Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday!

Here we go, yo's.

WIAW just so happens to fall on day 2 of the 24 Day Challenge.

Of course, I started things with my usual Spark and 3 Catalyst.  Nothing unusual here.    And of course, this was all before the sun even thought about coming up.  

#Runnerdog and I headed out for a run and when I returned, it was time for the good ole Fiber Drink.

FYI, if you work out in the early morning, drink your fiber drink AFTER your workout.   Unless you have a couple hours in between drinking it and the workout, I always recommend waiting until after.

I chugged copious amounts of water, showered, and made breakfast.  And oldie but goody.

3 whole eggs, 1/2 cup of egg whites, a blob of almond butter, topped with cinnamon.   3 Omegaplex on the side.

And a nectarine a couple hours later.

Followed by a single serve pack of these around noon.   


I forgot to take my own pic so had to lift one off the webs.  These are so awesome for on the go.  

Somewhere between there I had my beloved Spark and Thermoplus.

I had a late lunch of leftovers,  which were amazeballs.   Turkey lettuce wraps are the real deal and so easy.   If you pack for lunch, just make sure you keep the lettuce separate until you are ready to eat.  Nothing is worse than a wilted lettuce wrap.  #truth.

Yes, I like my water chestnuts gigantic.  Don't hate.

Between lunch and dinner, I had another unpictured Spark and 3 Catalyst.

And then dinner was pretty much newsworthy.   I made the Almond Crusted Mahi Mahi that I talked about yesterday.   Seriously, amazing and why am I not eating this on the reg?    That's changing immediately.  Served with a simple salad, balsamic vinegar, a blob of hummus and cracked pepper.   

And before I turn in for the night, 3 Herbal Cleanse down the hatch.

Energy levels are good and plugging right along.    I should also mention that I've had around 100 oz. of water today, which definitely helps in the overall cleansing process.

See you guys back here tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts or once again, worst case scenario...Friday Letters.

Laters Loves.

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