Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with my homegirl, Jen for a little TT.

*Ahh!  What a week.  One of those weeks where I kind of need a short vacation from my life.  Lots of emotions and PMB's and happiness and sadness and craziness and well, I'm a little bit fried.   

*So apparently I was supposed to be collecting Box Tops.   And apparently, every other mom in America knew this.   Except for me.   Soooo tonight at 7 year olds Halloween event at school, the kids were supposed to vote on their favorite carved pumpkin and the "ballots" were these little said Box Tops.  Meaning whichever pumpkin got the most Box Tops won.   Box Tops that their mother's had lovingly been collecting for what appeared to be years.      I happened to read the email about tonight about 30 minutes before we were due to leave.  I launched a quick investigation to find that we probably shouldn't show up Box Topless just in case this was a big deal or something.  I scour the shelves of my pantry to find a total of  4 sad Box Tops on random cereal boxes.    And somehow we were lucky enough to get sandwiched in between the kids with a zillion "ballots."  Mine had 4.   Pretty sure she hates me.   #MOTY

*I am pretty much suddenly dying to see the Conjuring.  I hear it's terrifyingly scary and really, what's better than that the week before Halloween!?  And is it really a true story???  Cuz if it is, that makes my belly hurt even more!

* I kinda legit can't get over Lady Gaga's latest get up.   And I kinda legit can't resist posting a pic.


HA! I mean, what?!  I know it's all part of her deal but seriously.....  This is #ridic, yet #hilar.   And I somehow can't get enough.

*#Runnerdog is getting his wig busted big time tomorrow and I'm already sad.   Why oh why do I love that #runnerdog with a giant 'fro?   Now granted, he can barely see, but dang he looks cute.

*I'm growing increasingly concerned about the weekend football forecast.   We've got a night game up in here and 30's and low 40's in the evening is really gonna present some problems for me.   Jym Ganahl, this is not acceptable.  It's just not.   Could you be a lamb and fix this?

* Pretty sure I'm not gonna know what to do with myself without a long run on the Saturday morning agenda.   I can't live like this.   Must sign up for something immediately.

*Have I told you guys about the time I accidentally let an old co-worker believe that 7 year olds name was Olivia?  For months.     Well, this all began right after I returned from maternity leave and I somehow couldn't bring myself to correct this sweet girl who repeatedly kept asking "How's your baby?  How's Olivia!?"    And then it went on for way too long for me to correct her and well, it  just became too late. Well this is kind of a repeat of that, only now the jokes on me.   Ya see, a sweet little elderly-ish co worker that I don't see all that regularly is very confidently calling me Jessica.  I can't bring myself to correct her.    And now it's becoming too late again.  What's wrong with me?  Certainly this is not normal.  In her defense, I can "kind of" understand the confusion.  Jennifer...Jessica...We're all a product of the '70's.

And there you have it, my little friends!   My captivating and riveting Thursday Thoughts!

If I can get my act together, I'll see y'alls back here for Friday Letters.  If not, I'll catch you this weekend, for shiz.

Laters Babies.

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