Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Self,  Get it together and call the dentist.  Seriously.   Do it.  Call.   Everyone in your house needs an appointment.   Just do it.    You'll be so happy when the appointments are made.   Do it now.  Oh but wait, you can't.  It's after 5.   Monday.   Do it on Monday.

Dear My Boyfriend Luke Bryan,  'Scuze Me?  What is this that I somehow just heard about you coming back to see me in January?     And to my own city this time?   Yes, please.

Dear Cool Girl at Local Boutique,  I was #totesjelly of your accent.  Was that Australian?   AND your outfit.  And I'm real sorry that I stared at you for too long but I really needed to check you out.   How'd you get so cool?   Probably by NOT hashtagging "totesjelly" to start with.

Dear #Insta,  This advertising/ sponsored posts thing that you are talking about is really not good.  Don't sell out, #Insta. Don't do it.  I've had nothing but good to say about you to basically everyone I know.  So be a lamb and please don't do this to me.

Dear Peanut Butter,  We are honest to God on the verge of a temporary breakup.  No one can seem to control themselves up in here when you are around and it's legit outta hand.      However, a life without peanut butter just really isn't a life worth living.   It's just not.  Such a dilemma.  

Dear Friends,   Thanks so much for making me laugh 'errr day.  I really don't know how I would survive without your ridiculousness.    Honestly.    #lylas

Dear 15 Items or Less Cashier,    Thanks for chuckling and not making me move my loot when I said that my protein bars should count as "one item" since usually they come in a box.   Oh and I said the same for the yogurt singles.   Pretty sure we both knew there were upwards of 30 items on that belt.   I was scared of you at first but was also in a huge hurry and willing to take a risk.  So yeah, thanks for being cool. 

There's more where that came from but for the sake of time, s'all for now.

See you guys back here Sunday!

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