Monday, October 28, 2013

Things You Need...October Edition!

It's been a minute.  But back by popular request...things you need!

1.   Have I really not talked about the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf up in here?   Oh Em Gee.

So I have two and they are life changing and you will basically make them part of your fall/winter "uniform" the second you become a proud owner.  I promise you that.

So they have a zillion snaps and you can basically wear them 100 different ways.  And every time you'll get a zillion complements and random people will say "where'd you get that scarf?!"   Not even kidding.    Ladies, you need this in your life imeed.

2.   The first of my two new lipgloss obsessions.   Firstly we have Bobbi Brown Aubergine.   Now in all honesty, I pretty much lifted this from my mom when I was home for my high school reunion.   Ya see, my mom is a total product junkie like myself.  Apple doesn't fall from the tree.   Anyway, every time I'm home, I snoop through her bathroom with a fine tooth comb, examining her latest finds and hoping she'll tell me to take something.   Anyway, I found this beauty and cut right to the chase busting out with " Can I please have this!?"   Obvi she said yes and it's been love at first gloss since.

This is THE perfect plummy, browny, non-sparkly, sophisticated lip gloss ever.   Now, my primary concern is that I tried to link you guys and did not find anywhere online that has it in stock.  Which is a) gonna make me hoard the tube that I currently have and b) want to drive at dangerously high speeds to the mall tomorrow to see what in the french toast is going on here.   But yes, this gloss is AMAZING.  And it doesn't go on nearly as dark as this photo would lead you to believe.

3.   Essie Demure Vixen .   Seriously LOVE this.   It's a perfect neutral and such a great purpley/ grey/ beige, if you will.   It has a teeny bit of sparkle which I am NEVER typically a fan of.  However, somehow it really works with this polish and looks way modern.   You are gonna need this stat.

4. Old Navy Rockstar Jeans.     I will wholeheartedly openly admit that I used to be the. biggest. jeans. snob. ever.   Not even kidding.  If it wasn't designer and fitting me like a glove, and needing hemming, tailoring, etc., oh and at least $200, I wasn't biting.   UNTIL, I discovered ON Rockstar jeans.   You guys, I swear these have saved my jean life.   And saved my bank account.  These fit amazing.  And are CHEAP.  I probably have 10 pair in rotation.   They are around $30 full price but are usually on sale for some odd reason.   So if I wear them for one season, no big.    The stretch is perfect, the pockets are totally plain, which I love, and they come in a zillion washes, colors, lengths, etc.  Get there and try them on, imeed.   Now, I'll warn you, the sizing can be a bit weird, depending on what wash, color, etc. you are dealing with.  I probably have 3 different sizes in these so you are definitely going to want to try them on.  But yes, you need them.

Oh look and celebrities wear them too.  #nbd. 

5.  Revlon Super Natural Lipgloss.   Obsessed.   So remember how we went to CVS the night before the marathon to buy Smartwater and makeup?   Well, my dear friend basically demanded that we all buy this life changing lip gloss.  I figured anything to sidetrack me from the marathon would be good, so in the basket it went.   Holy Crap.  This reminds me SO much of Bobbi Brown Nude (that I've blogged about before), yet it's legit 1/4 of the price.   And pretty much looks amazing on top of any liner or lipstick.  Not even kidding.   Perfect Nude.  Perfect.

6.  Another thing I can't believe I haven't talked about in these parts.   Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream SPF 15.   I discovered this stuff at least 10 years ago.  However, sometimes I stray because I think I need something "fancier" and more powerful.  That's what we do.     Yet, I ALWAYS come back.  Always.   This stuff is legit.  Especially for the price.   We're talking $12 here friends.   A decent amount of retinol, spf 15, which I realize isn't a ton but I typically layer this, non comedogenic, and oil free.   Basically all of my problems are covered.   Honestly, I love this stuff.

There you have it.   So do yourself a solid and go ahead and get yourself at least 6 of these items immediately.   You're welcome.

  I'm seeing lots of new readers and faces so just wanted to say thanks for sticking around for my nonsense and shenans.   You guys are honestly awesome and I'm thinking a giveaway is in the near future just to say thanks.     See you guys back here Wednesday for SWW!


  1. I was all set to go looking for that Bobbi Brown color but think I will see what they have at CVS instead. :-)

    1. I see your point but I'm fairly certain you're gonna need both! :)

  2. Next CVS trip take a look at Revlon Colorburst lipgloss (square tube) in Sunbaked. It's a very Bobbi Brown-like my lips but better brownish pink. No sparkle and not sticky.

  3. Meredith, duly noted!! Will check that out asap! Thanks for the rec!

  4. They have the bobbi brown lipgloss on