Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Sentiments

Hi friends!  Another busy weekend in the books.   

So the highlight of the weekend was the Run Like a Girl Half Marathon.   You guys, I loved this race.   It was ALL women and the energy was amazing.  It really was.   My friends were laughing at me because literally not even two minutes in I was proclaiming "OMG, I LOVE THIS RACE!!!"     The energy was just awesome and it was a sea of pink supporting all kinds of amazing causes.   So yeah, I really loved it.    We used this as a training run.   We had 12 on the schedule for the weekend and a halfy is 13.1, ya know?   So it just worked out.  But it was basically lots of #girlpower and girls supporting each other and their running endeveors, no matter what their fitness level, which I LOVE to the moon and back.

We cracked up all along the course and finish line of the obviously single men who were there because they knew it was an all girls race.  Really, prime spot for any single boy in the 614.    It was hilar and obvious, but also totally rational.    And they were pulling out the big guns.   They brought signs, dogs, beverages, the whole deal.  

Everyone gets wine at the finish.  

And lots of firefighters in tuxedos pass them out.  Carrie, it's time to start running.  It just is.  

What else?    Other weekend shenans.......

We had a family birthday party and my dad wore his new dark straight leg jeans that I bought and kinda forced him into.   Because,  ya see, he was a Levi's wearing man and I basically had to lay down the law and  tell him that old school Levi's are not acceptable.   They just aren't.   But now he's convinced that he looks like a Beatle in these straight legs.  As in, a member of the band, the Beatles.     #idie  But he looks a zillion times more modern and cute in these straight legs so I think he's sticking with my pretty much legal advice.

After said party, we ended up at BW3's to watch part of the OSU game.   No pics but I may have consumed a few wings and a couple Blue Moon's.    Cuz I love them both.  Plus I had just ran a half.  Plus, it was just necessary.  So there.  

What else? 

The 3 year old got a new bed.   She looks like a little nugget up in here, which I love. 

And #Homeslice had a soccer game and scored the one and only goal.   And  yeah, they tied, which is basically a win for these monkeys so go Maroon 12!

I woke up to this fabulousness.   Perfect amount of PB left in the jar for something legit.   I went with egg whites and one egg, topped with cinnamon and stevia.   All melted together in this rare gem.  #dontjudge.

Oh and then a fun trip to TJ's where I picked up these beauties.
ps-  Is anyone else incapable of going to TJ's without picking up at least one bunch of flowers?  I'm just not.   Fresh flowers, my Sweater Weather candle, and a mini pumpkin.   Be still, my heart.

There you have it.  The weekend in a nutshell.   See y'alls back here within the next 48.

Laters Baby.


  1. I believe it is the law if you go to TJ's, you must get flowers. And OMG wine after the half? I should have had B run that in his super short shorts for the ladies to giggle at.

  2. It was so great meeting you on Sunday... have you tried the wine yet?

    So funny, yesterday I just said walking into TJ's made me want to buy flowers every time.

  3. Glad I met you on Saturday! And that I found your blog. That race was really fun!