Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So What Wednesday!!! Picture Edition!...what,what?

As always, linking up with my girl Shan.  And as always, here we go, yo!

So What if I'm legit obsessed with this amazing fall dip???  Ya see, the hostess with the mostess served this yesterday and everyone in the 614 was basically face down.  Don't you love the phone screenshot? #keepinitreal

I've had this before and it's basically life changing. 
So.. if you want to make this more low carb/ low sugar than this original fabulous recipe, you're gonna want to do this....Substitute sugar free pudding (found everywhere) and sugar free cool whip for the real deal.   Now, you might die of artificial sweetener poisoning for a second but we're talking once in a blue moon here and fall is meant for happiness.  So there.  

So What if my girls and I did something totally sketch yesterday?  Ya see, the floors to our normal Body Pump room are being refinished this week.    And well, we couldn't live a week without Body Pump.   So we took matters into our own hands and did what any other insane group of weight lifting fools would do.   We "borrowed" the weights from our club for just a hot minute.  #NBD.  They are all safe and sound back in their original spot so don't go calling 911.  However, there may or may not have been multiple people involved in smuggling said weights out of the club, well before the sun came up.     And I may or may not have dropped my weights in the lobby, causing a giant scene.   I made eye contact with no one, gathered my weights and fled the scene immeed.      But I got what I came for. 

And then we set up shop in my friends' living room.    And we Body Pumped for an hour.  And it was seriously hilarious, awesome, and a hells of a workout.

#criminalactivity #insane #certifiable #itainteasybeingfit  #snacksafterBP #hollah

So What if the 7 year old is now sleeping in a sleep mask and I can't get enough of these #shenans?

How is she not scared that someone is gonna sneak up and yell "boo!?" I would legit be terrified in a sleep mask.  I just would.

So What if I'm still majorly addicted to Hot & Spicy?   And let's just say I got another friend addicted and I just witnessed a purchase of no less than 4 jars.   Enjoy, boo!      Pretty sure Krema is gonna start owing me a cut any day. 

So What if the full on weather stalking has begun?   Pretty much every hour on the hour.    I assure you this is normal.  

Hello, Sunday....why you love me so much?????   I'm thinking this weather  looks pretty dang solid  for 26.2.    And my main weather squeeze,  Jym Ganahl drummed it up just for me and my girls.   He's paying me back for ruining the 4th of July.

So What if I basically want to eat the lunch of my innocent small child every time she packs for school?   Why does this look so delicious every morning?   I mean seriously.  Peanut butter and a giant blob of legit strawberry jelly on bread.  Bread that is not Ezekial.   

S'all for now.  See you guys back here tonight for the always riveting WIAW!  

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

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