Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Columbus Marathon Recap

If you've been following the bloggy for awhile, you know that I love this race. 

Let's recap, mmkay?

The first thing I need to share with you guys is quite comical.  So my dear running friends' little girls decided to make some motivational running signs for us.   They sit down at the computer and start googling.   Just a little later, they present their mother with this...

These poor, innocent children still don't know what this really means but the sign reads "If a Marathon was Easy, it would be called your Mother!" 

Ummm, we all kinda died.   

Sunday morning was BRISK!  Despite having a throw away sweatshirt and a space blanket, it was downright frigid at the start line.   Wowers.   We lined up around 7 in a very packed corral B.     The only good thing about this type of crowd was the body heat radiating off of everyone.    The wind was whipping and the human sardines were the only thing that made things bearable.

After the  National Anthem, the traditional ACDC Thunderstruck at the start line, fireworks, an official countdown, we were off.    It took about 5 minutes to cross the start line but fortunately I was far enough in the front of corral B that I didn't have to deal  some of the normal congestion as some of my friends did, who got stuck further in the back.   I got way lucky.


Mile 1-  9:27 (maneuvering out of the start)
Mile 2-  8:57
Mile 3- 8:37
Mile 4- 8:45
Mile 5-  8:28

The first 5 miles are always somewhat congested with everyone finding their groove, people throwing off their throwaway shirts, gloves, etc.   It's just kind of chaotic.   It always is.    

Love running through Bexley.  Great crowd support and lots of fun live music.  

Mile 6-  8:24

So around this time, I found this man.

Right?   And he was just an awesome, barefoot running hippie kinda guy.  Who happened to be running pretty much the exact pace.   Who then proceeded to pace me for  the next 10 miles.    But he was barefoot and I wasn't.   How he was running 8:30's like this is beyond me.   But it was pretty fly.

Mile 7-  8:24
Mile 8- 8:41
Mile 9-  8:31

I saw so many familiar faces out there cheering me on!  And  thanks so much for that.   The bottom line is, as awesome and exciting as it is, spectating a marathon is a lot of work for the spectator. So the fact that so many of you bundled up and came down to support me and the other runners, just warms my heart.

Mile 10-  8:44
Mile 11- 8:36
Mile 12-  8:28
Mile 13-  8:25

And this is where the halfers split off and quite frankly, this is when the shiz gets real.    So my half split was around 1:54, I believe.     At this point, I knew if I could hang on to anything consistently less than  8:45's, a sub 4 would be mine.   However, I still had a whole 13.1 to run and we all know that things can turn into a nightmare in literally 2 minutes during a marathon and the fact that I had to hold this for another 13.1 was a little overwhelming.

But I carried on...

Mile 14-  8:38
Mile 15-  8:26
Mile 16-  8:30

This is where barefoot guy and I briefly split.   

Oh and look, my pace guy, why you leave me like this!?

Mile 17- 8:52
Mile 18-  8:46

Now granted, we were in and out of the stadium here so lots of inclines and declines.

Many  more familiar faces along the way here.   I seriously loved the signage and shenans.  

Mile 19-  8:50
Mile 20-  9:14 (!!... Uh oh)
Mile 21- 8:42   (hello barefoot man!!...not kidding!)
Mile 22-  8:37 
Mile 23-  8:19  (oh yeah, it's on!)
Mile 24-  8:42  
Mile 25-  8:48
Mile 26-  8:39
.2-  7:37

And coming in at the finish....

Official Time-  3:49:46

359th  out of 2,399 females

Age group-  57th out of 368 females

Overall place-   1,483 out of 5,496 full marathoners (women and men)

And at the finish, 

The monkey girls...

And the hubs, who is basically my bar back in all of these here running shenans.    The bottom line is, my crazy running is all he has ever really known.  But you throw in two kids and it takes on a different perspective.  However, I will say, he has never once complained about my training, the races that I sign up for that he basically finds out about on the FB, my early Saturday morning training runs in which I'm gone for hours on end.   He's just majorly supportive of my crazy grand plans and for that, I'm beyond grateful.

And the one thing I'm super sad about is that my running mama's and I got NO pictures together!   We all ran separately and at different paces and our typical group picture just never happened!   And for that I'm majorly bummed.

However,  3 1/2 year old's "Run Mommy Run" shirt kinda made up for it.

And this medal may be my favorite.   For obvious reasons.

And it's front and center, where it belongs.

Stay tuned for my "What's Next?" post.   You didn't really believe me when I said I was gonna take a running break...did you??

Again, for those of you who came down, thanks for the love,  and for dragging yourself outta bed at the crack of dawn on a frigid Sunday morning.    And for my fun, unexpected, surprise spectators, you're the best.

S'all for now.    See you guys back here for So What Wednesday!!!


  1. CONGRATS ON AN AMAZING RACE!!! That's fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much, girly! It was an amazing day indeed! :)

  2. Congrats on the sub 4!! That's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Where did you get the "Run Mommy Run" shirts?

    1. I actually made it for my oldest when she was little. It's just a Target t shirt and iron on letter's from Hobby Lobby! Super cheap and super easy!:)

  4. Awesome as always! I knew you had it in you!!

  5. Congratulations on sub 4!! Such an inspiration! That sign seriously cracked me up.

    1. Thanks girly! It was a great day! Looking forward to reading your upcoming adventures! :)

  6. Love the sign-hilarious! Congrats on a great run!