Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 Columbus Marathon Running Playlist- With Commentary, per usual

The Playlist!  It's on!

Here is is, friends!   2013 Columbus Marathon Playlist.  You guys rock!   So many of these song recommendations came from YOU!   I love you all for helping a sistah out.    Many of these,  I'll be addicted to forever and ever, for sure!

People always seem to be curious on whether or not I listen to music for an entire marathon.   Here is what works for me...   I typically try and run the first 8-10 miles without music.  I try and take in the sights, the bands along the course, the fanfare, etc.  I try and reserve the playlist for when I need a boost. Now, I may listen to music for a few miles, and then retire it again.    However, miles 18-26.2 will ALLL be run with music.  Promise you that.

So...back to the playlist...HERE WE GO,  YO!

Survival- Eminem-  Okay, so the grand prize winner would have to be James B., a fellow running enthusiast, who made me download this song imeed and I knew it was the perfect first song for the list from the get go.     Perfect  running song would be an understatement.  I will for sure be pulling this one out numerous times.   LOVE, love, love.

Berzerk- Eminem-    OMG, why is this song so FABULOUS?!   I can not get enough.

Walk of Shame- Pink -  Newly discovered thanks to my crazy nabe and LOVE.

Heart Attack- Enrique Iglesias 

Slow Down- Selena Gomez-  Cuz I like my 7 year olds music and this song is awse.

Beyonce-Run the World (girls)

Paramore- Still Into You-    Still obsessed

Erase Me-  Kid Cudi and Kanye West

She Ain't You-  New Hollow-  Thanks Nikki!

Lola Montez- Volbeat   - If you've taken my class at Title Boxing, lately, you know why this song is so fabulous.

Royals- Lorde

Holy Grail- Jay Z and JT 

22- Taylor Swift-   So What?

Drunk Last Night- Eli Young Band

Give it to You-  Robin Thicke-   This song is dirty and bad but so catchy.

The Other Side- Jason Derulo

These Days- Foo Fighters

That's My Kind of Night-  Luke Bryan  (my boyfriend)

Kiss You-  One Direction    (obvi)

Day and Night-  Kid Cudi 

Raise Your Glass- Pink  -  Will never stop being obsessed with this song. The End.

Harlem- New Politics-  Another song you're familiar with if you've been to my class at TBC lately.  This may be my very favorite song at the moment.  I downloaded it for my 20 mile run in Destin and still can't get enough.  If you don't have it, do not do another thing before you download this.

Brave- Sara Bareilles  

American Girl-  Bonnie McKee

Turn the Night Up- Enrique-   Since when did I start loving Enrique again?

Play it Again- Luke Bryan, my boyfriend.

Red- Taylor Swift

Shut Up and Kiss Me-  Orianthi

Whatever it Is- Zac Brown Band

Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon

Parking Lot Party- Lee Brice

Shots- LMFAO-   If this song doesn't make you wanna party down, I don't know what will.

Stay-Rhianna (dance remix) feat Nick G-  If you follow me on the IG (Advorunner), you know I had to pull over and Shazam this the other day.   I couldn't drive one more foot until this song was mine.

Wake Me Up- Avicil-   This song is pretty much amazing.  It just is.

Work Bitch- Britney   LOVE

Whatever She's Got- David Nail

Till I Collapse-  Eminem-   Every single playlist.  Always.

Best Song Ever- 1D   (duh)

Springsteen- Eric Church

Drink in My Hand- Eric Church

Little Bad Girl- David Guetta

Work It- Missy Elliott-   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters

Survival- Eminem-   Yes, I'm closing this out with the exact song I started with.  Because it's that fabulous.

I am signed up for live tracking so you can definitely stalk my progress on the FB live feed!  Otherwise, I'll see you guys back here Sunday night for weekend wrap up and again on Monday for a full race recap!

Lots of races happening elsewhere tomorrow as well!   Good luck to everyone racing!!  Also, thanks to those of you who be coming down to spectate and support the runners tomorrow!    In all honesty, the crowd support is one of the things that makes the Columbus Marathon so magical and fabulous in my eyes.   So thanks for that!  

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  1. So many pump it up songs... it's so funny what goes into a long run playlist!