Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So What Wednesday!!

As always, linking up with the fab Shan.   And as always,  here we go, yo!

*So What if I'm fairly certain that Jym Ganahl is gonna ruin neighborhood Halloween yet again?   I guess he's paying me back for perfect marathon weather???  That's really the only explanation.  

*So What if I have 6 weeks to Vegas, but who is counting?!   Bright lights and chaos, I really miss you... and me love you long time.    

*So What if I have 4 friends running in the #ING #NYC #Marathon and I can. not. wait. to. stalk. them!?   Yes, this isn't typically a race where PR's happen.  However, these peeps are super well trained and I just can't wait to see what happens.   Yikes!!!!   I'm just pumped.  

*So What if somehow my schedule be getting #craycray up in here again?   It just is.  I thought we solved this problem.  

*So What if it's not even November 1st and I'm legit already ready for the pool to reopen?   I'm cold!   Plus, I miss Summer Boardwalk.   And I really need the sun.   I just do.

*So What if I am totally torn on the new release by 1D?    I'm sorry 1D, but your "sound" is getting just a little too mature for my liking and I can't be having that.

*So What if I've started making my own facial Vitamin C peels?    What?!?   I'm practically a Doctor and I swear it's the bee's knees.   "Recipe" to come soon.

So What if I got scared and went to pick up another Revlon Super Natural Lip Gloss yesterday and two places were OUT!?  Totally out!  Did all of the 614 run to buy this gloss?    If so, we're all gonna be lookin' fine.

See you guys back here tonight for WIAW!!!  Happy Wednesday, friends.


  1. Ugh I am right there with ya about the pool. It snowed last week in Chicago and I am just so not ready for all that nonsense!

    1. I saw pics of snow from some of my Chicago friends on the FB! What on earth!?

  2. :)) 6 weeks to Vegas not too bad, really!
    I am interested to know about your facials!

    found you via SWW
    Z@ kickickingkilos

    1. You got it, girly! I'll be posting the "recipe" possibly this weekend!