends!


  1. It's so funny that you mention "What Does the Fox Say?" because I just think people don't get it. It was not meant to be a song that hit the top 40s, I think, because it's from a comedy group. They're not being serious at all. And while I think the video is great, the song is just not as catchy as some of what The Lonely Island produced (Andy Samburg's group).

    1. Ang, thanks for the input! I'm just so perplexed by it!