Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Sentiments and Weekend Wrap Up

Ahhh, you guys, this weekend was just awesome.  It just was.  In so many ways.   I got to see so many people that I love.   So many people that I hadn't seen in forever.    And I got to appreciate life in so many ways.  And I got to feel thankful and grateful again and again.  And well.   It was just a magical weekend.

So Friday night was my TWENTY (gasp) year High School reunion.  I know.   But the problem is, I don't feel a second over the age that I was when we all graduated in 1993.   And based on my observations, there are several of us that still feel this way. 

What a fun, hilarious, #craycray night.   

The first rule of thumb is, never give me a microphone.  Just don't.   Bad things always tend to happen. Plus, I'm a TOTAL microphone hog.   Legit.   Somebody rip that thing outta my hand, stat.

And the second rule of thumb is, never give the husband a microphone.   I came outta the bathroom and saw this on the stage. 

Yeah, that would be a full on rendition of 50 Cent "Inda Club."   So there's that.

But really,  it was all about the people.

My lifelong DEAR friend.    So we pretty much lived at each other's houses from 6th-12th grade. And we vacationed with each other's families.   And we painted each other's toenails more times than I'd like to admit.  And really, she was just the sister I never had.   And now, life is busy and we both have jobs, monkeys, and full time lives.  So we talk but we don't get together nearly as much as we should.  But when we do, it's one of those situations where not a second of time has passed.    And her heart is amazing and she's just one of those people that you could count on for anything and everything.    The bottom line is, she's a super successful woman but really, she hasn't changed one iota since the day we became BFF's when we were 11 years old.    And really, that's an amazing quality.  

And then there are these girls.   And again, we danced our booties off and not a second had passed since 1993.  There have been lots of hardships and losses and successes and happiness with these girls.  But life happens and they're real and they're good for the soul and I kept thinking, why don't we do this more often?!?   So awesome to see you ladies.

The little brother came.  And he introduced me to something bad called a "little beer."  Do you guys know about this?   

I had never heard of such a thing.   It's a tiny little drink, I guess you could call it a shot (!), that legit tastes like a rich ice cream milkshake.   My hands were tied.

So the night ended back at my moms with her scrounging up late night food and being a short order cook, (LEGIT), just like the olden days.   

Such a fun night.  

Saturday morning, we headed home at the crack because 7 year old had a soccer game in the pouring rain.  I know.   Now is the time to cry for me, Argentina.  

The rest of the day, I tried to chill and rest up as much as possible because I obvi had 26.2 hanging over my head in just a few short hours.

Saturday night, a couple home slices and I went for a little carb action.  

And this was mine.  Margherita pizza totes hit the carb loading spot.   I had half of this with a few pieces of pre-dinner bread and felt satisfied, yet not stuffed to the gills.

And then we did what was necessary and we went to CVS to buy giant SmartWater's and new mascara for the race!   (What?!)  #dontjudge

The verdict is still out on this but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be life changing within a few days so stand by.

And THEN, race day rolled around as it always does.  Truly, it was a crazy, amazing race.   I think all of my running mama's PR'd!!!  More on that tomorrow.

First of all, I'm borderline obsessed with this pic of my two monkeys, waiting on me to come in at the finish.  I die.   7 year  old is used to these shenans.   This is kinda what she knows.  But 3 1/2 year old is just now figuring it out.  And she's infatuated and wore my medal all afternoon.  I can't express how much I love this.   I just do.  In a perfect world, I'm breeding runners, ya see.

So anyway,  I didn't tell you guys because I didn't want you to be sad for me if I didn't meet my goal.   But partially because I didn't want to publicly fail.  I know.     My IRL friends knew, which is obvi some of you, but I just couldn't bring myself to put it out there for the whole blogosphere.  The bottom line is,  I was REALLY gunning to get a Sub 4.  I really trained that way all season, even though I may have slightly minimized it on this little bloggy 'o mine.  But the bottom line is, sub 4 is HARD!     It's HARD.    And I wasn't sure that  I had it in me.  

But I did!!!!!

And official time-  3:49:46.  Owned that biz by 10 minutes and 14 seconds if you're a mathematician, like me.   What, what!?

Beat up and high on life.   

And tonight was meant for fried japs and queso

And of course a giant margarita.  Because if you love me, you know I want this as a reward.

So tomorrow will entail a FULL race recap.  Including all of the things that went wrong during this race, my splits, and of course some personal shenans, per usual.

I can't express my heartfelt appreciation enough.  I saw so many of you unexpectedly on the course today.   Yelling my name with a vengeance.   You offered me water, bananas, and little unexpected angels appeared outta nowhere.  I'll get into all of it tomorrow.   But really.  Dang, I love you guys.   I really do.

See you tomorrow, friends.



  1. Why is it that I always want to become a hard core runner and sign up for any marathon within a 3 state radius after i read your post? I love and hate you for this. ;)

    1. Niki, I love you and hate you for teasing me with this. Please become a runner and run a race with me so we can officially be BFF's forever.

  2. Niki, I love you and hate you for teasing me with this. Please become a runner and run a race with me so we can officially be BFF's forever.