Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Sentiments / Weekend Wrap Up

Here we go, yo.

The weekend wrap up in pics.

Day One....

1.  Hilarious dinner with my ex hospital co-workers.  You know my friends that have the 3 year long group text going??   Yeah, that's them.   So obviously we had no regard for our surroundings and borderline made a scene numerous times, which is par for the course.

2.  A wine flight?  Don't mind if I do.  LOVE the Wine Bistro.  Columbus friends, we have three locations now so if you aren't all over this, I feel sad for you.  It's a super fun girls night but we have also frequented it for date night.   Just good food, good atmosphere, and good wine, obvi.

3.  Speaking of good food.  I'm madly in love with this veal meatball.   I'm also incapable of not getting it.  #truth. 

4.  Then I hung out with this fool who just so happens to be my nabe and bestie.

Day Two...

1.  Early morning run with #Runnerdoggy before I took him home and I had to bust out my 8 miler.   Last real training run before Columbus 2013!  Say whahhhh?

2-5.   What do I say?   7 Year old's birthday party at Sweet and Sassy.  Yes, I know.   Creating monster's right before my very eyes.   This entailed hair, makeup, nails, a runway show, and a dance party on the runway.   At one point, I contemplated applying for a part time job when One Direction came blaring over the system for said dance party.   I really did.    All in all, a super fun and exciting day for this little 7 year old of mine....who actually thinks she's 13.

Day Three...

1.  Fun hay ride at our favorite pumpkin farm.  We ran into lots of friends there too, which was a fun little addition.

2.  Just lovin' on some goats.  #NBD

3.  Out of all of the fun to be had at this place, these giant rolling tubes won the prize.   I'm perplexed.

4.  Just obsessing over new music for my Columubs playlist, which will be posted shortly.  Promise ya that.

5.  Busting out the chucks for the first time this season.

6.  Obsessing over the fact that I have to run 26.2 miles in a few short days.   Seems like the Columbus Marathon people just won't let me forget about this.

7.  BW3's for the game, per ususal.   Blackened chicken salad, get in my belly.

On deck on the bloggy this week.....

- A new Advo friendly recipe!

- My Columbus Marathon playlist!

- So  What Wednesday!

- What I Ate Wednesday

and by popular request...

- Another "things you need" post!

Hope you all had a fabulous, fall weekend.   

Laters Babes.


  1. Great weekend pictures!!!

    Bryan ran his marathon today. He's a *little* sore.

  2. Sounds like a really fun weekend! I will have to keep the Wine Bistro in mind next time I venture to Columbus!